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lectrical System



Poreword tolectrical System

The Empress Electrics do. supplies electric power to the towna of Guatemala, Antigua, Ciudad Vieja, Esculntla, Atnatitlan, Villa Canales, Palin, Villa Nueva, San Kiguel Petapa. Mixco, San Joso Pinula, and Santa Catarina Tinula. In addition, light and electric power ia furnishedreat nunber of farme and other private installations located in the vicinity of the power linea.

The prinolpal transmission line of the ^mpreaa Electrlea Is rated0 volts. This line originates at the powor plant at Mcuintla and passes through tho plants at El Salto, San Luie, Halln and substations at Amatitlan, Villa Hueva and Guatemala. Another section ofllovolt lino oonneots from Palln toand 'iuateaiala City. There are, inumber ofllnee connecting Guatemala with tho villages of San Jose

PInula, Santa Catarina Flnula, and -ixco; Villa Nueva with San Miguel Petapa and Villa Canales; Antigua with Ciudad VIeJa.

total length of thollovolt transmission lines Is The total length of the priiaary distribution3U7 kilometers. Prlnar> distribution ia rated0 volte. The entire system providessingle-phase andll towers are constructed of steel. Copper isusedonductor. Wiring standards follow-leetrlc Code approved by the American standards The plants at Palin, Son Luis and El Salto possessv7ator power rating.otalpment ratin30 kilowatts; they are served by the of the Michatoya River which has Ita origin in Lako Lake Amatitlan has sn area ofquare kiloaetorn and

is utilizedeservoir for supplying wator to these plants during the dryhe lakoeported storage capacity


ubic foot of water. The use of the lakeeservoir permits Empress Electrics to maintain service at all tines by controlling tho level of the lake. The locks controlling tho level of the lake aro located at Tho plants at ll Zapote and Hsculntla do not have reservoirs. El Zapote uses tho sreters of the Riomall river located near Guatemala City. Theplant usos the waters of the Rfo Ouacalate; the nature of the terrain in that area does not permiteservoir.

The power plants operated by the Empresa Electrics aro located et Bl Zapote, Palin, San Luis, El Salto, tscuintla, Antigua and escription of these plants follows;

ZapoteThe generating plant atorgan-Smith turbine ratedP and agenerator ratedilowatts. In orderasin was created on the El Zapote River whichfaot long andeight of fall6 feat. Linostransmission from tho plant to tho subststlon Inare ratedolts.

The power plant at Palin is locatedMlchatoya River. Itnail damandno reservoir. oratooketers long andin diameter ia in uae. The generating equipmentof an Sscher-vryBs turbine ratedP coupled togenerator ratedilowatts; two PeltonP each coupled to two Siemens-Sohuckertva each. The height of fall of the water^ feet.

Luis The power plant at San Lula Ison the Mlchatoya River. Itam and awhich is usedand washer. Two penstock tubesfeet longiameterentimeters are inpower units proper consistilowatts and aturbine rated atP coupledilowatte. The heisht of water fall is

Salto alto plant is alsothe Mlchatoya River. This plantand washerpenstock tubeseet longentlmoters in The power units consistolth turbine ratediemensedilowatts and aturbine rated0 HP couplodeneralratedilowatts,ross heade

o. SoculntlaK The power plant at fJsculntla ison the Guacalate River. Tnis plantand washer and two penstock pipes eachfeet ionn andentimeters In diameter. ar;.to powornits aro located at this



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Company;organ-Smith turbine ratedP couolod ilecgric Kachinery generator.

'N The Laguna power plant ia located at Lake Anatitlan on the aoutti side of the lake. This plant, unlike the others operated bypreaa ^lectrica, is powered by steam. Two turbo-generators and condenser units are products of Brown Bovorl Company. The condensing turbine generator plants are each ratedilowatts maximum capacity and are designed to function for most economical operationilowatts withilograms per square centimeter gauge pressure. The steam turbines in use are type ]iE and are directly connected to alternating current type generators typehich are rated atolts producing three-phase,ycle current. Each generator is directly connected to an exciter type GFT special Tho surface oondenscrre type CLnd are designed toondensing surfacequare feet each. Tho steamunits in use at tnis plant were manufactured by the Combustion Engineering Company and are capable ofounds of steam per hour, eaoh. Por transmission,s stepped up0 volts. 6 kv transmission line has been constructed between the site and the town of Amatitlen to which point it taps into the transmission line Joining Escuintla and Guatemala.

