Created: 4/9/1954

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MEKCt AIi'DUM FOR: Mr. Raymondeddy

Office of Kiddle AmericanofD.


heretoterllited paraphrase of ainthe attempted coup inespecially tnatwc are hering difficulties gettingcoo* across and no indication la given here that heallowing us to get into the act in order to bea completely professional Job of "debriefing" is done. the statement that lt would be necessary to disclosethe^ct of "an impending 'White Paper' on Guatemala."

If possible during the course of .'the day will you please apeak to Mr. Holland and obtain hia advice as to what we can or should aay to Somoza concerning ourntended use of the "evidences if we can get lt in sufficiently precise and deflnltlvo forw. Otherwise statec^may we suggest to Somoza, or may the Ambassador be authorized to atate to Somoza, that if we canufficlent amount of incriminating evidence tying Guatemala directly into the attempted coup it would be our intention to use this for the purposes of indicting, arraigning and hopefully convicting tne Guatemalans under the OAS resolution of Caracas.

are of courae aware of certain of tne implicationsmitter, including Somoza'a apparent preoccupation withRica rather than Ouatemala. This we must deal with ascan olnce our interest is focused on Ouatemala. We aroof the possibility that Somoza may fabricate orus with regard to this incident, unless we can getthe act of accuiaulsti rg the evidence.

C. 1

fRAHK C. HXSUB Deputy Director (Flans)


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