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routing and record sheet

TUBE HOW: Ofl<eilibe wd in the "TO" column. Urtde' eacfc commentUna ihsotd be d'awn aooiiandn.wi*to roretpond with Ihe twrtbc in Ihe "TO" column. Cach oIW thewtd iiwlial (check ma-fc Inauffiuent) balrxe tu-ihci 'ciuiing Thuj Routing and Round Sheet ihouUf be rctu'nod to RcjiiVf.




XRE Tasks, CESS Reference: HlfLA-21

Attached hereto is the fourtheries of weekly KUFIRE Operational Reports. This particular report covers the period fros:archk.

Cyrus Ji. Burnetto


KUFI T. report, as noted


CEll/cmh Distribution:

tt (In dup)



ekly KTJFIRE Report


FT/l S0K

Responsible Officer: George L. Tranger

Ko significant changes since last report. Production of PI laand, as In the past, the net continues to develop operational background data and conduct local Investigations of Interest tofor PBSiJCCESS purpoaes,


Responsible Officer: Cyrus E. Burnette

A Situation Reportncorporating the comments of and information obtained by ESCROW was forwarded to Lincoln In our last pouch. ESCROW currontly isemorandum for ua which will be more specific and detailed than his previoua memorandum. We nowore definite Idea of what type of information is oxpected of ESCROW and toward that end we arereater flow offrom him. ESCROW is enthusiastic and we expect that he will be an even greater source of high level information than In the past.


Responsible Officer: Goorge L. Tranter

Initial coverage of assigned tasks has been fairly good, but ESOTROPE has yet to produce any significant PI reports relating topro-Communist women's groups. Probably that temerity which caused her to withdraw from the Esconson project3 Hasto what appears toeluctance to extend herself too far into enemy circles, an area with which oho cannot easily identifyby reason of family, social, and religious background. On the other hand, wo know from post experience that RSOTROPEhrewd operator who plans her activities carefully and generally can produce valuable information once she haa established the necessary contacts. Her efforts are being closely watched and we presume tbat she will make the desired contribution. If not we will not hesitate to re-coranond that she be droppod.


Responsible Officer: Cyrus E, Burnette

Thea lengthy) list of names of

Army officers for the purpose of furnishing an evaluation of each name. The list was returned the ni^htofarch with the comment tney had reviewed the list with GIVLOCH during the month ofnd at that time told him all they knew about the officers named. Tneir comments were reported during the month ofU. officer meets with tho USODICa on an average of twice each week, oecurity of the project is now believed good and the SSODICo are no longer afraid of surveillance.


age 2


Responsible Officer: Earle K. Fannlster

Moaa occurrod ln this project since the date of our laat report. Oannlster has not bean given the opportunity to make the approach.


Hosponalble Officer: Cyrua Burnette

This project has been transferred from Bannister to Burnetts duo to the fact bannister la handicapped with other administrative duties. ESPARTO currently is assisting us in the shipping of various nowa-papera to Lincoln and it is hoped they aro arriving more regularly and on tine than in the past. aa been briefed byand the former has promised to keep us Informed concerning travelers of possible interest. The security of the project ls good, and the cooperation of ESPARTO ands commendable.


Responsible Officer: Cyrus K. burnette

trip to DTFROOS and WSHOOFSomplete waste of time according to his. He spent practically all of his time gathering material for an article he has written for the local POT. Ths matorlal oonsistod solely of propaganda against PBPRI.VEKT. It waa rejected by the party leaders. Since his return, ESPOUSER has furnished valuable information concerning the activities andof the party. For example, one of hio reports furnishod orally indicates that the local Communists are planning no demonstration or Intend making no trouble during the coming Holy Weak. According to him, the local Communists are fearful of their future as they feel the Caracas Conference spelled their doom. SER claims that from Julyhroughhe Communists plan tos tir up violence horo and put the blame on opposition elements to the government. They believe that In retaliation, the Oovernraent authorities will violently attack those opposition elements and possibly wipe them out. SSPOOSER says tho Comnunists intend to remain quiet until tho middle of July. He currently is making plans to travel to Uexlco ln the interests of the Cn and tho only thing holding up his travel is lack of expense monoy. Tne party will not pay his expenses and we aro making sure he ia hot trying to "bleed" ue beforeolution. The security of the project ls good and reporting officer meets with SSPOUSER tworoeach week.


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PT/lo' VAIVADA, Arthur 0.

Responsible'floor: lurnetto

Sinesrrission of our last report, VAIVADA haa receivedtion frin his bank Inndicating his account was closed due lo insufficient funds. It was slightly embarrassing to VAIVADA toersonal check returned for lack of payment. .Ve are stilldvice concerning his salary and allowanceto his account. VAIVADA continues to meet KSCROiV regularly and there Is no reason to beliove the security of the project la anyut rood. Ka oxpocts that within the next few daya hieor'sister-in-law (who haa just arrived hereisit with hia family) will beermanent Residence permit.


Responsible Officer: Earlu H. Bannister

ESl'^PA'-CS is submitting valuable psych-intelllgence/lnformation. He is provln- to be an excellent operator and the security of this operation presents no difficulty. Information submittedERANCE has been made the subject of several cables to headquarters.

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