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ESOPIC endurther Development Tioforenco: IIULA-2U5

Tho report datedU originating with thle office and referred to in Uie above-reforonced dlapatch which stated subject (SflDDIC) had been arrested on orders of the government wassnd Lincoln's inference is correct. FSODIC snd reporting officerandee days subsequent to the dato of the report snd at the tl so ET.or-IC emphatically denied he had avan been questioned by tho authorities. Until receipt of the reference dlspatoh, reporting officer was unaware that the original report had been prepared indicatingIC had been arrested.

He note in the "Personality Assessment"dic prepared at Lincolnow-departed officer of this station that esodic'a date of birth is givon Further, the assessment report states he is dependentguidance and advice and that he la not bolleved to betrong character. Actually, RS-SIC's date of birth ave no reason to believe ho iseak character snd nothing to that effect ls refleoted in available files, Further, it is reporting agent'e impression, gained after aoveral conversations with both ESODICa, that ths younger is not dependentguidance or advice. To the contrary, lt now Is apparent tostooks to

or moral support and advice during three-way convocations. In the "Aresf the Personalityit lo stated s not known to have traveled extensively except in Guatemala. Actually, he hss stated he has traveledthroughout Latin America and la well acquainted with the United states, especially Texas and.

3. In view sf the possibility that some confusion may exist concerningQ^ICs, we have examined the project carefully for thoof possiblo reassessment of tho principals Involved and their potential and our comnants sro set forth below.

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offer him. eplied that In approximatelylfonso MARTIKEZ, currently head of tho Departamonto Agrario Nacioneold hln he hod been authorised by ARBSN2 to offeriplomatic position abroad; that ifas Interooted hooucbly have his choice of countries. eportedly made no mention ofould bo namod an Ambassador out alaplydiplomatic position." tutod he re-fusod tho offor as he realised it was simply made for the purpose of removing him from tho country.

Further along during this discreet conversation, roportingtho questioning toward the TiSODICs' knowledgo andGALLIORu-IS, tated the two are old friends and thatfrom CALLIOEPIS at regular intervals. In answertatod correspondence botweon him andcarried by messengers. He volunteered the Information thatthe messengers used by CAUJC-rBlS was the Carlos Enriquewas arretted in Cuui.eaala Cityllogodly inletters destinod for CALLKERXS, tated thothe time was carrying no tiling but anti-ARBENZ propaganda. woro high in their praise of CALLIIEfiXS* profoaslonaland personal integrity. It la reportingaa tollinSuth when he stated he is well ther or not the ESODICs are already within the

CAij..IOERIS fold cannot be ascertained here without direct quostionin of them which we consider highly out of line.

Thotold DY reporting officer that we are lookl;


In eaoh military garrisonilitary figure considered absolute! loyal find uncontamlnatod as far aa previous associations withmovements are concerned. Both wore at first dubious as tohey could supply namoa of such individuals aa thoy both foe conaldorablo travel on their parts would be necessary to obtain the desired information and for either of thera to travel at thia timeraw tho unwanted attention of the local authorities. nen suggested that ho attempt to seleot one man whom ho trustsfrom within tho garrison in Ouatemala City. Thoroafter,wo approve, ho will havo that individual travel for him andack nair.es of Individuals from the various garrisons. Sli then select one man from each garrison from the listhe original individual. aa emphatically told that for thi present all ho needs must do le to supply the nanos of the individual and that no attorant to contact thorn Is to be made untilas perfectly agreeable to this.

rr ?BsuccEsn hyhat

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on our interest in recruiting

military pereonnel who can keep us abreast of top level military planning related to theof nn internalheywe attach much importance to spotting ofprospects but that they *ere under no circumstances to go beyond spotting personalities for us. The ESODICs promised to koer thoir eyes and ears open and report the names and background of any individual who comes to their attention as being possible material. Reporting officer did not name those target areas in which we are desirous of developing sources as he Intends to take this matter up et the next meeting with them.

In,ertain commentsto some fifty-eight Array officers aro set forth. of those Army officers were taken from an official listprepared by the "etado Mayor del "jerclto. The listwhich consists of moreameB, was given toapproximately two weeks ago and at that time thoyto make con-nents on each namo they recognized or ateach name they knew something about. On the nighteturned the list to reporting officer withthat he had reviewed the list with GIVLOCh duringand that he had furnished all fcho information known tothat time; that hereviewed the list again

and could add nothing to wie comments-made to OIVLOCli except to furnish information regarding the various places of assignment of those named. "or tha Information of Lincoln, thore is set forthist of thosoreviously commented on by the ESODICs and tho places of thoir assignment as furnished by then.

