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ll-Schlof of Station, WllD


Situation Reporti/CCESS

following Information was furnished byU- AccordingESCROW'athe roault of previousnumerous contactshis own roasonlng and analysing tha loeal situation. ESCROW toi

r hat ssioh of the information set Torth below is quits gener. Hn nafuro but he Is attenpting to obtain apeclflc data Including; names, dates, sddressss, eto.

queried aa to how and by what means the local Cotnaunistemeet any major emerganoy, ESCROW stated he knows of thaa Mobilisation plan whloh haa been worked by thoanddetails are not available as yettated thatand the COTO have each held several small maneuvers. consisted of diverting practically all of the sovornnent'facilities to previously designated pick-upthe country for the purpose or picking up rank andwho will there be moved by means of the govermae.itany points of trouble. Arias and ammunition for those memberssill be issusd froa stocks of tho Guardla Civil andAny. aneuvers held tous far no arms werestated he has been told that tho onlyto be in the poisesslon of the COTO and the POT areslds arms usually oairled by csrtsin of ths leaders of TSCROB was unable to furnish the location of thosethroughout the.country, from whloh points rank andwill be picked up and taksn to points of trouble.

3. ESCROW further stated there is an escape plan for top party official of the POT and COTO which has been tentatively decided upon. ESCROW oould not furnish ths exact names of those who will flee in an emergency but did state the individuals concerned have already been told shet to do and wnere to go. Instructions have been glvsn them concerning the arrangement of personal affairs. tatod he has bssn told the PIT and COTO functionaries will probably seek Mill in Mexico for, to all practical purposes, that country ls best aulted In that it offers employment, protection from political per-aecutlon and is readily accessible by air, rail or highway, ESCROW stated that In those oasss where the political refugee may be In danger of extradition, capture or imprisonment it can be expected that efforts will be made by representatives of the Iron Curtain oour tries to assist them in travelingose iron Curtain countries.

If. Escrow could add practically nothing conccrnlng party guidance from outslda tha country. He did atata that travel of party funotlonariea froa behind the Iron Curtain ia believed to provide the only actual policy direction of the party. Aeoording to Bscrow, courier contaot ia maintained with Cuba, Mexico and Panama which providea an exchange of propaganda literature but nothing in tha nature of party direction. Esorow could fumlah no datalle oonoarning the oourier syetem. Theouroe itatad that some financial aupport for the party arrlveautalda tha country but, again, he waa unable to furnish detail*, lie believes that thia aupport is bslng reduced gradually since for some time the party polloy of self support has been established. Aooordlng to hia, the POT operates three known business enterprises andgovernment support to the tune of approximatelymonthly There are severs! other financial operations under consideration at the yreaent time by the POT, but he waa unable to furnish details aa yet.


When eaked how the POT plans toas Bible Arry revolt. Escrow stated the sane question Is currently foremost in tha minds of the ?GT direotore. According to him the POT has davlaed no plan of coping with the Amy axeept totandard policy of cultivating, cajoling and catering politically to the Army. The ^GT leaders do not trust tbe Aray strong men and oon-atantlyoossnlng of their indirect influence with the military. Their mainstay within the military is PAZ Tejada.e control over the Amy is gained through Arbena himself, who very astutely meets tho dlasident figure* and convincingly assures thee that he (Arbont) Is not co^nmlat but oust think flrat of the eoononlc and social situation of Guatemala in ita struggle against the Imperialist United "tatee.

Hacrow stated he has beon told repeatedly that the PGT has great trust in Arbens* otayins power and loyalty to the oauae and currently the TOT is casting about for an eloctoral euoceneor who will serve their ends as faithfully aa Arbens has. The POT ladifficulty In t'lls resneot, howovor, Blnoe their beet mai PAZ Tejada, does not have much politioal chanoe of succeeding, when as he doesecond qualification and that lailitary figure. Eaorow atated that If lt were possible, the PGT no uldonatitutlonal roform (congressional ooup) nnd reelect Arbens. Source does not know or any party solution to nn Arbens failure,

When asked to deeorlbe the position Aravalo currently holds with the localre* stated Arevalo has fallen out of

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with tho cc onanists. Arovalo haa bean attacked officially and unofficially by local cowman 1st leadera who feel Arevalothen to gain hia own political ends and that while there wae some compatibility in their doctrines Arevalo never gave the coaniur.iats the opportunity to become as active and powerful as Arben has In his short period of administration. Arevalo will not be publicly severed from the party propaganda line because of thie atill-effootlve overlapping in their doctrines.

Source stated that Arevalo never received the applauae that Arbens has to date; t> at tho party directors feel that Arevalo was apolitician who was perfectly capable ofhe party line, whereas Arbenz Isllltar- man and notastute In polities. Arbenz is subject torey to party logic and by now practically dcmlnatod by partvand doctrine. He and hia wife are ardent students* of Varxlta while denying adherence to party doctrines.

Source stated that while there exists no written estimate of United States' capabilities and intentions, Havre are actually two estimates within the communist circles. One is In thepropaganda line whloh accuses the United Statos or unilateral action (intervention) and of fotionting subversive movements and economic exploitation of the weak. The second is an Intangible element which is the evor-preaent party feeling of orediting the united states with adequate politioal resources and popular Bupport actually to endanger or t'.reaten the communist position. This reeling, however. Is considered absolutely taboo within the tarty and is not discussed. Tsorow stated there ia no high-level pclitl-cai stratagem involving estimates of the United States' political aotlona or pressures.

reiterate our previous comments effect that Haorow's oa*!ents set forth abovo are general In nature. He was waked those questions answered heroincold" or unexpected basle. de had no time to check with his sourcss and answered the questionspreparation. At this tl-rauld like to point out that we had no provlous inkling that Headquartersanything but pleased with Escrow's previous method of reporting and the topios oovered

tSJS* reKTta' Attim Valvaa. arrived at bull station theof floor was told that Vlavoda would maintain contact with Bsorow but nothing was said to the effect that Esorow would change his method of reporting. The point we are trying to make la that if any oral instructions wers given Givloch ccnoernlnj either


ent no further, w.


Cyrus 'j. Burnett*




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