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Bpaolflo Ins true tlona for Don Joan Jose. ^ ^)

The following will constitute your epoclflc guidance and latitude of authority for conducting forthcoming negotiations wit}and PABCHO.

Attitude of Hind and Deneanpri On thia occasion you will indicate both by mnner and apaeoh oonplete confidence, friendbhip and tbewhich is eo essential between alllea encagederiousn so doing yon will provide PAMOT) every opportunity and consideration

In expreaslng hia views and/or approach. Tou will reeain open-minded and avoid any evidence of preconceived opinions which night be adsconstrued and possibly unfavorably Interpreted in your discussions with PANCH0.

of Keflotlationsi Owing to obvious and Inevitableexperience, professionalism snd background, it is recognised thata joint undertaking of this nature theee differences requireand tolerance on both aidesincere desire to seekthroughout.

Purpose of this field visit will be to re-examine the generalterms of agreement arrived at jointlyebruary, proceedingInterpret the views of the OiDOP and later those ofPA HOT)'a

benefit, endeavoring to arrive at satisfactory workable arrangements for tbe immediate Points for discussion:

Point Onei In view of the reshuffle which haa taken place since3 and the subsequent removal of PABLO from the seeno,

it ia considered pertinent that Ton explain briefly to PAKCHO whereas heretofore the GROUP admittedly underestimated the reqaireaenta of

the situation and did not provide the fell support required to

* *

achieve the sutualospletely daw ami vigorous approach vas adopted in December. Whereas ths QBOUP placed full reliance on PABU) to carry the burden,is PANGHO. in sdditionoken effort to ith propaganda and assistance, the new concept recognised that this was Inadequate and therefore hasresponsibility of providing fullest support possible. This new organization and concept of operations was formulated after very

careful studyarge nunber of highly qualified and experienced persons who have been given the objective to plan Inunner to insure ultimate success. Before this plan could be inpleaented it was necessary to arrive at the general understanding on ths basic principles between tbe GROUP and the JUNTA aa was doneebruary. Point Twot The establishment of Q nd PANCH0 as an entity called JUNTA was an effort to provide an organisationalto the GROUP. For purposes of clear understanding, coordination and overall guidance and direction for this undertaking, it is

desired hereafter that the GROUP and the JUNTA be known collectively asSEJ0. The COHSEJ0 would be the means of identifying all policy natters and general procedures which have been formulated by joint negotiations between the GROi'P and the JUNTA, In this manner avoiding pitfalls of unilateral action and/or misinterpretation of respective responsibilities.

Point Throoi Whereas tha OBOUP la now organised aa an entityin tba CORSEJO by V. FORD, It la believed thatof tba JUJfTl le dow desired. Accordingly,ba arrived at betweenPAMCH0 whloh would provide

tba BDdna vlvendi waeat tba JUKIls tba OBOUP within Speolfloally it la recoansnded tbat through tbafee Hit lea provided In the field by the GROUP, J

PAROiO endeavor to exchange Ideas and views for'the purpose of being able to present to tbe GROUP their collective thinking a> that whan the GROUP ooofere through Kr. PORD with hat the two persona will be representative of their counterparts and that the desires arrived at therein will becone policy and establish procedure In theof tba COHSSJO and binding to all concerned. Point Fouri The OROJP laosition to provide considerable support to the Joint effort inanner as could alwaye'be vital to the ultlsmte success of tho endeavors*. Tba JURA on tha other hand, with proper support, represents an equally vital factor In the progran. Between tho two the ramifications are so broad as to necessitate the use of the CORSEJO as tbs final seat of policy decision.

Point Pivot Recognising the validity of Point Pour,it ia considered essential that every effort be sade to delineate and defineand channels. This is essential not only for smooth, effective operations but for security which is paramount and for

secclana utilisation of all available assets. This vaa foreseen and provided for In too Cceneolo. Howrer, as noted sbovo. further clarif ioatlon and Interpretation is now required.

Point Slxt Whereas it should bs clearly understood and acknowledged that all assets, all things, will In the end cons together in one consolidated effortay, in the sBsntlaa to avoid any pitfalls of attempting to do all things simultaneously by tha ease peVlea would Indubitably break down all coapextaentation and reduceforta to haphazard, shotgun procedure. It Is therefore iaperativo that in defining categories of effort and assigning respective responsibilities, that tba present assets and/or procedures be examined in order to achieve marl ana effectiveness within tha bounds of good security.

e. Political! Due to the all embracive nature of political aattera involving not only political factions within tho target but aatteraumber of other countries, it ia imx-rative that overall political policy witters be reviewed and determined In the name ofSEJO.

