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Air Traffic Control

1. Arrant^iwnts ware riade tiirouyifor

widHETT0 to establish tho routee and caergcrcy roceduroLlack fiightB would use while opera tint "it.ain the Panama Air Traffic Control and Air Defease areas,

- 2. PSCABDDKE Operations Officers wore introduced to

i. neaa-

quarterp ODUHIT umoeralassified

directed to jtrovide lOOjfi cooperation and rapport*

3. lt- of thy moating are as follows:

. "tn- cor.iroj.Ieri>

> tiWtt7 tyce aircraft will

yeitnout flightroa


li Flight Plansulled into the cleared ATC controllers in this nanneri FJCAKJOlc. Air Operations Officer telephones ATC and aAt for the Senior Controller. Upon getting tbe Cenior Controller the Air Operations Officer sUtee, "This is Kilroy,n The control; erere( "lard bird hero." Airtoon uays,or te.utC" The controllerby,ut0" This meant thatill take off0 and wtpocU e also krovn"Fireball" s known as "Jtyrockef Tho last two numbers, orhange daily and are the- day of the month for No.nd the day of tho month reversed for te. 2. This is all based on local time, soo.Jd take off0 tbe fifth of the month and 1 hoirs the mmber will change to. ill00C from then on.

2J The flightse no transnt Colons exceptevent of on energency. If an emergency devolvetargtt areaonsiderable distance fron

ill calle. 2and state tho emergency, iueh as,an at5 N,6 W, losing altitude." ATC will thenDEN or VARCi!KTTO

for ln-tructione pertaining to tho alerting of Air Reecue Service and what action ie to be taken.

3) During the tine tha flights arc airborne, A'.'C will reserve the published rrinimiE ^afe altitude for xumc our cTiv thet ir ii.ntthey heve an aligned altitude and that no other aircraft will be atltitude.

tin aircraft a, rroachand

need ATC letdown clearanoe they will callfBua ,dnutei. north of

re ;uert approach clearance." ATC will then controx uie flight nom-lly.

Gps uill notut the flight jdan. doet not hear froa ua thoy willi'the fiijdit

jnid on schedule. tho flight beoeac- abnormally over due, Air hps will alert Mr Rescue through ATC.

Idevent the flight ic unable to oontaot Albrook airway^ direotly tho crcwe are instructed to call an airwayi station andthe aeesago bebod torook airways.

PH.-UCCa,aircraft have frequencies installed ln radio equipment that are oocpatoble only with Albrookv , Should they fail to cntaot Albrook or. tliofr*suonoles tbey will then uae the normal esergency

mSKXBSS aircraft alioonehatlear oitannol in the area for inter-plane coacamichtjon.

C. it would be iiujoaaloleabove stated

proaeauroa without cutting in "no sun on duty at ATC, and in view of thtperat ng uched.le expected for tail operation it is ia, ractical to ae-ign one controller forf our operation. Another factor to ooi>aioer iaorlobsan Coanandirective ia ATC requiring notification of anything other thaa no real flight plan*. Id -urhe directive le Doing ignored, but respired tbe sonior oontroUer being able to identify our fiighte. Theun we call inreverts tho alerting of the Air Defeime Network when one of our air ere ft appearsadur screenormal flight ,lan ar both ATC and ADC are ountrolled by ti.eATC controller on duty.

ir Operations

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Air OpO

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