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Created: 4/13/1954

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la our rollefhe plan outlined Inonsibilities and should cause a 'rent, and ?he followin. joints, hcvrovar, aro believedconsideration:

A. utch repreeentatlve or agent would probably boto one of any other nationality and especially alnco the Dutch are known And respected in tha radio field because of ihe publicity plven to Phillips and other brand names;

It la expected that considerable delay mi, ht be enoountercd in bringing the desired fifty radloa into the countryof the Inefficiency of the customsployees and procedures;

C. Anyone who paya the necessary Import duties can Importha desires within normal reason ao thia point should not arouse too much comment;

0. Wee no dlfflcultiea being placed In the path by the government or by rival radio dealers;

?. Thievery mightinor problem alnoe some of the individuals to whom the sets are turned over might ateal then. However, it la not considered that this wouldbe of major Importance;

P. We do notleared PBPRIHE business contact at this time who could handle the matter. However, it is believed that, we oould make such arrangements if aueh should be de-alrad. The desirability of this is regarded doubtful. We are inclined to believe that the Dutoh dlatributor angle la batter thanocal businessman attempt to handle this matter and, in soiolate all his normal business praotloea. Such violation wouldtand to make him and his acti vltles very conspicuous.

la believed that LAH1BVTN bad sufficient time here and anopportunity to study the situation. oubt thatwill tend to add much to the knowledge which heaoqulred during his visit.

prilN. lannlster



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