Jose* Antonio *lonso ;ioda3

vorurdo :iarr;osparrn Julio Cesar crcla "alanertc Jx'rez .erodesMorales LopezVtfnel :'otien3os Riosrique "eralta AzurdioI-wiacio Soto Lopez Santiago Kufloz Dardoni'orraa

Victor Vic ontoorlepa r'rancisco .'amayoa CoronaOo 'ircoto V.


Cuarteltado Hayor

Cuartel ieneral, r'irst Vobilc Unl Cuartel iloneraliJayor "uertocrton Joao In .Vashin^ton Msayor Mil. Zoneoban In .Ynshin-jton"efensaiori cana)

stfcdo li&yor, Rscuola do inlicoclon

Page k

Pedro Rodriguez Valenzuela Guillermo Solheverria Jose Antonio Tobias iSstrada Alfredo Valdes Avendaho Jose Luis Crus Salazarrales Diaz Arturoorales Oscar Wendoza Azurdiariqueendoza Luis Urrutia de Leonco Gomez Carranza Alfonso Giron Eeteta Iioberto Guzman Chinchilla Jorge Medina Coronado Roberto Paniagua Castillo Joseosto lobar Meza uirlque Valladcres Morris Maximo Zepedadro de Josua Granados Gallcia Gerardin Kazariegos S. ikirindo Alarcon Corna Clemonte Aniado Barrios A. Arturo Coloma Aparioio Loon Arnulfo Garcia Valle Hemeslo Si^uenza Rivera Luis Francisco Arriaza de Leon Arturo Chur dol Cid Guillormo Kendoza V, Anibal Rone Garmlento G.

Placo of Assignment

Kscuela de Aplicacion

engineering Corps Has

Kecuela de Apllcaclon

Cuartel General, 2nd Itobiie Unit

f4inletry offense

Cuartol General

Csouela folitecnica

In Cuba

Armed Fcrcee Hqs Air Force

Escuela de Apiicadion Air Foroo (In Italy) Air Force In rtaskinston Cuartelutiapa- branch unknown Air Force

Eseuela Pollteonica Air Force Air Force

Eseuela Folitecnica-I'eten Guardia de ^onor Xsouola Polltocnica

Cuartel General Matamoroa Sport Naoional Air 'orce

Air Force

heonversation witaOCIOist of naaos ofh whom he is personally acquainted and whomembers of tha Aoraat'!mala. ESOT/IC atatod that each individualivilian and each has accessivilian piano (for tho laost part Cessnas). TISO'.-IC stated he would trust his lira to any o" those listed and described them all aa unti-ASLE'iZ, anti-^oismuni sto-domocr&tlc. He stated that if ho asked any of the Individuals to do anything or fly anywhere they wauls o'ey nItaout question. For Whatever purposey servo, tlie individuals are listed bolon. An astoriak anvearing imodiatoly beame indicates the individual Is tho owner oi" his own clone.

ria Vcldos 0, (family oms two fincas in different

sections of the country)

Hectorii* a

'ago 5

lfredoaul David

Carlos Lima (lives in Quezaltenango) t>colastlco OrtegaT;ale BlandClayton Coffey (has threo planes)redro Ciani (livesatenango)Dr. hi car do Hovalus

Ferdinand Schuppjortenbach (lives in Coatepeque)

7. Ne hope Lincoln does not have an exaggerated opinion of theor of their contacts throughout the Armed

forces iiere. The list of but fifty-eitnit individuals known to

nere. The list of but fifty-eight individuals known to thom would indicate they arc not as popular as we in the past have been given to believe. In the SSQJJICs* we have two retired Colonels


jof the two atcue impression of physfcal cowardice ariadevil-

may-care attitude, either or both of which could provu aetrimental to our operations in the future. Hiaoh hasefinite opinion in the past few weeks that he is under surveillance. iVo are now wondering ifs putting outeport for the possible purpose of attempting to Impress reporting officerwith his own Importance.

heir favor, however, it should be kept in mind they aro in fact former Colonels and as such must certainly have Important The factaim to know but fifty-oigntight Indicate they aro purposely vague. They aro both unquestionablynd each claims to be well and favorably known to CALLlCEIilS. "'his should bo weighed by Lincoln ond checked through that office's channels, Tlie fact thoy claim to knowandful of officers might indicate to the render thoy have been Instructed to be vague ln this respect.

If they ore in fact already within the CaLLI^KRIS fold and if Lincoln vould prefer they work exclusively with CALLI"KRIS,station will either continue to develop tho ESOrj-jCs or drop thom depending on instructions from Lincoln.

"Si complianco with the reqiost get out in the Inst para-rayh of tho dispatch of reference, we aro attaching hereto one copy of tho "fersonality Ar.scnsment" or. :SX<IC.



"lajsofiality Ar.soss'r.ent" as note-*.




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