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Chief of Loglrtlcs_.


Office Memorandumunited states government

nief, wh Division


mef or Logistics

ttiSft a. Secret wemuranoiim dated k3 Februaryiron

rreliminary Evaluation ol tbe Guteruco

memorandum da tod ju Harcnron J. C.liSuoject: Food Rations, FByuCCESS

Report oi Findings ol Ur. Thomas Bertram oi" the FureDrug Administration

Report of Findings of Dr. Thomas Bertram of the PureDrug Administration

or Analysis xromiege! dated y Suvmary report datedpril iV5U, signed by


On Friday afternoon, li:U,was put on notice regarding uie forwarding to them'ox afor urgently needea rations, for one of your Top Priority Kougn procurement specifications indicated toat tneunits were suitaoie lor Arctic needs but would not withstandtemperatures or humidity tney would be required to undergoproject. An immediate meeting wltu WH andoctor lromP ^present lor nut rational advice,to try toesirable substitute. None apparentlythat wouldyour sterility requirements, too meetingand was resumed tne following Monaay morning, with ootnf" _Jjersonnei woridng on it over the weetceno. Two substitutes uadone being basically dried fruits ana nuts suggested by

tneried sausage ana oiscuit unit adaptable to thelatter ration (i2 os. oi sausage in individual link formj oatmeal typo biscuitsnit) was decided on after samplessausage were submitted u Jand approved as to

adaptability, paiatability and nutritional strength. (See Referencerepresentative of your Division also approved proposed priceAL Rflfl^ PROGRAM


contractu rations was placed at once and partial deliveries ol tae rations were picked up and forwarded to tne designated air field over toe nextay pcriocu Shortly after tne last delivery nad arrived in tne field, this ofiJ.ce was advisedaole received by your Division announcing toat toe rations were contaminated, probably aue to what appeared toold rorming on the sausages. Sanmina of rations available nere (from tue lastere given to tho Agency Medical Office at once forana report as to suitability for human consumption.

A memorandum from your office oated JJ Marcnad attachedopy of the Agency Medical Office report of iiy March. Thia memo, in view of the findings in thereport, requested infonaation as to tne availability ofrations for tne ones tnen-in tne field. This first medicalindicated apparent contamination present in some or the sausages ana statwi tnat it was tne opinion orMedical Office that thesausages were unfit for human consunption.

U. fou were ml viced oy our memorauaum on j.u ofrequired to procure iixe rations ana additional precautionstaioan to safeguard tnD purity or tne sausages were cited. Onof your office, verbally aavised the unaersigned

that Headquarters replacement ol these rations would not be requested.

5. Upon receipt or the first Medicaj. Report, conferences were helo within Logistics Office and with Medical Office Trepre-sentatives, and it was decided that tests oy qualified oacteriological personnel outside this Agency were desirable, said tests to show the presence or any possible contamination and the fitness or this sausage for human consunption. One series of tests was started oy thetnroughieeei, analytical bacteriologists ofand anotner series was started through the Purerugby the Special rurcnase Branch. This latter test wasthrough the Security Division ana utilised cleared personnel.

o. Three self-explanatory analytical reportsrofessional interpretation tnereof as listed below, have been received by this of lice:

unsarlzationerbal reoortof this officerug Administration, covered sausages takefr fromof sausages containing suspected contamination.

<,dj, the second verbal report giveniMrcrug Administration,ortion oftested and found by the Agency Medical Office tocontaminated.

* t opyeport by atrasburRerto the contractor, covered eagles from tne Stsausage doOiTered to us, some otZxch ourapparently



d "ndtration will conduct any

fl. Large nnnbcrs or these sausages werev a

or the final packing of these rations prior to their delivorvT tmT

unerous lnatlSces person^TStoJ^ theserations ate the sausages. No ill effects were suffered by^

*lon of these sausagesTaS a

onilrmod t SaSd

professional Interpretation of results of testa

t Wears that the" ratted final ^ JT"authority has been eranted for final payment therefor to be made to the contractor.


o JUtacnaente

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pril ly^

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