Created: 4/9/1954

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Pe Terences

In reply to the request for traces coneftned in,

the following Information la submitted:

Subject is owner-directordlo Universal and woll known Tor attacks againat ^ommunian and oxpoaurea of politicalon Ma newscast Radio rucesos. He is believed to be friendly to. and an anti-Conrounist. He has long been oonnected with antl-Communlst activities Including the Agrupaclon

CIvIcr de Defensehe Union Naclonalhe Pertido Cnlficacion Anticomunlsta dlnce ita Inception.

lie has visited the Unbaoe;. seeking support for an antl-Ooamunlatocram (heape recordinganplo program whloh the OSIA classified as being "vory, veryn one occasion, end, inunds to enable him to attend the Cn racess attachment). Ee was dotalncd by the police ln conneotlon elth his alleged public efforts to aollcit funds for his Caracas, trip but c'irl dorart Tor Caracaa. Ue was arrested at the airport on hia roturn tola and is ourrently being held by the authorities, tatement madee said ho expected to be roalaad shortly end completely absolved since contributions he received were made spontaneously end all hln notions had bean public knowledge and within the law.

l'he OSIA officer who interviewed him In connection with tho above-mentioned requests atutca thet subject's reputation among Ouato-raolnn newspaper and radio people Is not cood; that hie outspokennessned for him tho animoalt- of many Guatemalans; that he ia ahrew rather than intelll :ent,hat he is not believed trustworthy.

Any further information which we nay obtain will be forwarded tooon as possible.



Clara h. Hea^ey


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