Created: 3/9/1954

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C.'iief of Station, Guatemala



1* ld like you to keep ue currently posted on Subject's activities end steps taken by way of firming up his cover* Toward tlaeetailed progress report, prepared by Subject and sunmitted approxiKfitely-onth, would assist us in determining how he is getting onlsoasis

for assessing his security status*

2. We assurao that Subject is held strictly accountable to jour Station for all his extracurricular activities and that he is not permitted to establish outside contacts in pursuit of the PdSUCCuSS objectives without your prior approval. Tbis headquarters is not acquainted with the ciroum-stnnces leading to ths development of the "Cubanor has lt been made clear whether tho ultimate aim is to recruit himitting Informant and through whoa. Ue desire that operational coamitoonts entered into by Subject be reported to us as soon as practicable.

3* Kay we haw froa you an approximate estimate ss to how long it will take for Subject to get settled in bis cover? We agree with your Implied policy not to hasten Subject into hexardoua endeavors before thia has been eccoapliehod. At the same time we are anxious to assure that Subject be exploited for operational work to the fullost extent of his capabilities, conditioned of courso by considerations of operational securitj. With this considoration in nind we are awaiting your reoomnendations in what direction Subject's operational scope can best ba expanded.

tt. We trust that Subject has been availing himself of the asny opportunities to got oriented politically' by methods short of recruiting clandestine sources. We should like you to encourage Subject to eoasdt to paper any incidental information gleaned by hia in hie normal contact* and to express his views on any issue related to our project. We are interested in those views and consider it sound procedure, not merely froa the viewpoint of keeping ourselves informed but also from that of career management, to encourage self-expression and meticulous operational accounting for all activities undertaken in behalf of KUBARK.

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