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Soviet Suhaario* Operatloa

nativity envisages tba uoaoviet iatalUta araa?lolooviet submarine aad planted atorieo lorobandathe Sovlete ore caching ara* along tea Central American coaat forpurposes, thus menacing the territorial sever ei(-jiity of tho area.

first, araa cache le to be diaooverad and pubUclaed inand at en appropriateimilar oxpooeloWateUite

ama cache will take place in Guatemala City, thus providing further "oubstanUaUon' of Soviet araa snoggled into Cantrol Anerica. Both exposes will provide tboadvantagelausible explanation aa toxsedlate origin ofc -oviot-oatolllteroa confiscated CP caches.

laa'eleasee in i'axlco, iaoaaa4 April) that eub-sigbUDga havo been reported, /ansae,

should attempt to ellolt GS Navy denial of

aub ooVKisntfl off West Const of Central America.

All resultant publiolty oijould bo replayed in eocj.

of tho other countrleo.

&VW 2MB' Cache several kite already iirepared for burialApril) REUU^ng progran. These kite will be buriedktxm/ledga fay non-RiBATlC nareon.'itJ and atoa am coasttut in koepint

notionsu aigating,

ii releoosdo local proas wiupril) he iad obtained itdcaraguoo rosldlat. on the

rttftfCCESS / MB*:


HUL-A- i

Pacific Coast. Further that he hed requestedof the photographer.

Stag ill arrange story with photographs of caching

"(SoIII). Story explains how photographer had spotted

approximate location of eub when photo taken and had noticed small boat being taken abroad. Investigation of area nearby reveals marklngo in sand and trampled vegetation which lead to discovery of cache el to. Recovery of site should be done by Nicareguan police acting on tip as above* Unwitting persons vould then bo witness to uncovering snd opening of kits, photo's, eye witness accounts* etc*

akes strong public statement about danger of

n Control America as being real apropos above

end undoubtedly Conounlats elsewhere ore receiving arms in this msnasre If feasible, protest to Soviet Oovernment shall bo made.

- U. Tbo Chief of Station/^. s requested to make contact with n the name of Herbert L. QILukai who (for the Information of Stations not familiar vithC ersonal friend of C JX and has already participated In PBSUCCESS, This operation should bo presented nd gsnerslly In the following terast

As you know, there have been frequent reports of Soviet submarines in your area.

For example* It hss boon reported that* early in February of thisoviet submarine come secretly into San Jose In Guatemala* At that time* so it is reported, several Guatemalan Communist leaders wore esmexked on the submarine to assist In burying cashee of eras* supplied by the Soviet, along the Paclfio Coast of Central America. At th* appropriate time, thoee caches are to be dug up by local Communists, to be usedeneral uprising which is to bring all Central America under Communist Control* Thie report is probably untrue. Soros cloturesoviet submarine are available for your use) they could have been takenicoraguan Coastal residentox camera while the Soviet submarine surfacedicoraguan bay* Also available are several boxes ofatellite arms and explosives. In addition, these are available two suggested press releases/which you may see) fit to use, first to publicise the photo of the sulaarine and secondly to anticipate discovery of the arms cache*

It ie presumed that youecure means of having the arms buried in an appropriate coastal area} lt la also presumed that yon vould then be able to give publicity te the photograph, as having been delivered to youoastal resident. Then tbe matter of having the arms cache die-covered by your police should notroblem.

of its release,

the Canal ZoneIf "'S' "OTo1in

Central Africa during April ^ * PaClflc coas^ area of

7- Hlca III

discovery and photographing of cache, storiesbe self-generating. leads should be taken fromnd Mica Tl.

should bo of general beach area where aubfootprinto Icedinr. to cache, broken shrubbery, wortoencache, box being opened, cache spread oat on tarpaulin, andfiveaway markings.

- C- hould make an opproprlmate official otaterent conmend-ing the unnamed costeno for his resourcefulness and patriotism, and commenting acidly re the sinister purposes of the sub's clandestine visit, citinr, the caching of arms as incontrovertible evidence of Soviet Intervention in the Hemisphere. The staterrnt ahould pull together the reports of notional sightings aa published In Xlcarafie, Mexico, and Panama to lend further flesh to the body of proof.C hould add that he haa ruaranteed the costerib's anonymity and placed him under hia personal protection to avoid "extremist reprisals."

