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oebruary, Iip In my carcorner or Massachusetts aod Wisconsin- wc orove for aboutout River Roada certain vere cot observed.

expressed his regrets for the compromise of tbecablet, andanner vhlch appeared to be sked hixi hov it vas possible, with all of tbevhlch he had had, plus the great emphasis onoo all phases of PBSUCCESS, to bave done auch enas to leave sensitive papersotel rooea. Be repliedhad do explanation, that ittupid, unpardonable thing to

do, but that It vaa an act of thoughtlessness and carelessness. Be expressed himself as most concerned over the effects oo the operation sad the OAS Conference.

toldthat vhile it vas impossible to undo thevas his obligation and duty tofor ato cone. Be said that be realized hov important this vasOAS Conference. old hin It vas equally important for aperiod, because the enemy eight time their disclosuresvith expected paramilitary actloo on our part, and thatbe saay months In the future. To this be agreed.

k. Jt was agreed that for tbe next monthremain

m ( ) iscussed tvo general areascojld bury himself

ate I nd tNhe Is viillng

to go to( refers the

been in

tneand suggestedossiointy that heob until

Fallire vstcherountain top vhere he vould meet very fev people. Another possibility vould be to getob as an engineer on one of tbe many construction projects that must be under vay In that region. Re believes that tbe {

5- It Isive to any reasonable reques

Jvould be aore secure than

isipression thatvill be amenable and coopera-


t on



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