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VTA Air Bouch (Specify Air or Sea Pouch)



^SPECIFIC Rough Draft Reports of George E. FILBIHS

Attached for your information and for the information of Chief, ICFUJTTER, aro rough draft roporta prepared by George B. PTLBING.




A short meeting was hold amongst the four above mentioned people, and lt waa decided that Pancho vould beolygraph interview on the following nighth.) The following afternoon, on

t, L

graphic tastings. That evening thia examiner,wont to the eafehouee, not Pancho, end the polygraph was set up for the first Interview.

Pancho wee affordedpolygraph teet on toe night oferch The following questions wore asked!

Are you eynpathetlc to the present Arbens Guatemalan Government?

Are you presently working for the Arbens Guataaalen Government?

Are you completely loyal to Col. Castillo and hie organization? U. Havo you ever diecueood plana of the organisation with some person in the Arberas Govormont?

Have you discussed with anyone the plans of the organization?

Are you in the employ or pay of the present Arbens Ouatenalen Govornwnt?

Are youe service of any porerment?

6. Have you falsely answered any question on this test?

9. Ie there anythingant to hide froa aa or froa Col. Caetlllo?

Havo you falsely answered any question on your personal hiatory paper?

Do you know of anyone within the organisation of Col. Castillo who is not loyal to hint

Do you havo contact with any person who doee uot agree with the organisation and plans of Col. Castillo?

you biding anything from Col. Castillo on thesethe polygraph there were no indications of deception on the above

que ot ions. Routine ran bora test was also afforded Poncho, and thiaucoaasful numbers test.

Pane ho appeared quite ploased and impressed with the resulte of the test.

The second person to bo polygraphed waaThree tests were

administered toand there were no lndicationa of deception to

any of the questions.

Onh ofasolygraphwhich three testa were administered, and tbe results werethe same nlrht,waaolygraph tost

during hhlch three specific tests were administered, and the results deemed favorable.

The next person polygraphedTwo tests were ad-

ministered nd tho polygraphlc charts indicate deception onquestions regarding loyalty and hie present employer. It laof thia examiner:us not told the complete truth

on the questions asked, and that according to theharto,


n*Kv' agent.

The caneolygraph Interview

during which three teats were adnlnlatarad, and the results of which were polygraphically favorable.

Onh of March,

C Jpolygraphed, and tha roaulte of which

snowed no indications of deception to any of the pertinent questions.

On the aanooung nan"lco

polygraphic interview during which be admitted killing or veryup an individualnife, and which he haa not toldabout. The last polygraphic test^ etill

showed signs of deception on various questions concerning hln andle tbe opinion of this exaaineratlU holding out

Boraethlng fron Poncho regarding hie past activities.

Onh of March,the following were polygraphed with favorable recultetC

3 r 1

On the aaaaaalsoolygraph interview.

Tne polygraphic charts Indicate working for the

Guatension Oovormont, isommunist sympathiser, ie not loyal to

Col, Castillo, but is concerned mainly with hia own oportunistic anbi-

tlone rocarding power,etc. The polyrxaphic charts indicate that

may be inontact wlthfdlgoraa Puentes.

L as aleoolygraph interview on.

Although^, ^jVctod very strangely and looked suspicious, his poly-

graphic chartc chow no indication of deception to any of the questions.


Onh ofk$ the following nen were polygraphed with results, polygraphieally speaking,

T| The earns day,ersonwas afforded

a polygraph interview, and two tests were administered whichon pertinent questions.when asked the following

question, "Do you know of anyone within the organisation of Col.ia not loyal toefused to answer such question, andanswering the question,otewhich he aald

that he would give the names of his suspicions only to Col.charts on Mr.something is wrong regarding

tbe loyalty and statue

Ont ofan calledl*^ Juasolygraph interview in which he admitted that tho Colonel once aent himission to Guatemala City to pick up aome documents snd to return to Honduras. Subject admitted that be did not carry out thla order. Subject declared that his friends warned him about going Into Ouatemala City, so be did not go. The subject said that he thinks the mission wasest mission anyway, but he further admitted that ho has not told the Colonel the truth. This point was not pursued by the examiner any further. Ont ofh, besidosQ

also afforded polygraph interviews, with polypxaphlcally favorable results.

It Is to be understood that these teste administered by this as interpreter did not involve Interrogation in any way.

