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iwin; rorTKHta


Onief, Lincoln

Chief of Station, Guatemala

Machine ton KUOOWH OperationalT/l

Reference - e7

1, In cocpllance with requests contained ianda are sub-sdttlng herewith two reel* of tape recordings relating to CBUi progress. These are not recordings of current prograaa bat they may be useful to you aa guidance in writing eorlpte fesenee will try to get aore recentooneat.

Zm Alao enclosed are ooplea of four of the anti*coroaunlet laafleta requested by yoa la These are the last of the series of six. The others were sent to yoa aa encloeurea to

elf-explanatory request for tren aad ttal of operational data to Calligerls. Ths original Spanish language note froa Essence ls attached for Lincoln.

The subject ofs identical with the subject of Iawith4 Essence was told to suspend action on this reoruitoent until further notice. However, since she has already irv*illingness to "go to work for theas notedr enoloeare, yon aay wish to give ns farther instructions as to when and bow this matter ahould be followed up, if at all.

Concerningfnd your previous suggestion that we render anv possible aid to thessence has said that such action will be taken as soon as possible, arther report will be Bubadttedln connection with thle aatter. The Huelgs de Dolores parade, briefly Motioned laf this enoloeare, uill be reported in detail aa requested in

The release of Colonel Alfredo Castafteda, one of the political prisoners at Salana; ia discussed la Enol. S. Calligerls snould be apprised of the obvioue possibility that be aayotential gorerrtnent lenatration agent.





Further information regarding the prisoners at ^slana'iB contained in Ivncl, V. Thementioned laae ororldad by Lesence In compliance -ith Lincoln instructions to help then in every possible wayans of bolster* ing opposition eorale and to demonstrate that those who fight or hove fought the pr eaent regiae will not be forgotten. As praTlously reported, both the prisoners and their 'wellies are very grateful for such help. Eeeenee has bean instructed to follow up in order to assure that the suffering of the prisoners is eased (and incidentally to Create favorable publicity for then this cennaction, Essence has auooessfully contrived the publication of several articles relating to the Coital prisoner* (see two articles LApril),

Semantic is the subject of Encl, 8. Unfortunately, this incident supports the Lincoln and Station views that it was unwise for Essence to aeaune any ofduties for security reasons. Tou will note, however, that Essence proved hlaaalf equal to the problem and apparently protected himself froacompromise.

Plans for Implementation of" campaign, Bentioned inf Enol,ere oabled to Lincoln and farther progress reports will be submitted promptly.f this enclosurereliminary report or. the request contained in f this enclosure refers to the several artloles sent to us for publication In BL RKBELDH. Tou vere requested by cable to suspend release through any otheroutlets. The Jaoquin Koral aentioned ins beinglocally and dots not now concern Lincoln* The subjeot ofa Identical with the subject ofho, according to Sseenoe,usiness partner of Esc, If Essence is unable to develop this parson along the lines indicated ineoobilla will be consulted in an effort to esploltrelationship with Qoniales Juares, Please advise if you have any objections to the osa of Eecobills for this purpose,

, All Betters pending action and/or reply were reviewed with Rasmaraprilnd reports requested soonest.

Oeorge L. Tranger

Sscls aa noted








contra csloor eso alanine* al

Mucho hablan fci caiiiaia<"a- dc !a

Guerra contra la Religion

peto Iced lo que mis maximos flmgciiicj opmati5 daicis cuenta dc la falsi* que esta doctiina endem Lo fl.ii* cn cstc fnllclo Icais cs cicrro: pedcisa-quein'uv.n,

Lueliari con ioilaeciaiOn cmira vlo pirmitais que necsiran imiiuro nuts (ii torgoni'Wn riaich* ?Or la.-

DiOS. PATRIA. Frente Anlicomunista Nacional)

Publicacicncx CF.UA.


LINol il. Ifr.prcrcu Interna na


filoiofia deloi (undormtoiaitido Coiri con l> religion Cl Pwiido Covumtii. nacutilDnuf ilrot queU rcligiona.


Cmraiu Aot* la

El hombre, Ma euat fucr* ta pa it ha tmido tirrnpee cn IDEAL que noe* realisable por dileremei motivov

eus habiun rl mundo tienio> deurnan raido.

