Created: 4/2/1954

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HFXORARBUM FOR. Chief. WesternDivioian

PBSUCCESSNotes on Conversation with OILLRAY.

This aeaorandua willew of the high spots In our conversation with OIURAT of yeeterday afternoon. nopy of this aeaorandua to tht Dlreotor to enable hia to compare no tee with what bs heard In Miami, andopy tofor his lnforastlon and guidance.

LP.AT was emphatically disinterested in our suggestion that he give favorable oonsideratlon to the offer aade to hia

In Nicaragua whloh wt would bare been willing to consider supplementing. He rejected this suggestion on tbe ground that he oould not work for two bosses. It will be iaportant for us to obtain the Director's views concerning the tanu of any continuing relationship with OILLRAY.

Willauerine Job laying on tbe The oonrersaUon was entirelyfar as lt went but there reaalns to be seooaplished sooefollow-up action before this natter oan be Until this follow-up action ia completed,strongly against ths Initiation of any blaok flights

to Honduras.

lu The reason that tha two atteapted approaches ttwas, OILLRAY is convinced, the fact thatQ ^to play, would not do so without acne sign fronofficial endorsement or approval. This wasof two factors In the Oabassy situation, visj f Donovan and (b) the unsureness and lackrelet! one on the part of the Aabaseador. tatement that tbe extent of

hie cent acta with L- ince hie arrival has been oneone telephone call. (This sounds very strangeadto be soigure.)

QJXLRAT stated flatly tnat Wis Embassy situation aust bewe are to expect any help froaThis is one for the


Director's consideration end one to be aarked down for our conversation with Assistant Seoretary Holland. ould recomamnd that tbis conversation be set up by the Dlreotor at tbe earliest possible date.

One claming feature ofsituation ls the apparent fact that Rufus Just baan't got it tuiu cl

QILLRAT recoaaanded strongly against attempting any black flights intoSalvador under present circuastanoMstatinc that thia would be the surest way he could think ef to aass up tbe entire operation.

Observation!eneral nature. In responseuestion froa Colonel King,KAY expressed tbe view that the plan can work. Ho said that itiffloult and ooapllo^ted plan, that everything hsd to coao off ln the right way and at the right tiae to succeedbut that lt can work. He further ststed that abort of outright and naked Intervention it la about the only kind of plan that la feasible. Ha could not think how to lap rove on tbe plan. He warned however that it ia easentlai to galproperly buttoned up and that soon.

He repeateo un whereas C lald and nervous, be aeeaa to be teapted and "oan he aad." He thought there waa aoae ohaaoaoollag off or reversal on the part ofcr. S weucceed In tying up the other two pretty soon.

6. finally QILLfUT observed that acne of our people ere showing signs of overwork and strainespecially those at LINCOUi, Bs coaasnded the energy and force of the LlkCOU teen but thought thay were driving theaselves so bard that thay oould crack up if they continue at their preaent forced pace.

FHAHKISSER Deputy Dlreotor (Plana)

coi DCI

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