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Ml ar* Tary pleased with tha increase ia detailed Information uhioh wa are roc al vine, ud with the evidencelose vorklac relationship haa bees eatabllahed. Tear maaeagas giveuoh batter picture and feel of the situation thaa heretofore and should help as te assist ran andora effectively.

Aa wa name froareporta, the probloa of distribution rasaina eoute. If, aa yea suspect, tharaeak la tha local airline whloh la used for part of the way, wa can oaly rannsnaiidtop ualng air tranaportation and obengo te ground, Perhaps tha oar tbat you vlll bo usingpril, and of whloh wa approve, oould bo used for thia purpose. We aust leave it te tout greater familiarity with the local situation te decide whether shipment to the border by truck, tbo ahlpaanta being appropriately diafulsad, would be aore effective, with regard to your propoaal ta use air and aajajaji by tbo aouthara route, we realise your aaaae of urgency te gat smother aeaaa of distribution, but, on tho baaio of tha information you have thaa far furnished, we doubt the advlaahlllty of thla altcrnat* propoaal. If thereeak la the local airline, ao you report, ia thara not also aensiderKble danger aad likelihoodeak in tba two other linaa you propoaa te use? Ia addition, ahlpaanta by air are aore ootloeable and acre easily spotted' than grouad ahlpaanta. Ten oould getituation where tbo actual route that tbobad to watoh, nunirly froa the aoutharn airport

to tha border, would bo ahorter than tba rout* thay hare to watoh now. Not knowlnc praoiaely woo the anugsjlare tbat you iataad to use are, wa oan only state general reservetlone about tho nos of amugglere under any circumatancaa. At firat glanoa, tba idea alwayo sounda good, because lt appeara that craftaaen are being uaad to transport aateriala across the border. However, the morality of smugglers la QOtorloualy low and their motiration, for our purposes, generally leaves auoh to ba desired. Va find lt difficult to conceiven mlould have many scruples about simply running eeroea tba harder and dumping hia bundle ln tha first convenient ditch or hole. If tbaou plan to use also aappap to be antl-Coamualat, tha aituaUoa aight look better, although even than there would ba doubts and re serrations. Tbe only aura way of getting aateriala where you want than la through trusted and In torad personnel, who are Qoncernad with tho content aa wall aa with tne fee. On this beale, we alee have our reearvatlona about the efficacy of tbo anugglars presently being ueedj we refer to tba onea that your friend froa tba aonth daaoribed. What assurances have wa that tha aatsrial la actually being racalrad at tba other end? We stronglylapla aad secure aysten af raeelpts be instituted. Would lt ba possible talapla oode with tho redolent inside, ae that tha anugglar, on doll vary of bio bundle, would receive laaalad envelopeoded acknowledgment of reooiptr In tho light of these remarks, wo lsaauaood that you review tho question of tho osa of aaugglero, aa proposed and aome up with j| more definite rooonnandatioas far ansuriag porforaanoo by tho anugglora. Wo also lack information to Judge the Justifiability of tho quite heavy Initial outlay for sotting up tho smuggling route that you propose. Ia thia natter, as ln all future natters, the aore complete tba iofematioa that you furnlah ue, tha aore rapidly will wo bo able to giveecision aad the aero likely wo will bo toavorable decision, but lt la virtually impossibleus tnairly expensive proposition of whloh wo know only that lt involves using an unidentified croup of aaugglers.

3. Tba plan toeminine auxiliary la aound and its development ia encouraged. It will ba wise to avoid giving such an auxiliary an axoaaaivo suffragette tona and flavor. Whatever tbo voatan ara told, thay abeuld be told ltiew to their Influencing their husbands, bjbIo ralatlvea and frlaade, and their children. Raaae do not givo thelavor ofwoman. What aethers ahoold do Is to teach their children that "Ceaanmiaa* iswear word and thay should teach their children to ostraciaa known Coaanmista. Women should persuade their husbanda and their male relatives to ahun Communist activities, beliefs and nee tings, and thay ahoold ba encouraged to keep their husbanda and the awn they know fron collaborating. All appeals to women ahoold givo thea soon speeifle assignoenta to doj tho wan ahoold be roused to persuade others, not merely to take aa anU-Cenmunist stand thaauMlvea. We areeries of Engliah-languaga nanueorlpta addressed to women, whioh nay serve aa the basis for both articles snd radio broadoasts. fbwsver, these Manuscripts are unsatisfactory in for* and ahould be revised in accordance with tbe foregoing reoanaendatione. That is, aach artlole or script should begin with an Injunction to tbe effect that woman should circulate the ideas contained in it to the nonj the art!dee and aoripta ahoold closelallar injunction.

