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CONTACTa period covered by this report

Central Amorlca waa scene of meetings discussed herein.

various individuals In the countries visited.

Tfiese latter are named as they enter Into tho dlscusolon.


host of the problems have been settled by delayingremoval ofup. .tew over tire and per diem are the only problems. ewho quit their ordinary work and are workingas packers.

Tho per diem and overtima situation must be provided for. The Rearpreparedness is very unusual andtnattt 3


. . Breboat organiserseir

field that he had seen. They will make tho schedule thatin assigned for them.

*nt and mot with CALLKEKIS and talked to hi* about tho In any conversation Involving time now it is "to be afterseason." Wo discussed how long we could operate in June and Checks were made witheoplewho are acquainted

with tho Guatemalan situation. In June the str.ams will not be swollen too much andnain roads will take ths traffic we want to have then tako in June. As long as the re-supply comes off in tho monnlng, it is OK. g

Discussed tho factor of Jumping the gun and -alnod assurance that no stan In CALLIGERIS' organisation wo-ild do oo. CALLIGJIIS assured that there would be no problem there; he has cortrol and tii rro will be oo preaeiture Jump-off.

Sub.lect of poraonnol was discussedLia.:JIIS Morale of the personnel in Guatemala suffered last month. There was no actual cash with which to operate in Guatemalaong tine. The men within Guatemala asked about support. Morale of the traineesittle low because they have been busy in ca-ep construction, movement, etc. SZ was assured that that is always th- problem with men who volunteer to fignt.

Then are ISOand this number was broken down for us.

Tnere are oho'tand he can have more at. He

showed how ho plannen to plcxchedule of movement

figured that they could get byointmuo

ofeaidentactical. CALLIGERIS has guaranteed tonuaoer up toy this week. CALLIOFJUS pickedouplefromwho arc to bo uood as an emergency and thoy will

be used ass. ne each to Puerto Barrios. Zacoi>a, Coban, Quezaltenango, Jutiapa, CALLIOERTS' CP. The Quesaltonango and Coban operators will be launched to defected groups, for.

that the training was under way two days prior to tho

day of this particular There was no bilingual problem andas be knows there was no trouble with getting the lessons over tohowever, is tha man who knows Lf there is someone there

who io bilingual and if tho leesono are going over and has indicated Inferiority in bilingual personnel.

volunteered the information that we couldan In there

tomorrow black and it was discussed thatcould be


Twenty leaders are there,n tho way. There willotalon at the caap. U>en in PM training. Eighteen will be kept as saboteurs, Jj as cadre. The remainder to be assigned courier, finca-koepor, guard duty, etc. on graduation in approximately onewill Join withncoming potential sab tears commanders fordditional weeks and then when graduated will go to the staging sites to meet their recruited teams. He have already selectedabotage targets to strike by outside teams plus one 'special' team. Tola requiresab Uaa coisnanders pins those as-yet-unapotted targets. Theomno trainees andverhead(bakers, cooks,etc) makesersonnel.

About the men in Guatemalalls estimate is that thsy are only awaiting Boine indication that we are in operation. We discussed timing and tho notification of key personnel. Kobody inside is to know that we arc backing the operation until we notify these key aoiebers. That will be exactly the way it stands now, onpril. Otherwise, the people will only know through funds and because certain people are coming out. CALLICERIS isoster of all personnel to subadt to us. It is to be pouched to us. he has sent the Identity ofequested. Wo havo the requested personnel identification. Couriers and persons froa tho outside are running checks on those people now.

The schedule, in addition to the people condng xx. in, isi

pril - tiffchock troop members,rganisers are to be graduated and those are to be assigned to the staging sites to widen they belong. Completion of materiel staging will be atleupted. Trainees ln sabotage aw to have graduated and will be

assigned to staging sites to wet the teams who are also to report on this date to the staging site. This is at all staging sites.

Starting to run theacts wore discussed. Kev ureafcdowne particular kind of materia', Pto.it. becausei wnrer in vhieh it isun it needs different packing. This ino has beor: passed to the packers.

pril - Organizers are Tliey are to hed

assigned and across tne line. fc) haveayia the Greup and the Junta has. ave

the complete military plan

for final isation and agreement. Wo are in accord on the vay tils is to be run. UU3GSRXS took detailed noteo on the wsy ve are going to run It.

ita ted tret 'm Is readnow to writ*lan vita all the

Information *hleti he has now gathered, ile is ready to write "the plan."

C statedo far pitifully little of our staff Effort hoe

leaked to tho field. He feels that he spends lots of his time writing and he would like to get en an operatlo-wj level*

Onpril w- arts advene* party.

pril - Sut up tli* innar ami so It is riady to receive thos.