Q. CL l'ould arrange locully for widePt diPSeminotionand all pertinont<Mnbesaies and consulates

could assist around theT" noteot^st sho-ilc" be sent to tho Soviet Governmenthird country and publicised.

9. Upon aotlvation of Hlca III all addressee Stations should!

c. Publicise all overt Nice III results, emphasizing photos of nub and cache.

b. Touch all results local publicity to other ir.trrostedLIX for maximum



- fff

*f* sure local assets arrange with inUnuvtionel press


implications uk) local ar- rehereiseness. Quatcpal* shouldlMed as the TJiiiiWi^Iaeo hand of Uc Kremlin, and should rc-cawe the imprecations of the Hemisphere for its abettinr of Soviet interventionism in the iiemJapher*.

E. erever poaeUl* high-leva tresslioUd tc en-co.irogea toeowmoot editorially on the intolerable situation posed by guatenala wiUl speculationein similar to, Mowataline.

f lhcplot against the President ofords greater credibility to the notional story.

courogodkc such

textusl chanf.escweneo pxahLa as msy be advisable beosuse of local considerations and opportunities for osinr colloquial expressions.

in thisCable of



JCD/ EBL/ ICI/li Attachments r

Att. Ali-

Att. u Kress

*tt* Zi C be repoueted to


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OOBMAUIfJO VI3T0 CSRCA DS TEHUAvTSPEC Otro Ultrego Contra la Sofcoronia Xaclonal? So ha infom-do uo Iv oo fcrOa dla? un su! nnrlno fu6 visto procodor por al llroraldo Snllncna dlstnncla ontroulnlontoo ootror. do la oosta. Rl sunier.;lble fuo vl: to do una playo por varlor. Tehumea antos dol nnoohocor. Al prlnolplo oroyoron quo era unaljoron qua tenia un ooloro ;ro.

Cooo el subcarlno noandore, ao so sabo cu naolonalldad; atneste lnf or bo ostros notados dosdo hece varies aaa* do laou is terrltorlalos de neolonos do la America Central por submarlnos no ldentlf leadOB,

No so oreo quo el subraarlnoos KE. UU, porquo se sobo quo la flota do sttfmrlnoa nortQ-ooorlcanoc osta plenar-cnto ocupede on manlobrns en el Mar Corlbe oorca do las Is laa Bshamns.

'mUe> yyr

SUBKARIKi SIGHTEDIANT SPEC tMSEBSUltraja Contra la Soboranla Nacional?

Three daysubmarine was reported to have been seen proceeding along tho coast south of Saline Cruz four to rive hundred motors offshore. The nubmorsiblo was seen by several Tehuonas before nightfalleach. They thought It at first tourfaced shark, and said that Its color was dark gray or black.

3ecause the submarine displayed no flag Its nationality is not known; however this report is similar to others noted over the past several years of unidentifiediolating territorial waters of Central American nations.

Tho submarine was not believed to have belonged to the aJA> for the reason that the EDA submarine floet is known to be fully engaged ln maneuvers in Ihe Caribbean sea near the Bahama Islands.

O hula'


30BKARIH0 VIGTO EN EL GOLFO DE CHIBlgOI Otro Barco do "Orl*en no Rovolado"

Hacc nas do una ser.ana un submarine- fue vlsto cerca del lltornl oriental del Oolfo de Chiriqul, coren de In eoboendura del Hfo Vlgul en Voraftuas. Los hornanosaul Sanchez reeresaban de una nocheosca cuando escuchpron voces sobre las aguas. Creyondo quo las vooon po<"rlan ser las do naufra^os, dlrlcloron su boto hacia olel oual provanlan los sonldoo, poro al acercarau se asombraron al distlnsuir el oontorno de un subnarlnoa ouporfloio. Se distlntfulnn hombres en laor ol ruldo del salplcar de las asuMS era ovl-donto que niembros do lae banaban en la veclndad dol subnarlno.

