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Four Site Survey:

3lack flightthe purpose ofeeting with C

indite survey of


meeting|/ic sot upafe house The meeting lasted0rspril. the problembeenby PIVALL and readily understood our desires. |^ JfctfSopinion that our tactical operations wereuch largertactical aircraft and settingull scale training parently attended this meetingto offer all assistance

arge scale operation. WhenJtiM*presented the scopeplanned operations he immediately offered fullsupport

and sot forth his recoraiendations as follows:

"Joffered to:

Make availablefor planned operations.

Make availableplanned operations.

Provide gasoline refueling at either base.

Provide f" over for operations.

Provide area guards as required.


1) j>*se Fourto be conductedstated that six air lines

operating daily flights fromall using

ype aircraft.

par,,! "wrhanies, and distanceavailable

a goingoperating at C" Jdtiri would provide

portion of his building could be madeours an operations and cowno center.

would bs authorized to construct athe end of his building to be used for

and hotel rooms are available inacting and billetting the air crews.

liehtln* facilities and radioatfflsuringoperations.

2) tot usefollowing reaaonsi

ircraft would stand out atto fact that only one airline operator

through this air port and none remain overnight.

aircraft would have to be taxied topoint at airline terminal.

flpara porta or mechanics available .

night lighting or radio facilities available.

is in bad -hapo with many holes. OKoperations but dangerous for night flying.

adequate aesslng and billetting

C. C ervatlons: Although

ooperation and support he did make the reservation*statements were subject to tho overall approval

lie expected no trouble in gett'ng this approval. However he wanted to have all dotal lu of our request prior to talking to Jjjjd asking his concurrence.

3- C" Je#raraents:

A. We canfrom either

uch easier problem irom point of

view of Logistics.

etter security for actualaircraft.

better security from viewisolating our air crow froa outside contact.

4. C ' :

A. Ue plan toecure method of

messing and billetting tho air creuc can be obtained.

$.both sitesC"

J- aboverecommendation based on these bite

H; Air Ops


ftrnr (Taetisal

1. pril}

... Cottilutlor. ol' tnusc i'cur tactical air support ,lur. oraft. .i. ipproYl] of OrOft by,


;i. Conplwte Phase Four tvctlocd elr mij-iwrt planll annexes.


- us

pJ'rJ0f w fortlia).

-tfl April)

ot'iilc TVTdoiv.JU. for pivperatioinlu-lonopoiod goneial target *r,


A. ICooeed to or abating villi

Z 2

ncoantiryuml uorfc vithoc'Jrlngtransportation, messing, eto.VAU ached* >ltdha wait -ntilrll,)

let BeeesSPty eontraota forrehabllltatlon toay.

jBJfmd overall air opa plan (through .a

Z. Insure


Alr-^pour!rwvicu (In ifc^lsh) ay

reoorvielng 2J, Ito


or all nand- pasaw hire /in ipanlch/ yr^ral Identification ir. oaerguncy).

C) alr-^ro;niider.t*

t. h ort^ry

-l Hey)

A. tir.ncl room on cnl of pro-ient building. Here ap^ro> ir_tely ACt. _ roomu for storage, bain eonra Lto'.'on, PM offloe.

a. ftfrt rehbollitaticn of office in present bu-ldlnc.

C. Mart fcrainlncickers at.


tocompleteeptjon oomltteeDZ Bu-klnga,

oobbd signal plans to field RftOsleal ROe.

-1 .Tuna)

A. Completion of eonetmetlor.bove, a. Rent at* houaoa. Three houses forport unit, one booee for PM and oomo personnel. (Rent for thirty dmva.)

0. Goaplete train, af eerfo kickers

9. 5 Juno)

A. Movariont cf edvttflM cadre b> hiaek fli-ht


H. Rent four locilfor three vaeia fbrUna for airWH ?or Pj^okw unit).

ij^ent oa thl. oti( utc,

of tolopooix la air ops office.


upradioat um.

7 June)

NnMUA oforog at


b. o enars'no; aire rait spareperfc fjutfc, etc.

8 Jfrti")

A. hbv.iBcntbaaat.eeuprlier to C point. blaeJ: flijyits./ Menace uixed.

9 June)

oraft forod Cat.upyl/,

andpersonnel tow into nafe houc-os.


A, Set up offices for Air (ko, PM, and

a. Run Comoefiuegea to determine tla* factors involved.

all para bundle* with chutef ready for leading.

up amy oote to Bleep eightli June)

A, letablieh Airandstand bya hour rotating


Commo Annex to Phase TV Tactical Air- Support Plan

A* Communicationson under the loose TV tactical air-supportto furnish radio communications'.Ir Support


1. Lincoln

2* Air suoport aircraft up toinutes after departure, on, or before returnioelon.

A* Communicator atai'f will conolet ol" two communicators, James Mlddlacott and Johneps tone, KUCLUB Instructors presently at SCRA'ITON, Above two personnel will ba detailed to air support radio station upon breakup or the SCi training camp, date for which is Indefinite but which should on about

A. Throe HS-i's complete with nocescary accessorise will be drawn froant on oand at tha breakup of the SC^VITW oamp. If anattommunications receiver ia available from theply, these itens, together with necessary accessories, will bo included,


JoDO to bo constructed as perf Ta

A. "f" tike air support radio station trill bo

riioee Four Time Table* SUPPORT

A* Billets andame as for air aupport personnel,

Pliaoe TV Time Table) 3. apular transportation will be the same oe for air

aupport personnel, Phase TV Time Table) C* Officeollovlnc ia list of minimum office furniture and supplies required by too eommooO"had re

Typewriter (Mill, If available)


2 desk lamps

Supply letter alee stationery Above furniture may be included on black flight of Paragraph of Phase "our Time Table, or aay be constructed or purchased locally.

echnical supplies can bo drawn froa Sherwood,items being purchased loeallv.

and Conpartnontation -be utilisedsame as for air support personnel, uoapartnentatlon lasaupport*


Tl ield


(*> SCRANTON signal plan (oopy attacliad) and materials willay oowiunloatlon with Utensil (KUBARK baseplan provides for contacts as-Monitors every hour on the hour

nltersours on the hour

Monitorsours on the hour

(b) Calling pattern for aboveinutes field]ase|loldjase. Atinutes post tho hour, both 3ase and Field shift to alternate frequenoiee and repeat above pattern. Base will not coll if field ia not heard. Frequencies are given in the attached ritnal plan. Crystals for communication with air support aircraft will be drawn from air support.

(e) ,C willli hour guard ohannel, and Field will Co onour alert, rotating shifts. Test msBBBtes willour intervals throuf-houtour period to deter-It? tins footers and contact oo-viLtlons.

(a) 2li hour alert status will be maintained, li.1

(a) Close station. Implement Disposal plan. B. Airbaso Iiadio to Aircraft in Flight 1. ay0

(a) aters will be prepared to furnish radio connunlcatlon between the air base and aircraft in flight up toinutes following departure of airoraftesupply nisslon, and will maintain guard over aircraft ciwmwls until return of each flight.


T, Dispc"sal' of equipnsnt snd personnel will dqpend upon outcome of tlie operation. Instructions re disposal will boo the field ot earliest moment indicated.


A* CorTOinicotSoim personnel will follow eeneml air support disaster plan on inatruottens of Air Support commander. Agont radio equipment. Signal plane, crystals, and files will be treated according to comao security regulotions.

B. Individual disaster plana are alrocUy In possession of conmmicators.


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