(Promir Attache Deport)

By, which was previously submitted. It will baobservsd that there are two main electrical lines coming into the capital. In turn, these two main lines Join together and become ono otfaido of and near the Palin power plant.

The only other source of sup- ly of electrical power is that of the Capote plant wnich is located atH by This small plant, which is located not far from the brewery shown on the map enclosod herewith, operates only during moments of peak load and generally0il Furthermore, this plant is tied in with tho electric system through tho substation Guatemala and It is extremely doubtful that it would be possible

to utilize this plant with any degree of efficacy If the mainlines wore knocked out.

information indicates tnat tne Lmprosa .lectrlcais opera tinshoo string and that muchastard conglomeration which would berepair foronths If any majoroccur.

disby the mpresa Liectric* dela as an engineer. as stated that It would be possible for him to effectively cut all currentossibility of beinganrt withoutny damage whatsoever to the installations


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neral. It is worthy of noted thatL ro8iaoa Q*

"land whose logal resldenco 'S dU3PuntXad.

Bo all that aa lt nay and whether or not the system would suffer any acute breakdown if more draetlc measures should be taken, the following is believed torue picture of the electrical systom and la baaedersonal study made by BANNISTER and


As previously stated, the source of supply starts at the Escuintla plant, runs along high tension wires to the El Sapoto plant, takos on the load from this plant and procoeds to the San Luis plant and from therooint outside of the falin plant. The Palin plant is located at*oint between the Palin plant and the small town of Palin the line divides and one branch goea northwest via Antigua and turns to*ard the capital. Tho other branch continueselatively Btroight line from Palin to Anatitlan whore it Joins uo with the linoa coming from tho steam plant and then proceeds along tho Amatltlan highway into tho capital. The beat place for our purposes that we were able to locate le that at Km.nd/or Km.f the road to Amatltlan. Tills la shown by photographs Ko.nd this place is ideal since, as shown by photographhe power and communications lines coming from Arp.utltlane capltal-to-Amatltlon highway at this point and take off across country where there is an abundant supply of natural cover and concealment. escription of the type of post is given in sketch Oreater damage could be done by blowing one of the towers locatadthe stretch between Km.nd particularly at Km.his same road. Close up details of tho towers aro shown In photographs, As can bo soen from photographhereolice check pointaa shownn this photograph, but thia can be avoided by taking tbe cut-off as shown on this photograph and as also shown In better detail on tne large scale map. On the map this cut-off Is indlcatod by tho rod Ho. 1, this being locatod In the lower rl^ht-hand sldo of the map. The blowing of two or tiiruc of those high lino posts and of the adjacent coovnunlcatlona lines would effectively cut offr and communications cooing via Amatltlan to the capital.

Sineo another branch of this power line enters the city via Antigua, it would also bo necesssry toecondary opcrntlonand it is believed that the best place for this is the point shown byKos.ndnd E. The exact location of this Is not shown on the large map but is scoewnuro around the redhown on tho lar;to scale map. 'ihe blowing of one o" the towers, construction details of which aro shown in, andould




would effectively sever all main power entrances to the capital. At the sane time it would be recommended that the line from the capital to Xlxco, and which is located at approximatelyank from the target powerentioned, should be blown and the conrrunication lines locatedew feet should also beIvo close up details and lt will be noticed that tho wall in the background of II and IP. is tho compound wall shown Innd h. This i3 also shown innt will be observed that the point of attack is locatedolice check station but this should dot cause undue difficulty since the attack ar.alnst the power tower would be masked by the compound wall.

3. uccessful operation against the two points mentioned above would cut off all olectrlcal supply except that derived from El /Capote.

9. elieve that the .apote plant could be ignored since available in'orm- tion indicates that it ia so tied In with the over-all system that it would be Impossible to devote power from thla plant for specific emergency use. Sowever, Sketchnd photographsndndicate where the power lines could bo easily out. Details of the typo of post can be observed in These posts aro railroad rails, light gauge, and of the typo UBed by tho 1RCA. Xt would be recommended ln this particular- case that thermlto-tine bombs be usedo not believe that undue difficulty would be encountered In entoring and leaving through the brewery. On the other hand it would be possible to pass behind tho church, cuttinglayground,eep ravine, and than on to 6th Avenue If such were necessary. If ao, details will be furnished upon request.

