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: Chief, Lincoln


hief of Station,Operations


of the firstook after my return from Lincoln was to hare George L. TRAttSt brief ce concerning the ESSEICE Project and then arrangeeeting between RAZMARA and ne. onsidered this Boating desirable because RAZVARA needed to be assured that he was not forgotten and that, to the contrary, he could expect to receive my full support and encourageBent in his handling of this delicate operation. elieved it would do much for his morale and uould tend to give greater weight to TRAHGER's and ny recommendationsdesired changes in structurs and procedures with respect to the ESSENCE operation.

I found RAZVARA enthusiastic and greatly desirous to effect the changes and innovations which TRAIJGERlscussod with him.

3- You may rest assured that nolthcr RAZUAKA nor TRANGSR is pessimistic concerning the ESSENCE Project, and RAZMARA reports that ESSENCE himself is much In favorore dynamic stand and procedure as set forth by TRANGER in his recent assossncnt of this project. We fully intend to follow the "chin up" policy recommended by.

Ii. As pointed out inhere hasendency for some ESSENCE followers to view our past propaganda effortsaundiced eye. However, we do not believe that the feeling is olthor unanimous or unchangeable. To the contrary it is our firm belief that all that was needed was to inject new spirit or rather to bolster up spirits which had somewhat fallen. We aro goinghakedown period, and we bollovo that tho lessons learned will onable us to organize and channel our efforts toajor contribution to theof PBSUCCESS objectives.

5. Emotional letdowns and morale problems are inherent in this typo of operation, and wo expect to have our share of these in the future. they appear they will be realistically reported so that you will have an accurate picture of the situation, but we wish to assure you that we are well aware of our resoonsibiUtv of bolstering sagging norale, and we believe that these temporary setbacks can and will be solved here on this level. Nevertheless, your comments, criticisms and guidance will always be appreciated.

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Earl* fj. atjouiier

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