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rivate pernon, Independently wealthy, travellingourist, ia adequately backed up.

Hy operational activities will bs non-attributable ln the sense that ahould thsrs be an untoward leak, it would ba difficult for tha Guatsmlsji governsant to prowa representingnterest*.

fa. hould Ilka to have dire at aooesa to tha Ambassador on any ratteronsider as of sufficient lsportanoa to warrant his attention. In this oonneotioa it ahould be pointed out to him thet his advice will bs aolidted not onlyotentially compromising situation, bat also whenever It Is fait that he eouldefection operation without unduly exposing bias. by authenticating ay bona fides.

Meetings with the Ambassador ahould be laid on inanner that they cannot be observed by uninitiated personnel which rules out Embassy preadses. Tba Aefeunador should be requested tosllowannas for tb* exigencies of clandestine work by asking hiss elf available at locations mutually agreeable.

It any be advisable to point outave had considerable experlcnee in operations against Iron Curtain countriee and especially ln the field of high level defections. Soas reference ahould be made to ay rank and the factm not part of tbe Ouateaala Station, but operating independently and under tha dlreot control of aln the United States.

Te If ecomes available, ace* sent!on ahould be made of the feet that for purposes of operational direction be will be pert of ay The sane would applym providedabor assistant. However, the letter ahould not be held up on that boots.

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