PARTailroad System

l!ywore requested concerning ono bridge each exit. to we have not found any bridge on the south exit better than the Lake Anatitlan bridge. Tho bridge ls corroaratlvelj small although the fill connecting this bridge to the line Is very long, However, the bridge portion could be seriously weakoned bv -utting two ch&rgos, one ln oach ond, and 'while this would doatroy all traffic for days it would not cause permanent damage.

ituation on tho north exit leading to Puerto barrios Is much better. ave located two brldgos or overpasses. Tho first laootente de los Vacas and toward Puerto Jarrioa. Natalia of this arc <iven ln photographs,2 andketchesnd 9.

fridge -io.hich is loc&led at Dy kllometert; out of tho city, is shown by sketchnd details of lt uro shown by sketch Photographic details aro Included ln. It la


Pago 6

believed thst lt wouldelatively simple matter to damage these bridges inanner that it would not be possible to use them.

lv. The mounted photographs are captioned and self-explanatoryI hope. All other details required will be furnished upon request.


Sot of mountod photographsketches

Sot of numbered photographs Hop

Key to numbered photographs fin dup) Botes on ER Bridge and Power Line



ncl (key tow/encl


Photo No. 1. Church at brewery froa football fieldsee sketch Road to Anatltlan looking SE along power line (akatcho. U. Power tower at kiloeatltlao road (sketch

Ho. 5- Post So.ooking at poststo. Zapote power

line looking south (sketch

. Avonida Santa Elena and 9th St. showing entrance power line from Antigua to city.

No. 3. View of power lines coning fron Antigua. In foreground theetc. (sketch

No. 9* Showing power lines fron Antigua, compound in cantor.

Sana aa No. 9*

Closeup of pole beside wall of compound shown in

No. Shot froa nearncluding part of wall and showing three-line power supply going to Klxco froa the capital (looking north).

No. Shot free ease position but showing eosaamications lines froa

capital to Mixco.

Aerial view of ooapound shown innd 9.

. looking east toward capital showing ooBpound and power lines.

. Aerial view looking wort showing coapound in center and location of police check point.

. Looking east toward Junction on old Antigua road and San Juan

Sacatepoeuet road showing three-lino power Line on right of road and oorcainicatlons line on left. Also end of adobe wall. Compound is Jjuediately to the right of picture above shallow bank (sketch

Ho. lSD-T, Views of tower by coapound wall facing towards cityhis line coning froa Antigua.

Road to Anatltlanoca Colassential oil

lectric power substation (U) Radio Huovoittleolice checkoute to avoid polios check point (sketch

Photof tower showing details of construction*

ower located screes barranca froa 9th Street substation showing branch of Antique lino. To tho left leading off to oonont plant. Straight ahoad lading to substation.

View of Asatitlan highway looking south. Kilowith noign which is referred to ia where power snd cotsaanications Unas cut away frompowor lines to this point bare followed the left side ofand the coisauaicatlonB lines on the right sida. Thsy thengreat ravinend then go on towards

Power lines leavingxoad at Kilond going across country as explained in No.nd sign shownn photo

. Details of power line posts at Kilo U. The aan shown" tall. The higher pasteeaas.

Kb. 2lu

. Approach to Kilohowing power lines on left side of road to Anatitlan.

Continuation of power Unas shown in The VUlalobos Bridge is at It will ba noted that at thia point the power lino cosing from Aaatitlan to ths cityeries of great leaps across ravines. Thereoad leading to the tower shownhich lalat aesa.

Towers and power lineavine at Exactof Kilohown. It will be seen fron the photo-craph that the road at this point drops sharply. Thia is another view of that shown In photo Ho. 2h*

Marker at

Aerlal view showing location of posts' leading fron Tapote plant to brewery. It will bo soon thatut across woods whereas roadend. The poner lino consisting of three strands Is supportedailroad rail runanlngounds per foot. An idea of thia can bo aeon in picture No.sketch



Ho. 2d. 7apoto electric line.

2?. railroad overpass or. Puerto Barrios road showing railroad loading out of town to overpass

. Qround views of bridgeeet froa Puonte las Vacas (sketch

Another view of bridge or overpass looking east (sketch

Another view of bridge or overpass.

Another view of sane bridge or overpass. It will be soon that

iteet froa Puento las Vacas which is right next to the city itself.

Another view of Puento lasnd of the bridge or ovor-paas. The city can be seen in the upper foreground.

Bo. 3li. Aerial photograph of another bridgehown on map) locatediXes froa Puente lasVacas on route to Puerto Barrios, (l) on the picture Shows road leading to oain highway (sketches.

Another view of same bridge. It will bo observed that though

of tho some type ao bridgehis ia of stronger construction and longer but locatedore secluded spot.

noa. Bridgesketch.

iil. Ground views of bridgesketch.

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