V el HOMBRE en tn elerno de*eo .If tacjrvarjoa hao unico que lo puede manltner cn un giado mi< afto que cl mate-imliMtio animal.


palatini encie'ra Hi'lo lo ih hueno. dc noble, dcaok> que ii tueraa *ida eor.un comttluiria el MUNDO IDEAL eon que ic-lo Itombre raefla


KOMSOMOL (Ligi Jutcnil Cnimjniita) nunci hi tonitdrritdn Iadcflt ni punto de vim nruliil. La piopagandar> unafundamentalla educaonnmo ei por lo ourOMSOMOL iv> nrnae, qu* acr tolatneai* ATE 1ST AS. Urn ramoWn lientn que tcwnbarlr nitentre la

KOMSOMOL RABOTNIKTiabaaadoritk.toopara LUrm deo. XLWT. Mcaea

Pero donde hayndad. |viifiui)oiiHi, Ira'iad. nu puede haber COMUNISMO.

l Comuniamoa RELIGION, tuii'quiciquewa.

El primer paso paranSC LAW-haeerte perder la FE, puei un hmnliee te norner (ueri 1


ira maniener nrnguna ideoinajia l Conunismo neeciiia honi-tt tin fe panuul porvenir dernjoN pot die/

El Famido Comunitta nomanifntr una actliud neuttal denttn programa <l* p'opaumda anii-ialigiota (onliiTODAo BM

d* qu* iCBMtot ourLA N TOTAL DEI ClIRO.

| STAIIN ra mVol. lanprtau Coop*.

r*lia>'j TiaKiiloWln

irlij.onci toA IGLESPA CATOLICA EN PARTICULAR ri cl tnrmign de Ii claic


Kl PAPA haaexln perioni queue cobhore con comuniMa*.

rabajad por que hays para todos


No (iestruya este follcto. Hagalo circular entre sus iiinistades.






conlra eMutacaimw al


TEMALTECO: No (leslruvii csle follelo. Hrigalo circular

entre sus amislndea. [NO PAGUEOR EL!


Las Libertades Civiles

f*re !cH lo qiwdirijxituin <fetfri> iixitu oVal*iaitccirmar. ctt rue fiBclo Iiaf* Cf cHtio; jiodcH conttacailo ra Wm

i innaerisionx> jximilai* qiK-lualcmab soliuu ma*nmj* cn layirajM dc Ut noma tsatcliu* Ov

DIOS. PATRIA. Frente Anticomunista Nacional)

frnwrnmrnmrn CETJA.


3 ,


- -




1. CARTiGi requests that the following messagea bo sent to PA5CH). The Span! eh language texts aro included, as received, since the measagee are not too clearranslation might resultalBunder* standing,

Dos personas que ee sabe estan pasando gente para Honduras por Chiquinrala, de nombres, Chaoon y

3. "Se hai

un contacto con

que ya estan lis

unao ee les debe tener mucha confianza* Kilos son de Zocapa.

4. CAitTER aleo requests that the group In Honduras also be lnrorroed that the last shipment of bananoa, ccntalnlno propaganda, was placed on the railroad at the Chanpona station. Thia ia dangerous to security eince this spot is one of the places used by the network to hring people into Guatemala* tem of bananas should he broken open in transit, containing propaganda, it will be very easy for the Gnardia Civil to control and diccove: the whole network in the area.

6# CARTER alao requests that no more propaganda be sent to Sandobal Armando (Uita) because there ia "muahaucho control".



io presently into oe nere until

the middle erf July.

She has reeldenoln in San Prpnclsoo for tha poet yfiar or yonralf, working for an engineering oompany- In San Proneloco she can oo ccntacted ot tha hone of

She le an jfingHsh-Spanl ah stenographer, and wae earningaonth in the United Stctca. She quit her Job to cone back herehort while.

She la ready to go to Tork for the groupadvised*

? Arm

1. e trying tc obtsln etherization from the Are/ibichop offor the rc swduotlon of the circular whlohrchbishop read at the Cathederal last Sunday, The archbishop has sent copies of this circular to nil the parishes to be read onnrtr_ys. Itrene attack agr.inct Corrsunlsa IM the Eorerr.aent.

The rxiBcrerr: in Ticuis&te core relc- bed thle pest }Vn?py.

.". Tho locnt'rict axe reorganizing, and oil roesth then. In "ucEcltcnangoerr.pAtfrn arelnst the Alcalde Heme Ap&rlclo sponsored by thr locr.tr.rias of that place.