A. Ths labor auxiliaryood ids* in principle, but auoh acre difficult to execute satiafactcrily. It oan be actually harmful to setabor group siaply for tho aako ofabor group, since labor Mai SB and trade on aovaoent jargon ara specialised, snd since ths efficient organisation of labor propaganda requires fairly extensive experience in tho union field. Judging by tha faot that no specific labor auxiliary yet exists, and by other svidonos that bona fids labor loaders are not particularly in your friends' movement, it appears quits risky to proceed with this plan. Bad or indifferent labor propaganda oan have auoh acre serious repercussions than bad or indifferent propaganda to women, slnoe there are known experts aod alnce theretandardised body af technical knowledge in tho labor field. If we do not have anyone who oan speak on the basis ef intimate knowledge of labor conditions inside ths country and oan anticipate skillfully all the counter arguments of the opposition, it would be better not to van tore into tbe field. Please advise the nomas of qualified peraonaal avallabia to your frlnds for this task and give us an lapresslon of ths types of arguments and materials that it la desired to put out. Hosnwhlls, we are sending yoneparatoumber of suggestions for articles in the general lahor-econcmlo field. We believe that thia type of material ahouldne an tra ted in the paper in the south, both beoeuoa it oan hit harder and because it appeals mora to the broad readership than to the military readership toward which your publication la being r* oriented.

5. Tha need for you to sen en personnel for our use haa probably been allalnatod by some recent trips taken by our various friends. If we really need your advice and your suggestions for candidates, we will call on you again, with specific Instructions. In the meantime continue your present ayatam of contacts with one individual only.

6. Tba plan for tba four April paper looks axoellant and abous wbat appaara to uo toerr Bound adaptation of our ganeral guidance to local needa and conditions.

M Ds^dte our strong desire to help out with tbe radio fscilitiss, we are blocked temporarily by tbe shear tine factor InrolTcd In procuring the equipment you hare requested. Also, as you know, until the political understanding In that area ia arrived at, it la an laposslbility to function ao we would like in the radio flald. Mease be assured that we are pursuing this natter to the beat of our ability, but the facilitiee aod acuipaent requested require cuetea construction and, as previously stated, tho uncertainties of the polltlosl situation create further obstaclea.

have listenedumber of the radio tapes prepared by your frlendo

and consider then of sufficient quality that the dispatch of tapes to us for polishing and for subsequent return to you appears superfluous. We have enough aridenoe of the competence of yourself and your friends in this matter eo that we urge you to go ahead and put wbat you have produced directly on the air.

are looking forward to seeing the use made of the notarial on theWe are also ertransly anxious to know what has happened to thewhioh weictureoaaualst Party card.

10. The weekly neetinga with the friends down south sound very good. Cn the aepernte aheet referred to above (paragraph a) you will find suggestions deatlnad primarily for exploitation by that paper. Please bear In mind our intentiona to have that paper serve the people who have aattitude toward the situation, that ia, the average politically neutral or Indifferent Individual.

We heartily concur with your decision to keep the emblematic drawing (the ootupua) off the front page. We also concur with your battle against the profusion of lamas.

12. We note that la your reports you frequently refer to having "instructed" your friends. We presume that thiaormal oxpreeslon, since your relationship is obviously one of cooperation and leadership rather then of direct cocnand. Tffl*


The attached aateriala are for use by the feminine auxiliary, as preriouaJy acted. In addition to ths slant that has been previously recommended, it Is important tbat localo specific people, places and events in tbe target country, be worked into the materials. The chief difficulty of the material la that it is too abstract, vague and general, fron their local knowledge, your friends should be able to giveocal flavor.


