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Ultarv Defeotlon Prograe

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I. Doxinj tb* three nin tbat aoOCFfl -erred In Ouateaala ha aaaa eoaafrieoda among tba offloart of lit araad force*. Darin, tba le*t

mam^ Tboy had tba ataoat eonfldaaoa lo SOOTRR'o dlanratloa aod vara certain tbat ba would not divulge their Identity Theyto bin baoaoae they were la need of goldence aatfa^hoalte

ZSZlm^mfm^mtmm ^doutmmm,

* " fBawerarexer, to taero will bo no alannaaiw tending aa to tbe aaaninx ef


off the ahoelder and la eaaplataTbU parson, who ahoold have en

lntlaat. knowledge of tba peyoholngy of Wtta

V offloera aelaeted aa defeetioa targets bare to ba ecnrlaoed toeA ataar

SOCCIE reelia,

or no Qaatoaelen araadhey east ba alvace dean better eojalnaaat, bettor .ras.T^^ol*^

a. In th* Utter eaae. It weal* be he whoedgTbeXaaw, hia-

tad tea W' .

Urr :the*alU

ay to the si taction. He believe*

lUtarlaa, beeaoae ba hiaa3f

la an offioar flrat and fore-net, attoobinc aura larertonoe te alerank than to tbat of hianlfora at aoat official fuDottone).

Jwfhe following offioere aer atUl be able to gat olose toaad extricate hia from tt* Wmrt ea^reee* SanalColonel (BUB* Aetorlae, and Ooloeel naU. oaneelva.

dorian labosMdm to QaateaaU. by far tbe beatotion would be to try


ondere tending batman latin Americanoara which sometimes aran transcends International boundaries and which aay ba very helpful in tha attainaent af our objective**

7* whan President ARBEHZ cans to power, everybody in Oaataaala believed that he would olear oat the Cetaaudste in at aowt three Months. By now lt la widely known bow tha Ciiawniil its aoooeedod in bringing ABBSHZ anoer their away. Tola notwithstending, fiOOCSR bellavea that at least attempt should be wade te win hia ever to an antl-OamaHniet stand* This would have to be doneery carefulnder alrOaestanoaB not involving the united States Qovertasut as the sponsoring party. EOCCsa is eonvineed that ABBBX actnally wants to stay oat of entsnjants with the OoasjantsU and the opposition. He wants to brineefera in Ooitsaalw and the only peopla rendering hia effective help happen to te tbe Oowannista.

fe etOOB doubts abetter President AKBSat could be suborned financially sJOBn* latheroesd there have been ruaor currant that ASKS* himself partaxaa. ARBDE safferaary luwutied inferiority complex, pertly brought about by his lackoed formal ednnation. He waa Halted te allitery school, whloh la the eejatwaXaatigh school in the United States. ABBBttary proad individual and any approach would have to take aeeeont of that foot. GB would net role eatSBZ axght be responsive to an offer of military supportufficdently large eaala,aanarlsBiii aep to help hia save faoe with his followers, each0 grantraintng stbeal to help ia the laplamaatttlnn ef the agrarian reform and Msurense of mwsrtets freatiagetlatina the Oaatewalan oontraot with the united Pratt Ooapeny.


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