4. Nothing new has developed in tho BftflJ-STSIO dispute. The 3TLIG croup has remained quiet until the things quiet down from the PnristaK rouniones, tc avoid attracting any attention which could moke things difficult,

6. Theillograin beginning this oorainr Jlonday.

A group of workers, directed by Renea (universitarlo) hare made tentative overturosor assistance. The workers apparently are enaouraged or guided by the Catholic Action association* of which de Leonember. The purpose seems to be to teach the workersuigers of Communism, and to avoidinto the traps laid by the Communists. will pet rcore Information on this group.

The anti-Communists have nr.naged to control or strongly Influence one of the groupsonorable

Cotnlte do Huelga da Dolores- to tho cxtont that in tho Veladn Monday- night most of the skits which had boon critical of the anti-Communist opposition had beon rejected, and instead the skits were mnlnly critical of the government*

8* CA^TSa states they ore not sure of obtaining or re prating this in the desflle Friday because tha anti-Conotajnists dcnt to display tooand and aj..ken or arouse the Conmamist students, since toe much tucccse along those linee vould point out to the Ccmounist sympathizers where their opposition lay*


Tho Coronol9 relor.ood froa thop.ils re eh. The rclone*arranged by theon in tklke with Arbens;. The son nromioed that his latter would leave the country for liexloo,

In tMking with the other prisoners in Sr.lama,cronel at lcr>st pretended to be anr.ry with Vilactivitiea on hia behalf. The ccrcnol mold he didn't want to otc nn:-thing tcbenx. Kowrver, heve'.co, ani fron there tc cxn

tc Belies, aad over into Honduras tc? opposition there,

reports that CastaT.cdaryslso obnoxlouo type person. If he is openlywith the froup,eaders,a night dothan good. Ho waa chief of tho Younted Policeand was responsible for the ley Pugaua, Hebefore Congress one dcy, armed, to foroa they to paas

a law for Pence, tony people still asBOclatowith these actions,

However, in the Oricnte this coronelood Bsary followers.

8AHB joints out. Lor/ever, that should the coronel Join the oppoaitlon in Honduras, ho should ho watched. If for no other reason than that heoronel, too, and thnt may give hin ldaae. Also, it could easilyovernmenthy release thia one among all the other prisoners. And why permit hist to leave tha country to Join the opposition, when tho government oould keep hits here in Guntomnia underful watch.


7 April

etter,the Sub-Jala de la .iur.roia Civil deriend ofti-Coirimuniote, aril liashe could to help out the prisoners.

dislikes the Jefe of the GC there andis written ngainstefe. The Jefe iswho soItpH the- cTot' injr,ontributed byof Guatemala for tho 5alama sri&or.iirs ucneths ego,

hownressof Clementc Scjas, PaliuieriB. Morales so that they would begin tc make.'nda absut the Cr.laarS conditions. Thewill not be used fcr the protection oa' thebut was obtained for the purpose ofto the newspapermen so they wouldn't thinka rantter dreamed up only by the

the prisoners thereroatot onlyl>doval, but othersetc, because of the conditions underare being kept,

petition, signed by thethe Salama hoepital, was presented to the Juozaskingpecialist be pcrmited tofciendoval. The Juez denies ever having beenpetition and states that another one will have to This is being done.

money that was sent up towason cirorettes, etc. Conditions were found tobad, that it hod to go to pay for me^ls whichlaundry, eto. Foronth the Jefe hasthe families to visit the prisoners -their clothes wore filthy, extremely poor Many of the prisoners are suffering with skin

infecticns, lice, etc. They still owe money on their meals.

7. The prisoners, frca the Jc.il, havi ^uu^bd to fcrm an unti-Communlet filial inhey are the ones who direct it,reportedly therw aren ti-Comnuniato In the area. They are askingore membership cards.