Cono las pal"bras escuchadas por los hornanos no eran nl on ospanol nl en Inglos, casblaron rap Id anon te deavegaron varlos klloeotros coata ebajo. Also do las nuevo de la oahane sl<rulente, notoron quo el subnarlno habla partldo de su ancladoro de la noche anteriorr03lsuleron al literal, desoargaron suasa.

uo los hennanooo Infornaron acerca del acontool-mionio, soo ayor por medio do un notario cuya esposn osouch6 pora esposa de Hatil Sanchez coniontando el extrarto deaoubrlnlento se di6 cuonta do suonunlc6 los datosuootro corrosponsali

La Autorldad Naval do los Estados Unldoa en PanenA ha negado la proaoncla do subnarlnos ostadounldenso9 en el area del Golfo de Chiriqul. Por lo tanto, sc presumn quo ol subnarlno nonclonadotro de los do

orlgen no rovolado qua npsrocon do voz en cuando dasdo haoo tree afios on las aguas do In America Central.

Se rooordarn quo el sotreearijo del vapor danos "Jonsl cuol vislt6 Panerafiines 'lo fobroro un0 an Snnurtonala* Se^fin Otto BJer'stroo, el sotr ;o, el submarine sovletlco so supll& de aaelto al costr.do deveo por lo oual fuo poslble le identlficacion poaitlva del mlsno, Es pooiblo que el subnarino dolnto por olanos new el alamo, puesto quosubm."rlnos modornos puedon portvanocer fuera de su puerto do origan por varios nosos.

Lbs outorldsdos psjuaaefles han podldo al publico que no ae alnrnen sobro el eoonteoimlcnto, puosto ^ueesanoia do un subnu.rino sovletlco onuede haber tenldo lnocentd Dotivocion. Afin lc trlpulr.cl6r. do subnirinoa vetornnos tlene quo aursire superficie paraireor corto3 period os de rooro;-cl6n.



Another Vessel of "undisoloood Origin1

Koroubnarlno was seen noar tho eastorn shore of the Qolfo de Chiriqul, close to tha- mouth of tho Vigul River in Veraguas. Tho brothers Carlos andchnr were roturnlncight ofhen thoy heard volcofi on tho wctor, Thinking tho volooo mletit be thoso of cnitways they steered tholr boot In tho dire tlon of tho sounds, but as they approached wore astonished to sac tho outllnourfaced subnarlno. Ken wore visible on tho deck, and from the nolso of splashing lt was evident that crow nemboro voro bathing tho vicinity of tho submarine.

Because tho spoken words hoard by tho brothersnelthor Spanish nor English, thoy chaniod course quickly and soiled several kilo--' down tho ooett. Returning aboutn the morning they saw that the submarine had left its overnight anchorage. They then put to shore, unloaded tholr catch one1 wont hotso.

Bocnuno'brothers Sanchez made no report of tho Incident, it


booono known only yesterdayotario whoso wife hod ovorheard tho wife of Haul SAnchor, discussing tho strange dlacovory, realized Its significance, end reported the foregoing details to our oorro sports ol.

Tho United fltetes Ileval Conannd ln Panama has denied tho presence of any Un submarines in tho own of tho Qolfo do Chiriqul. Thoreforo the presumption is Bade that tho submarine in question ls yet enothor of undisclosed origin which hsvo mndo occasional apponranoea in Control Amerloa waters during tlio past throe years.

Xt will be reoallod that tho pur cor ofhip'"i" Toft" which tatitodoviet submrrino ln San 3oz6,In Icto February. According to Otto BJoiystron, the purser, the Soviet cubn'erlno rofuoloc oloujaido his ahlp naklng positive luentiftcation posalMo. It Is possible that tho Chlrlqui'andono aita by the Danish purser aro tha sane, inasntch tsoiIn away froa their hone ports for cany nor.tho.

irn authorities hnvo pouuoatoA the public to refrain froc alarnin: thaacnlve* overncident, lnassnish ua tho prsencaoviet Dubnarin'. in our vatora nay ooncolvaLly havo had Innocent cotlvition. tm veteran ml am lira* orews oist our face

porlodionlly for frcntlbort periods of


So CroM Soa un Suboarino Sovletlco

Un costelo, cuyo nonbro eo ratiana durante la lnvestlgaoion, alaga haborotograflado un flubnarlno pintado do nasro cored del literal orlontal del Oolfo dol Papcgayo, Quaneeaste.

