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. Aprilli

Accordingriend theee of the Port* tonal teeo del 'iraba'oattended by representatives of all the conr.'WiiKt and pro-eott-iuniat youth or/piniKations'or tho purpose of coordinating all nbasos or TOT action. At each of tho meetings delegate? are selected to travel tc the various oarts of the country to distribute propasaftde. treon tho a'*oo of Inrc usually chosen for those assignments as part of their training as party "activists, CHfilf

Colonel Manuel HATAREKO of amy general headquarters InCityrlond that ho ls not sympathetic toward the present government, that thes in bad reputeis the public, and that mutual distrust ia rarapant axon^ officer pc-raonnol. He said that each officer looks upon his brother officers as government informants and that all feel themselves to be under constant surveillance. Mc expressed tlio opinion that the dif^ilty and honoreas been coctroyod by tho commanders who allow the constitution bo trampled under foot by tho communists. Beoauee of this, N'ATARl^iO said that

he and many follow officers are waitlnr:,opln- for the call

thar'e In -roverr. merit. After cxnr&fiaina preference

for Carlos CASTILLO Ar^aa {as opposed to iil-Jh/iS j'vontes),

: saidouldu'err. >: i'-i

(which accordlnr; to hia enjoys- of the tcoplc)

sag -So laying sor. starting the oft-rcported revolutionary

movement* He claimed that the uncertaintydelay was ca-jsin-;

people to loso faith end hope.


ember ofrtido Renovaclonin the prosencsriend that Con-Tressrr^a'idid in fact fire the shots (at the recent REkilled two worsens and ^ravoly'r-lro. PI0 was drunk at the. also stated?rento Deaiocrafcico Jlaoinnalomprised ofparties, deilberataly planned to rfenyand protect him fron prosecution. tcould bo deceived into be lieHVOI-CSIO is

"resident ABIIEots from the Russian &nbe,esy in uieKlcolatIn^ him for thecUctsinrl conduct of Oullloivioo Cup, tc;nalan delegation at tint Caracas Conference.


rOT met Monday, Aprilk toroclamationthat they vrcro temporarily suspending activities. PSLIECKR, Victor mCuiuoI GUTIiBR'SZ and Alfonsothat only in case oC emergency would this decision beand that for the present it would be kent confidential.

HAUSK7CRpril lQ$hr for tho United Stateswith missions for the Guatemalan Government.


Fronts Democratico Haclonal decided at its meeting on 1toPrente deaaaa" for tho defenao ofand arrainst intervention,


to radio news received by Ministerefense Joaea shipment of pianos destined for Ouatonala has been


member of tho Confederaoion General de Trabajadores doriond that the executive committee oflanning for theay Day celebration. boin? sent to all labor organizations, "dejiocratic"intellectuals, youth organizations, etc. Disoussionsheld to prepare appropriate propa-onda for distributionDay feativitiea. Special attention la ^iven toincludinginst the economic boycott that

Yankee imperialism io exercising over tleo due for renewed emphasis will be national defense, support of ARBKISZ,development, agrarian reform, higher salaries for factors* and rurali)

Lieutenant Julio OIL dol Vallc recently disclsoed to ahe ie disposed tc take wart Iej any movement designed toft change of government, .ie exprussed the belief thatsimilarly disposed, including many army officers (both active GIL del Vallc added that ho and other sympathizersin doubt as to whether the anti-government movement is InCarlos CASTILLO Armas of XDI00RA3 Puentes. He said that hosome of the leaders of tho movement and had bean told that

Castillo or Idlgoras Is the sauo, thoy are both fir;;hti*i3 Tor tho same thing." Accordingel -elle, opposition'-hiaoro are forever asking when action against the government is coming, lai-ia that cany people arc Xosiog patience"and enthusiasm, but asserted thatory thing Is -veil organized, de specifically mentioned the existence of "prepared"' oupec the capital and in the departments. "Ail that is lacking is the decision of those who luded.i


funds ncodod to carry out the asBOOBinnCijn or SONOZA andIn mcara'^ua core supplied bv tho Guatemalanhaving been delivered in Guatemala City to Luis EA-BZthis purpose. ; W. was liquidated, rniatcr;alarfseo-two endiyorga,ofRica, to sendchl:ia gu;:o, riflos, etc. tooqui-nxnt appears to bond stored in -orIda,to Sf euraguo at the necessary Those

ctho organisation and execution ofan forii were Ambassadors Gobinoor.Hinanagua and IsraelAim vale- in Costa President r'lGigfUvS of Costa Rica was obligated tooll-araud troops toi frontier to cooju;'atvs inicaraguan revolution:ZA war. doad.)

6I: President Arbenz mot In tho national .alucechiefs and orderedo take ail possibloandtlons inould retaliatethrough aortal attack, etc,


o?ignersall page protect, which aj.yearodtatedarchhatiieo hadtc hi3 norae looking for him and he said that whileoc-assyroforrcd to "stay he added that thother signers were laiowi forand would alao putight.


riend recently talked toLL OAS ofularly comes to the ca-itai to receiverom supporters of Juan CdRDCVn' Ccmu vho aro actively working for the cause o"gTILLJ Arenas. VILL50ASttt in his travels to other dopartr.onU for the purpose) ofin* aembors of anti-govornv.ent groups hehat CASTILLO Arraaa ir, highly rogardodnrea where tho majority ore irjIflORIBTAS. VILLUS AS ad.:od thatZormerandidate) isromoting tho cause of IDIGOSAS Fuontos, having received eonoldsraMo sums offor that -purpose, but, he is in reality vdarming touin forylf. AS, according to VIW: OAS, ia supported by Adan ^snrlqus BIOSnuelandftors ofrtidoticocunisto.uch as'A and Abraham CV.BRL7tA Cruz,>

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