Created: 3/9/1954

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Iblitlcniluutiou in Kl Salvador

Reference is acde to tba divergence of views oo whether tbe governmentalvador would permit black flights,n its territory in support Of CALUGT.RIS.

lour detailed nnulyaie of the local political situation with record to this problem Is requested. It is realised thai you obviously cannot discuss tho specific issue whether the goveraaent would permit black flights with anyone, either In the government ormbaesy, and you of course will not do oo. However, from your appraisal of the views and general practices of Oeorio,

bis personal staff, tha leading government figures and of general public opinion, you abould be able toseful appraisal. The followinr questionslde you in making tliis uppralaali

Osorlo's antl-Communist policy purely defensive, or does he

foel Clint unless the toauunlst menace on his west is removed, it will ultimately unsaddle hie?

nternal position such that ne oould undertake apolicy, or do Internal considerations compel him to bide hieGuatemala*

o. Vast Is Osorlo's feeling about CALUCKilS? Does lie have other Guatemalan favorites)

leading Salvodorans ero influential with Osorlo on theand in what directions do they taadV

what is the present Influence of Colonel Bolanosi

1. Based oo tbe above, what political or KIEV ON actions do you recoraaend to strengthen Osorlo's willingness to helpf he Is willing, or to soke hin willing to help If he le not so now? For example, would it be useful for the press to eet up sn even greater cleaor about the danger froa Guatemala? Would it be useful for the press to accuse the government, by implication, ol' neglecting that dangerT Is such press pressure feasible?

4. It is understood that theae questions ere to be answered on tha basis of your present knowledge and that neither EmbsGoy nor Salvodoran viewa are to be specifically solicited. Security he sards are too great, Hor, of course, is any KIKOUS action to be initiated on thia issue.

i. UKQUf will review yourillto eost carefully and keep you advised. Tbe Importance of this natter Is apparent. Please subxlt your comments by earlieat possible pouoh.

JSStOME C. Dlf"5Al.


- Waofclngtor.



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