Created: 4/8/1954

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HKMORAWKW FOHi Chief, VU Diwielon

SUBJECTaoojniaition of Iron Curtain sr*s.

I. iddrtiBMi of tha original and copies of thiahar* been alerted to tho aitiuae laportanca of thahaa baaa requested to gat on top of thia

and giww iv uigheat priority attention during theday* and until wa hara preaeed tbo "attar toof tho other addresseeaole to play la connectionMatter, and while eontrlbutlona of ldaaa andaoited fro* tbea1ft la neat laportant that thathia aattar bo coordinated la oaa place, Thia

tioold apply Id particular to any propagandist loof tbla aattar and aa cnreotlrea should ba given about lt without prior clearance aa indicated.

?. Toward tha close of oar briefing session with Aarletant Secretary Holland thia daralopMant waa tha subject of extensive dlaouaaleo. Everyone praaeut, Including tba Dlractor and Deputy Director, waa lapreaaed with the elgnlflcanoe of the opportunity afforded to aa If thia aattar la properly handled aad dealt with. The obvious first phaseonaantratlon on tha intelligonoe aapect of the aattar and until wa have fined wp tha Intelligence concerning the ablpaent and ita tlaaMethod of delivery, ln-olodiBC the identification af tba vmmI or ether Meana of txaas-port, no other set ion of any kind ahoald ba taken. If wa are abla to pin tbla one down and develop firn Intelligence coneerning the at.lpaent, thereoaner of neens of exploitation whlob will bare to be eonaldaradary high policy level, and tha possibility aviate that strong neeurea nay be taken.

1. It la oar current tiInking that we ahould take no action at thia stare to deter or laterfara with tha ehlpaent, but ratherti to take their course at laaat te tha point vbaawould ba aoatng ta the Goal

h. onraraation wltb Adalralyesterdayalled hie attention to tbla aattar and underscored Its laport-anoe. ropoaed to hia and ba agreed to an "Intelligencewith regard to tbla shipment. Moreuggested


that we keep each other folly informed of whatever light cone torespectively about tho shipment and that our Jointconcentrated upon the obtalonantthrough secret meansofInformation about it* ave reconawndod

tbat he follow up on this opening conversation withDeputy,hink that it is important that this ba doneoerly date. In this follcw-ur Cemphasize the

Importance of avoiding any shovingwt tos) knowledge or interest so as toremature flushing of the covey.

frank g. wisher Deputy Director (Plans)

co! p

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