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do not concur erwoosive wooing of the Indio at li, ojr primaryj-ent.

piniondio rill foiloi: leadership blindly, brinr en' introverted, amorphous mass. Why affront potential activists,Ladir.oo?

Burgeet leso crtticlan of the West or ofthe Guatemalan Ladino secretly aspires to possess thercst con offer, even though the Indio, through sheer poverty or

ignorance, nay veil be unmoved by the Test's power and efficiency*

eera to ne that for years the United States lias taken en undeserved

"crating ir, Ouate>-ale; the crascness of the "Jnlted States

urceafinrly into native earrsewhere in Latinnd if

only in the interests ofould elin'nate tha more challenginr


3- In Turope we havo frecaently fallen into the trap ofwith barren results, the "tide" of Socialism, only to find, at the end, that the Socialists, like heedless lemwings. Bustialectical end to their philosophy,aises of consequences in the field of currentlltlos. Many of their apologists have reached the reluctant conclusion that Socialists are precisely what they claim to be, and not rudimentary capitalistshin veneer of "social profrees". Ir. the case ofind less reason to appeal to tie Left-of-Center elements than to the Right, for in tryenevolent Capitalism, regulating its conswrce In full realization that Pxiotemala is an agricultural land, will be of far nore service to the cJilsonry, Indio and Ladino alike, than vlll additional agrarian ox-erimc-nts.

a. y notl-reedoii fronather than "freedom frort exploitlnncf, nara 2.


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ii. -hy att'isptabibitapital"

urojw, softrive lardcs fro- circulation. Letc-jrreiicy

alid reflection of its international credit,egged lie aa were tbe franc and lira under OKEC. paraealidad Fcononlea)

"stern" income taxes oo tho rick? VhyInstead?

picture of Ouatemala further developing itselfcapital and skill is unrealistic. Sincehave to invite both foreign investment andagitate now against It? uatemalanby.en? idee T'c^no^lca")

section, Rgalidad Social,ypical picturewelfare state, whose practice! accomplishmentelscvlere in Uic world; moot nations cannotnore tJicn thoy take in unlcs- thvy witU-Vlydiciist^r. Sorordac higherremendous constructionankrupt public purse?

It. Let's not make future trouble for SfNCARP byhe moon to the Guatenaltecos who, foru*poses, can be satisfiedlice of cheese. Keep the promisee short and general; don't play class against class; con't proceed on the debatable assumption that tlie Leftore desirable ally than the so-called bight. The present Guatemalan Constitutionod Latin document. The country's troubles do not derive from it, but rather froa Its abuse by individuals in the regime. put in new men who are not pre-comnitted to extravagant expenditures and hostility to international oapital investment, and lot them run tho countryeasonable fashion.

Communist propagandists in the Guatemalan government have attempted to make the UFCO and foreignegative nationalistic symbolj if we now concede to SllKAPP the right of nationalisation or expropriation ve simply achieve forfcheoal they have so far failed to achieve by themselves. Better the hanlflesto rernaln silent on this pointCA!'P cennot concur.

The SXNCARP position should be, in fine, that thro-igh theof Soviet puppets Guatemala fell upon days ofSY1CCAHr proposes to pureecountry of all evil andelements,he cxercire ofreejustice underor foreigner and Guatemalteco alike,on withbusiness cf

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