They were merely polypraphic testings, and thle examiner, to the best of hie

-Page u-

knowledge, has with great caution narked those when he considered to bc unfavorable.

The conditions under which the testavon are as follows!

a farmhouse in the hills above

wooden rocking chair waa usedoly graphic chair. This exaainer wasewat be would beew chair, but this uae never done. The rockinn chair was so fixed that it couldn't rock, of coarse.

The only information on the people riven to tne exaainer was from the PliQ'e, executed by tha men themselves.

The men, upon entering the polygraph room, wore asked to put down their weapon, which iaocked revolver, h$nd take the test. Alnoet every man waa thus armedun. All the men were tense and rather araprehenslve. The men were not told that lt wouldolygraph test. All they were told was that the Colonel had sent then up to talk to ne.

This examiner and Mr.unhappily did not achieve a

com on ground of understandinc. This examiner feels that abetween Ir.and himself is ouch that tills examiner

would not prefer to work with Ki in any future polygraphic exam-

inations, if at all possible. This exam'-ner also feels.

probably has tee same viewpointhie exa'-iner. Thef amenta nave coen given verbally toand u

t JJ . e cauae of tliia disturbance is very likely the fault of both of ue.

locined to leave on lYiday,h of March, thle

exfl-iiner had no rooourac but toaa interpreter. With

tne faot in mind thatleftthie examiner felt

that he should bettor go along with sone of tho demands of

andand to polygraph more than the autliorised two persons

per day. This examiner vas in accord with the viewpoint of

aridthe quicker the work is done, tbe better it is.

Thie examiner wishes to point out that his relations witi.

were most cordial,and there were no conflicts whatsoever.


id J


asolygraphic interview at hia none onofffl waa very cooperative recardins the inter-

view, answered all questions freely and willingly. Polygraph chartadid not lie to any of tike routine polygraphic Questions whichsiven during an interview in Sparklen used ndSparkle i'fl admitted that

oiico lie was given an envelope, or that there was an envelope lying onhia wife's desk, which he inadvertently opened, but before he couldhis wife,Sparkle, stopped hin and told him that therrospondoncc. Appropriate questions

were asked covering the above incident, and the charts indicate subject did not read any of the material in any of the envelopes entrusted in hie care. In conclusion, this examiner fools that the subject has told the substantial trutJ on all questions.

Sparkle was alsoolygrophic interview as was her husband. Sparkle volunteered the following Infomation freely and site declarednor fntner washat heersonal friend ofche. Sparkle also admitted that her uncle,C

Jorriunist. Tiie subject utterred also tint her piano d naybo sWllocxiKnist.

Uw tiie cubject was absutears oi ni;e, site'iitiz Tlty. Tnls -aotin,'; was held inu York. SnarMc declared tiat i: ten e'io was tiuits=icember of a

twenty-five cents in duee, end she might haveard but cannot remenber. Siw utterred that raany of her friends in New York City at that time were tinged with tho radical leftwlng viewpoints.

She declared that she lcoaramlat, does not havo anyand she admittedreat deal about the

CeerHunist theory. She does not believe her fatliereraraunist,lobled him as "pinkish". Her uncle, EL er "father'B


half-sister's husband. Polygraphic chargs indicate subject haa told the substantial truth regarding the above information, and indicate also that aho has not tiad any other activity or association with Communists other than the above mentioned itcns. Sparkle was very cooperative In everything, and vory willing to discuss any point whatsoever.

r i

When in Washington, D. C, this examiner purchased histo^ o had specified to the Eastern Airlinesthat he did not wish to go through Quateaala City. Bepoint to the manager tbat he wanted to avoid going through However, when this examiner and the interpreter,

boarded the plane at New Orleans, they found to their dismay that thesohoduled to land at Guatemala City. The plane landed thereCity,hle ^salner andtook scam photographs,

and there were no incidents whatsoever.

Thie examiner, after polygraphing the people

0 eornlng, and about lOtOO landed In

Managua, Nicaragua. Here it waa necessary to wait for another plane toin order to proceed to Panama. This examiner, therefore, under theStephen L. Kann wont through customs and went into Managua proper. that evening, this examiner left Managua and went into Panama. examiner hadransit card for rename)

In Panama, tblE eramlnor vent through customs again using tho transit eerd undor tho name of Kann, and0 left Panama and arrived in Miami at. This la to shov that this examiner is known to certain authorities in Nicaragua as Stephen L. Kann.




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