Lao clrcuTiatencloo doscritn3 eon las slgulenteat olartii para Managuarabnjar dooseaba llevoraa una fotojrrafla do auon una caoara boroto, la oual habla toaodo prestada, aeacur unato da la playa dondo a* noble bailado doua olara Managua sella tomprsno en la mancna ao fuo para la. playa pocoel asoneaor.

Ala playa vl6 olnoa dosciontoool literal. So dlstingulan trlpulantes quo trabejaban sublondo una oublorto. -apero qua ol boto estuvlerauorn dauo loa trlpulnntea dosaparoaleran en laa esootlllao antos ds suoar lr foto.rto. Al prlnolplo crey6 qua ol submarine- are ostadounidense.

Ha fu6 hasteanngua, doiida ol rollo do la pollcula fu4 deaarroUedo, quo el oostedo pons6 de nuavo an ol rare- acontoclolonto. Al aostrar la fotograflan aolgo, ouyo trabajo loeba oon loso toda3 laa naolonos, fua lnfornado quo ol submarin no acxngdn subnarlno eatndounldonao alno qua por el eontrarl porociamo tor let loan sovlatloas. La ausonolo de una bandera naolonal dlsipo tanbien lariginal de que el subnarlnoa Marina do los CB. DO.

Ac tuolmonte ol coste.io ootantenao Interrogator lo do parte de las autorldadesu fotogrofia del submarine se esta exnnlnando detenidonente en la eaperanze de averljjuar la naolonalldad dal lntraso.

Cuando ol rolato del costo.io sea verlfloado, una lnforaatfluo detallada seraa pranae por nuestraa autorldades naolonales. Sin embargo, os probable quo lo fotocrafla dol aubcmrlno no se publiaara naata que lao autorldades novales no oaten aaguras sobre el orison del baroo.

endra on nonto quo ol clieeoonlovaeo Mlroslnv Plrochta Sttatenolteeo,ubert JulianAbuliatroa porsonrlldadon cot or los pro^orunlataa ae ban lnterosado en oll envlo dea tiorra do Arbenz. Se ton* que de nuevo el Ooblerno de Quateoolo est6 lnportando clandestlncrjonto armaaalaces en aenoscabo de la Dalnorice Central,

I 2


Believed to bo Sovietoste.io whose name ls being withheld during investigation alleges that he eaw andlack-pointed submarine near the Eastern shore of the Golfo dol Pnpagayo, Guanecaste.

Tho circumstances described woro as follow*1 the costoio was leaving for Managua to worklba.ill and wanted to take withhotograph of hia tiorra. orrowed box camera ho planned tohotograph of tho beooh where he swamoy, and because tho bu3 to Marvgua loft oarXy in the coming, ho departed for the botch shortly after aunriso.

As ho reached the boaoh he saw tho subnarlno lying sooe two hundred motors offshcro. Crewmen woro visible on tho submarine as they workedboII boat, hauling It on to tho deck. He waited until the snail boot hod boon secured out of sight end tho orewcton had disappeared down tho hatches before ho took tho photograph. At first he thought tho submarine was oatadounidonso,

Xt was not until tho aoateno arrived lu Managua uhoro the roll of films was developed that he thought again of tho unusual Incident. Showing tho developed photographriend whoso work stcde hln familiar with ships of all nations, ho was Informed that tho submarine did not resemble any known estodounidenso subnarlno, but, on the contrary, eppeorod to havo Soviet charaoteristico. The absenooational flog also dispelled tbo original Impression that the submarlrs belonged to tho Marina of the OTA.

