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MEMORANDUM FOR: The Director of Central Intelligence


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Too asked me yesterday afternoon to give consideration to the possible desirability of ourtake one nore trip to the area concerned to look over the plan, aaamlne the degree of progress and state of readiness and report back his conclusions as to the likelihood of success. At our regular weekly SUCCESS neetlng today this proposal WBsTJirtHMhtedresent includingfj jOur conclusions are as follows:

It should be rememberedin the earlier phase in which an entirely different pun was ln Moreover, be nore or less lent his stamp of approval to tbe earlier plan. The present plan will be completely new to him and because of its employment of more subtle^and technical paramilitary and psychological methods may not appeal to him In view ofegularHorine officer. It is possible that he mightthat the plan Itself was inadequate and thst the resources are not sufficiently visible. onclusion would introduce an element of confusion into the entire project and would unquestionably have adverse effects upon certain of the key members of the teas, who might well conclude that we were re-examining the entire approach and were about to reverse direction again. At thia extremely critical stage of the operation this could be very damaging,

The foregoing are put forward as'adverse considerations for your examination, and not as representative of*rocofmendation concerning sons further use

recognized by all who know him as an outstanding officerplendid record of service in the Marine Corps. If we were running anythingtraight line military operation there would be no question as to the value of his advice and recommandattons. Thearises, howevsr, in the context of the present plan. We simply do not know whether"he has the turn of mind crufficientof flexibility of thinking to adapt and orient himself to this plan. One way of finding this out, before letting him go to the area of operation, would be to have him go to LlMXUeek or ten days and there be exposedull and detailed briefing concerning the aspects of this plan. At the end of this period of briefing wo


could judge pretty well just how useful,onstructive,the field would prove to bo!

We would appreciate receiving your reactions to the fore-

ISRKR Deputy Director (Plans)

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