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Things To Bo Dene

' Mr. Leddy will see to ittate Department messege

t s sent to Mr. McDermott providing him with the "assurances"will be authorized to give to Osorio. Mr, Leddy will also work

on getting from topside stateommendation concerning the manner in which onducted himself at Caracas and will put in the works an application for eome form of decorationegion of merit for

It will be necessary for us toessage toontaining the precise text of the remarks which we wish the


Ambassador to make to Osorio in the arrangement of the introduction of nr. "Chavez". The sense of this will be that the Ambassador will seek an appointment with Osorio promptly upon his return. Toward / the first part of the conversation he will say that in Washington

hetrong and growing attitude of concern about the situation _^ in Guatemala, and especially ee to what Guntcmole might have In i mind aimed against neighboring countries including El Salvador. VeT He will thentatement, based on his authorization fromy o the asrurances which the United States wishes to give him J regarding U. S. action in the event of Guatemalan aggression. He

will then find some other subject to discuss so as tobreak" in the conversation at this point. Following this, he will say to ^ Osorio that he would like to recommend strtngly that Osorio receive and talkan by the name ofn the very near future, and that he has reason to believe that Mr. "Chavez" will ^ shortly applyalk with Osorio. He will further state that . whereas he does not know the nature of Mr. "Chavez's" business or <* his proposal, he does know and can assure Csorto that Mr. Chavez is epresentativeery substsntial and serious group of individuals no fly-by-night outfit. /There was lengthy discussion of who should accompany Mr. McDermott t$ this talk in view of tbe language barrier.

j t4DrW-!'f? , probably ruled

out (a) by virtue of his forthcoming absence from the country and (b) because of his volatile and talkative character. The Ambassador recommended and Mr. teddy strongly concurred that the Under Secretary cf Foreign Affairs, Mr. "Sugar" Chavez, would be the most likely


candidate to be present and handle the interpreter's Job, Mr, Sugar Chavez ia not believed to be cut in but it would be helpful for him to hear the first portion of the discussion (the assurancesnd the latter part ls relatively innocuous as it is Intended to bc phrased. The question was left in this way but if thereetter wny of providing an interpreter that we can think of for the conversation between McDermott and Osorio, we will have to pet word to Mr. KcDemott before he leaves or the first thing upon hie return.7

nother problem raised by Mr. McDermott was thatbe introduced under his true name or

He is concerned that his good faith inwould be called into question ty Osorioalse

name wereiised and it should laterfor any reasonbecome clear to Osorio that he had beenhony name. aid that we would give further thought to this problemended to favor the continued use of the cover name,

lu The Ambassador asked us also to give thought to what he could say to Osorio as to who in the United States had recommended that he give this introduction. Could he say thatn the United States had made this recommendation, and If so should he give any names of friends (real or fancied) or any sort of indication os to what part of the country they came from. Thought should be given to this and advice Included in our proposed telegram,

5. There is one further point which will require consideration and, as soon as possible, advice to Ambassador McDermott. This is the matter of our trying to dighird person who might serve as an intermediary between the Ambassador and Oeorio in the event that Osorio should want to comnunicate with the Ambassador about this natter cr any aspect of it subseovent to "tosorlo meeting.


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