At present tho costenn ia undergoina lntonalvo questioning by naval authoritlao, and hia submarine photograph is being oxcmined minutsly in tho hopo of ascertainingationality of tho intruder,

Whon the costorto'o story isetailed atateoent will be issued to tha preaa by our national authorities. However, photograph of the subnarlno will probably not ba released for ublication until naval authorities have satisfied themselves as to the vessel's origin.

It will be reoolled that the Czech, Mir03lav Pirochj tho Guatemalan egant, "Coronel" Herbert1 Agullond other notorious pro-Connunlst personalities hr.vo interested theasolvos in tho proouromant and shipment of nunltions to Arbenz-land. It is foarod that tho Guatemalan government is again importing Czech (Skoda) and Polish arcs clandestinoly to the detriment of peace in Central Anarloa*

O BulA- ^$


COB tftffc At.'iTCULO)


Se Identifies Subnarlno BoviOtlco

LI goblerno hnaoriflct.do cl rolato del coste.lo que vl6 un cubaarino cerco dell Golfo del

Papagayo, el cual do rublic6 on la prensa hacedfas. Esta

fotojraflii casual hn sldo ldcntificado. por pertto* como un subraorinoor oso el nonbro dol fotogr:-Xo aficionado so est& retonionoo del conoclniento publico con miraniontos por su sotiuridod personal.

ell fot6jr;fo he ldenv-iflcodo ol lugar dondoi6 ol submarlno, el cual on acjuei ontoncos os cbc. ixcaovll en ol cijua,ordo unuo evid>;nte:ncnte iuschoba do rotrocar do unlerra. n.mnc ruee portancclt al sifid rinojs maiiom hnbrin rcjres: do untornlnac'a su mictcriosa nision on lngcr deordo.

So siunte grnvon los cuartoljo oflclalos sobre loisi or, dolo ou tripulaci6n, puosto que olubuarino nuede haber sido utlliz: To pari?aa Cinros oficinlosq una porsona EtJLiendo clandcstlnnncnto de noootraS coctas tcnorla que- sor do inpoi'fc: 'iciu conunista intemncioiiol parr, tsaroeor quo so arrios;;ara unc do loeodornos nubniriros do fiusic. Lae hoayorflclal os quo ol bote dal subnarlno fue' tierra parr, hacer una entroua mane unoobor sldosccnJldos por la tripulacl6n

del subcuTinoroos pernnti-nacionoc.

Laocal cossta slundo interrocada parr; obtoner nose esporon lnforaoo odiclonales dontro do pocos dfas.



OUR GOTEflSlOHTY VIOLATED Soviet Submarine Identified The jovornaent hai fully Investigated nnd vorifled the story of tho costsAo who camubmarine near shore In tho fiolfo dol Papcgayo as reported in thoays ego. oe photo'roph has teen ldcntlflod by erperts as thatoviot Suhmorino and foroaaon tho nana of the oma'our photo!jrr,phor is being kept from publicut or rogarc' for his oun peraonal aafoty*

The photo raphor has identified tho location fron whloh he saw the^dilch was, ct 'he tine,motionless in the water, to brim;nail boat which had evidently just iaturnodrip to shore* Presumption is mode that the boat belonged to tlko subnarlno, otherwise it vould havo boon turned adrift upon oomplotlon of its mystorious mission instead of being rotat-.o- aboard.

!rave conoom is 1'tilt in official quartershe possible mission of the subaarlno andv, ina-naeh as tho submarine's boat possiblyo been utilized to take abor-rd oouraunist sympathizers. However, other officials point out that any por son dopnrtitx; our shoror. so clandestinely would havo to be of International cocnunlst significance in order to raerlt tho hazarding of one of Aussie's valuable and modern undersea vessels. The viow receiving greiitost ssanaaissV "iciai acceptance is thet the oubnorlTia'o boat uao aont ashore toelivery rathereoevory, and lt Is feared that money or arms for entl-nntiotial

purpoacn nay havo boon delivered or aonoealed by tho fluboarlno crcwnen.

Tho looal ooato.lo population io being quootloned to develop possible further inforaatlon and additional developm-mta aro anticipated within the next fov days.

O HULA- /yf

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