Created: 3/9/1954

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MEMORANDUM FOHi Use of Charon ContactsURHT Progran

inabilityWSBOBNT to rospondpositively to tbs Coammnist prrarlMS of heaven on this earthefensive nosition. It la believed that, to pat weightooaltion C. nd to accomplish the objectives of KU3ARK,

iJiflasnearought to bom- on the local Q


division aaintalna contact withC. roups inbad previous contact Kith latin Amerioan^

3 snd, in fact, were instrumental inural uTe Oonbarenco in the area lest Tear.

it if believed by this division that*^


r& onwrositive progrsni ntlllaing the services ofIt ia further believed that an organisation

of thohere moat logical access to WSBURKT.

C a* mmcroos con tecin the Latin American area that have engaged la positive ontiMxesnanlnt activities and, at tho aame tins, utiliaod prcpnganda devices to acccopliah their mission. In perticular,_

cooae contact oiC-_ Jin Jams appsslad to ' 1 Jfor fnoda to

contiima bin work in tne -Ub Jtaarxean araa,C a in direct contact mitt ths Ccanuniata In China and la well versed In their taotloa.

S. The following baric items are Suggested to institute aat revitalisingWSBUWIT In taking action against

tha Cossnmiatai

enter MSBUHNT for tha

purpose of determining JitUtudeo end potential for engaging the Conrranifits.

b. WHD will spotlight tha vlait of the representaUve Inanner as to Impress upon the public at large that the visit ia te determine what exactly hare boon tho results of tha Communist experiment with Land Reform in WSBURKT. Emphasis of tha entire trip should nterest in tba problems of tben these problems.

o. While in thorepresentative,

ahould attenpt toInto one

force and indicate outside Interna* and oeeire to help these sToups.

the pcosibility for establishingof tranasdesion of information and propaganda ideas toIn connection

problemin activitiesthose conducteddiscussed. In this connection it night be well worth while nduced torip to WSBOffliT. There he Jthe need for positive action andmeGioda ofm,

6. An early reply as to ths feasibility of this approach through your contacts would be appreciated.



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