1 Hay - duaV. ItuestedresidentstacMcal 'l/Oa are assigned tc

iteshey arc to go. Thcraf them, one to CAIXIO".RIS' one to Zacapa, one for Coban, oner iVrnS. on* toBarrios. Traffic s torrival at staring site for practice.

Disa-incji *ig residoiits vlt. radio?

Dtroops arrive at staging ait*

s UM to haw been equipped by our

mar. in Guatemalat-eeis nove toward position across line

Lassassination leaders receive Usair instructions

Dmenrp signalsthat

leaders know tiiatax-rs. away> Qyer.alt^nango andgnalact.

PJutiapa, Ptotroops move to lino


nTroops neve acrossiour priorts cm tact withlevel In

T. had beer, waiting for it.

Ve looted tne stripcws north

over vill be provided once rapport Is established and gas will be no problem.

t'e talked with CAI-LIOSnXS in the terms of the usetaff tm and in buildinp. up of hlnan* to whore he understood what was going on, too. lie eaidas not muchilitary man. Tho next nitwit heilitary assistant wit:ihin who was an insignificant looking There is no leaderthan CaLLIOERE. The Question ofinsignia was raised and en in-iir-nia was drawn up.(Requestf these insicnia was made at this time.)

Csaid he came away with the feeling that CALLIOERIS is a

bit sharper than we have been living hia credit for being. He is well organised so far as the running of operations whtcj are pretty smart for an untrained man. Thelng th.it impressescaiIS with our efficiency i* what leaks down to him.

nit wit.Bait atfaat rapport ooold not

be ostablishad by CALT.IGERIS alone but that it would taketo determine what commitmentshad made to

our part. The second day he said thatwere "pledged" to

supportalthough on tho first day he said werwido no pledge

of support.

brought tip tho factsaid AR^XASomnrio,

sewed up Tineas on tha border, etc. and aion what basis

this had bean done.pullnd'ts

authorityidc.that by thiwe trot ther* vito

the first cable on taking it easy, Uie door had been opensd

and the thins had snowballed.thf type -ean who will act

fast when he feels ba'stnority.feels

accomplished th* first paragraphs of the directive snnrtly afterread nothing inirective to warrant reporting in aftereaci. step or -oin- slow. He thinks hs isombat"1dangerous to oir plans."

angerous politician.agreed that if we were

toocepti'-r. plarj or. this follow, aveo to the point ofla, and if tr.is mealing took placeeeks endbusy, releasing bin with th?hat he had lot producedthat hie danger ofany CALLIC-KKI5vould be eli-Te3 that ha is in full swing.

was beglnnlnr, to cast aroundayyoT

conrnitwines whfch had beer, intensifiedtouts asroeiatior; with

c ^

Tho only man whoIndispensable waaand

h7 tha secondwas there itatter of ha tine comtited

ourselves to the fact end by th- third day ho was willing to get outcosraitaBint if necessary, by plans which would negate

ease load offcutout.

There are two possibilities on airportsto asked for

2 types of support. Wa solected one airport which is completely black. Ha knowwc hare to do to obtain it. If we get compl- to support we will useirport, otherwise we use Just tbe Ho. 1

There are nothing but American intelligence officers down thereof then worked for us. Call the informant on ato theoffice.

talkedwho had been In Ouatemala

and who gave htm information which he wanted.

This man la an American, head of"

A workable plan'actwas set up.

Thereeetingwho sent word toCAU

LIGFRISetter toambassador toThe firet

report fro?>was "inagreement in spirit but

'to find out the details." He stated that he wanted

the members of ths Group who were them to meet

and3refused that meeting, putting It off on the grounds ofnot know thatwas lr.

. sent word that he wanted tohe

wanted tosnelf that this was sonnthlng positive. At thiswas dismayed by the delay in the raquestod meeting since it hadoff for severalould arrange a

metinRone, for ua to set the time and place.

said that he was surprised that no one had been to see him yet.

finally went toet hi*rivate club,

C. . irst wanted to know Jwere; how muchwhat eoipany owned thsvds Orc-jp hadCALLIOCRIS; what partplayed in it(this sooasd Important

point). Ho wac eager but ho did mot want to take false steps. Kewo'ild Uko those details given hiis under considerationto CALLlGUfilSays an indicaUon of the degree ofhe co;-ld expect. ation was: Will

help t? The door

was told that fT?co-'Br fircp'r--ition(hls

gamnmant saisi bs keptA. of it' and vsto ignore reportseported -ovos. f. 3fe*?ls t'icij- answer willfarornHJe.

ays tuu he far" answering.^thinks thnt

wants to knowastDC to do.

Ji. As an aftert-'rrourft sided thatE expressed Mis complete confidence 3aod said ho was pl-ared with what he has beer, doing.


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