b. Propaganda! Recognising that heretofore that in tho absence of any other means, PAHCHO has endeavored to obtain as much propaganda as possible, resorting to field Improvisation and expediencies) however, now that the GROUP is prepared to assume greater productive capacity and owing to tho inter-relationship

between propaganda and politloal. It is also iaportaot that tha general overall direction and guidance of propaganda be vested

in the COBSKJ0. accordingly, it is desired that existing pro-


cedures in tne field in conflict with tbs foregoing be examined

and clarified to Insure overall coordination and guidance by

the COMSEJO. This does not precludeactive interest in in

or partlclpatlon/in any way but it does require that allguidance must be determined inSEJ0 and thaton such Matters should be referred to the COKSEJOReview specifically the conflict which exists at

present wltrC. n the target country and^COLOljJ attempting to resolve to the aatlsfactlon of all concernod. Pinal decisions, however, ara to be made by the CONSEJO.

c. Intelligence! The decision to Include the overallof intelligence under d r the JOITA was predicated on tho Importance of recognising that intelligence effort and direction, to be effective, aust be centered in tho same place aa political and propaganda. The three functiona are Inseparable. It is important in this regard to point out that thia should not be construed as delimiting PAKCHO's collection effort or interest nor participation in intelligence as pertaining to hia present operation which ANDRES isCSJO; Whereas aueh reliance nit be placed on the productivity of PAKCao's Intelligence, ths GROUP is alsoosition to provide considerable Intelligence from independent sources. It Is also desired that additional intelligence sources be developed directly ^by and througt d J

tins bringing to tbo CORSEJO throe completely Independent ehannele

of Intelligence end In thle aennerentral neans of

examining conflicting end/or nnconflraad reports in order to

derlTo therefrom evaluated intelligence whloh le eo oaaantial

for the guidance and the conduct of thle operation. Ai eoon as

this ls achieved, the CCR5KJ0 should and will, If possible, provide

PAKCHO in theeekly evaluated Intelligence suomory of

tbe situation. Thus, aa in the case of propaganda, it ls lsportant

that tho question of intelligence be so examinedCH in

order to Insure eowpartmentation, rapidity of coaaunlcatlone and

understanding of respective responsibilities.

. all

d. Pareanlitaryi In re Iteration/of the foregoing functions are designed to serve ultimately paramilitary. However, the military plans, as outlined and agreed to in tha recent conference between PARCH)R HICAKDO ore clearly the responsibility of DOK PAVCir) in tho field to implement. It is the desire of the GROnp to assist PARCHO In every way to fulfill these plans. As the field commander and ultimate liberator of tbe target country, every effort ahould be made to assist him in concentrating on hia military tasks. This can beet be done by freeing him of all unnecessary encujsbranoes suoh as the above functions and providing him with aloes support. However, in this regard, he

should be assured that the political,propagande and intelligence functions would be conducted at all times inannnr as

to coincide with and support his military plana. It is wall

to remind PAHC . that tha OROCP loory large tank In procuring and repairing and providing the finalof all the area and equipment previously agreed upon.

Assure him that the GROUP Is capable of fleeting Its commitments and that Ita progress at present exceeds ithe capabilities of the field organisational-wise. Thus underocorinc the importance of freeing PAIKdO to concentrate on the Military tasks which are, after all, paramount and must be in readiness before any action can take place.

Point Severn Finances! Por the record you should inform bothof the JUsTA that the OJOGP has already obligated large suns of aoney for this undertaking and that it is not in any way renegglng on ite agreement to provide necessary funds. The money is available and will be provided as required! However, the GROUP desires and must constantly -Insure itself that the funds are bolng used for the purposes Intendedtrictly byslnesflliko manner. Accordingly, you are hereby authorised, after clarifying the various items presently In

doubt on PAOTJO's forocast, to prooeod to negotIsto in tbe field the exact suns requested for specific purposes and thereby coast* tho GROUP to fulfillment of your decisions. It is the ORWTP's desire that you not delay the expeditious delivery of funds as they are needed. Bevert teles a, you are cautioned that this undertaking ir. so much greetr and so eurh mare expensive than originally contemplated

and that foi-eaoeabla expenses are indeterminable tbat economypractices' throughout| tbe re must bo no waste. There aunt bs There must bs no luxury Items. There aust behandling of ooney which will reflect on the security, jnltlaato sucoosa of this With tbe foregoing specific instructions, you are hereby authorizedto negotiate accordinglyproceeding therefrom to

tbe field, conducting your discussions with PANCHO, bearing in mind th* points of agreement established with your discussion witl "3 lou ar* specifically directed to avoid mentioning any possible dateay except to say that time is of essence and we must prooeed expeditiously and thoroughly with our organization and preparations.

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