1. Herewith ore suggested themes for artlalas oo labor sod eooooalc subjootsi

ft-sdlct financial instability of tbo notion snd dangers to the ourrency. Point out that the gOvaiie spending eo aueh oo ens snd for tbe Ccamunist proflteare tbat it cannot keep the finances In sound condition. Drive the point hone to the reader that tbe nooey he recolvea for wot* today nay be worth auoh lesa anduoh lower purchasing power torsorrow.

b. Prediot the danger of growing unemployment. Predict that *oney nay not be available te neet payrolls or te finance production, ft-edlct especially that alseable disnlssala of government workers are contemplated. Tor rural lntereet, revealplans of the gcvernaeot to curtail ooffee production becaaee ItScoffee aarkete are threatened.

o. Daooribe es nany instanoeo aa are known and available of poor bousing, inadequate eoclal services, etc. Tbess Instanoes oan be aelacted fron the papers Inside and rewritten and anbelllahed.

d. Rtt the tfteme tbat prlaea are too high and wa^aa too low with every possible variant.

a. Discuss the fiscal, budgetary end financial plight of theiaauC. Claia that tha governaant credit ia in doubt and the ourrency unstable.

t. Do an artlole on the plight of labor. Wages are too low and prices too high. Housing Is poor, social services are inadequate, diets are poor, clothin, ia shabby.

article on the plight of faraors. Fan prices are too low,too high. The governaant ia inarming te aid on faro laproremeuts.ohaofl In the land refora program.

artlole on ths plight of governaant workers. Wages too low,high. Job uncertainty. Generally onerous conditions et work.

1. The responsibility far Guatemalan miaery lies with the government and the Ceenunlets. Comaunlsa equals ad aery. Cite the allegedly high number of deaths from starvation in other Communist countrlee. Cite industrial inefficiency In CceiBjunlat-domlnatod countries. Cite Red Inoempetenee in economics, firing it all bone to the audience by saying tbat thay alreadyoretaste of these conditions aad full-scale Sovletlsatlea will aake them anoh worse off.

j. Point out that the Ouatevalsn gnvaipays tribute te Moscow sad Is therefore lass able te oare for its own people. In particular, point out that the Ouatemalsna have to pay the Soviets for propaganda that the Soviets launch on their behalf. In this connection, plain that the Guatemalans have to pay more per line or per oolman than other Communist oountries.

k. Hit to* high living of functlonariss is often ac poaalble. Use all tbe personal examples available.

1. Point out tbat tbe first government department whose funds are reducsd is elvaye the aoolal welfare department. Thie is done beosuse Arbens and tbs Ceanunlete belisre the people will put up with anything. The second governaant department to suffer, whan funds are abort, la the Department of snucation. Thus tbe people remainnd Illiterate beosuse of government ocntenpt for them.

= Deooribs the expense Incurred by the government beceuee lt aslntains its Internal spy system.

n. Do aa artlole on tbe high oost of government propaganda. Thus the people are given words Instead of bread.

o. Hit tha theme of Coamunist remittances to Moscow aa often as possible.

p. Print whatever pictures of tbe big homes of government officials are available. Sighs naxt to theae clotures, print picturesovel in which an ordinary cltisan Uvea.

&. Frequently review specific govsrnmsnt fiascos, such as the October fair snd the failure to finish the Roosevelt HOapital outside of the capital city,

r. Iredlot tbat there will be an investigation of the .'ilnistry of Sconouios andargo number of scandalous prentices, some of which should be enumerated in tbe article, will become public knowledge.

s. cogue-in-oheek artlole pleading with government loaders to account for their personal flnancea ao that the ugly rumours that they are profiteering aay be dispelled.

t. Write an artlole challenging the Ceamunlst^dcminated unions to open their books to the public and reveal how much money they have sent to Moscow.

u. Write another tongue-in-cheek artlole pleading with the government to assure tbe people that their money will keep Its value. Exploit tho "hsve-you-atopped-beatlng-vour-wireT" angle.

erie* ef articles about specific areas in the country, requesting that social and eoonmmlo improvement* be amde there. For instance, do an artloleiven town, blaming the government for the lack of paved streets, pure drinking water, etc. and for tba fact that wagaa aro too low and prices too high.

w v. Write another artlole, ostensibly on behalf of the people, calling upon tho government to take effective measures against uneaplcyaant end to aake public ita plan for dealing with thia issue.

x. Do articles oo mythical city and rural families, showing their economic plight.


1. eries of articles of an ideological and theoreticaluetm previously botaa aent inside but it was impossible to use thenof police reaLrictioou. Ue coanecd than to your uan, one or at *ioper issue, in either your publication or the onehe aa you willpurpose of these articles la toradual ideological-ionaudience. Tnese articles are definitely intended lo apply to the *te the theoretically lanflianQJ aetnant of tha populatlou which, ttioae "nail,that thssa articloa gat good play in tho papersod

Bake-up in order to net then oil properly.

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