C. iToJUmCriveenu& thii*c cu serveoccso. re three

days, thon returned to the capital cith the Juoz C.



l Jefe de In Guardia Civil de Salama ^ide-lino Tobias de Leon, ha logrado aalir nvante por la bapuloada que por medio del 5ub Jefo de la Guard ia Civil ie 3on Jerfinimo let nl imefersc fjuardir. Virtcr Manuel Llr.rtines, ex gunrdie dtama, aip.'letacnti: por cl hecfco de que el jefe improviscco pens6 que "artinez le hehia dado parte ale que el Jefo, lo^ dias de visita, se hinace con in rp.yoris, dc loscn sus reepcrii ftt- litresliccr. I'zCti net importa esc, losicner.^ ellos eon loa queal Gcfci'irr.o, prcoiic elo Jefe se pssa fobre elo dp las penitenciariae Departa-nentsles, donde rice que sen dos horas, de vieita en laoa en la tarde, sin embargo el qultto* la vieita pero lo hizo oon el fin de que el "Directcr Orel,ietlve, cin proscr rue el Zr.Zola parte tJo. loe reos coup:nee one sen cr. si: totr-li'5'd cr-pc-sinoe CPs! Binn derrPcr ^cfeneoros de lo; ccwpcEinos que ni siquirc&nc-IIcb? cue ee hici-trcn tedfpircuL'.rescependencies del Estado ps ra -rue se apeyeampecino, sabemos pOBitibruaente que el feme bo jefe le fTistn pegar mordidae, "o- lap vieltEBcn preso rue le extend6 un chequearr, poder ver p. sua hijitca cue no dejpbRn entrar, adomaB su ex cbofer, Jose Cobar, oont6 que el Jefena eastreria aconponex tedoe los trcgee quo se robe" cuondc el pueblo de Guatemalaoc rccp sac pobreb rccluldoa en 3aliuna* to come es natural, ee sumaar-'ntf vergcnBOEO para el rooScmo qui on pone rentesara estoa pucBtoe, Aunque el IS de .Tulic haypji estado escondidos en In rcfre&queria Can Franciscu, de donde lea llega el cuello, da pena deelr In verdad, pere nosotrose el Sr.adecf r& lasienpo (cyto delrcctorone porr. evitar una re prel ante re "pel cae en manos extranas, para quo aparezca corao una parte ol Director) para quo en plena ?emocrecia no ho ye. dictadores pues con oste prcceder hechan por tierra la R, cc Octubre que tantas vide* costd para tirar por tierra le iictedura.

Ac. corresponds aclarrarlo. (eato sstnra nuectro hombre)


No firma


1. "Wa caller"S tbe ccurslry, ia left word wltn his mother that anybody looking for hia connected with thie business should bo reforednd CAHTEH. CARTER hoe straightened this out (orutnnge, if any, has already been done.

This woulif rppearreockconrcj risaesa on the part off "lr.ir*rolled to hJr "*

esult of this, thn oan T'ho occupies the Becrptaria of tho Comite Obrero Wasetter directed Jand CAKTHc stating0 is owing him In hln gob of secretary for the prat three months, ands.inlnp r> veiled threatt woulf" be bad for thetrcublo develop betmeen the CEL'A and the Comite- Obrero.

CAR TIB endfeel that0 should be given tori AXHTSIO gave CARTER theor thin purpoce. CARTES also sent -ord torc+ar-iit nppear that the word ccraes from

L JthalL jwhuc be bothered with such thingsand that CARTER had withdrawn from all Lntl-Coscnurdet activities quite some timeence had nothing to do with the affair. CJ'.TER's answer alsoounter-threat that the secretary's letter was being kept on fils for future reference when things were changed, ao it would be seen who were the real workers and supporters of the cause. tated that the secretary was not to take the foregoing as any threat, because all suet work together and that0 monthly wasalary for the secretary, hut peyment for regular reports on the activities ef the Comite and to assist them in their activities. Since these reports had not been forthcoming lately, no

^JL 8

rconey. "Then thewere apoinion cioiaite Our-ro "aacontinue to try to

help them out.

i<vveo that flAV'T^Ti has handled thia

matter in tho heat wayin'lned in hisshculd hringline.


rtesaenpere ere beingatched tovarious centers to start thpr-ryign. Eoneyven by AUE5RVD to CARVES for the purposeying the c& ensea of those -lesJienrers.

The ruaor concerning tho flight of Arbenz and the other top Red leaders (refure to be prepared by Overdo Arriola and Soto) hao been started,

states thet pIJ the editorial*,going to be used. Hence, none of those riiculdthe opposition papers outside the country (atafterwards),

ot? inr aboutval,imrfptirate to set if he can find cut nnyt- ing,

ft, CARTERfs relationship with TSA is one of business, He will try to develop thir further to get moreon Gonr-alez .Tuares, eto, -OAur-inese partner


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