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The following series of guide lines define the alas Ion of the AiBerloan Committee and Its operating objectives, which will normally remain constantltuatlon short of war. The operating objectives flow from the mission, and are not stated in order of priority-. Under prevailing conditions, howevttr, propaganda directed to Soviet audiences will receive primary emphasis. Determination of emphasis and priority aa among other objectives will bsperiodically through the Comrtittae's budgeting processes.


To conduct overt anti-Soviet activities designed to weaken the prestige and power of the Soviet dictatorship, primarily within the USSR, and thereby to reduce Its threat to world security, with such cooperation as Is obtainable from moderate elements In thofrom the USSH who are willing to work together ln this task. To this end, as well as ln preparation for possible crises preoedlng and following the downfall of the Soviet regime, the latent and existing forces of the Soviet emigration will be developed and encouraged to beoonts constructive, cohesive, and frieridly to tho United States, rather than disruptive and divisive.


By providing moral and material support for emigre-sponsored anti-Bolshevik activities, to assist tbe emigration ln directing its unique capabilities agalnat the Soviet dictatorship.

To direct, by radio andother means, propaganda loto the USSR which


a. Identify the aims of the emigration with those of the enslaved Soviet peoples;

n. mm il-oiw


bs Foster an under standing within tha Soviet population of the true nature of the regime as Inimical to the real interests of the people, andommon spirit of opposition to it ln OTOr-increaaing numbers of Soviet citiaens;

alive the spirit of resistance within tbe USSR;

dissensions and strife within the structurepower;

the tensions in the struggles for power withindictatorship!

f Identify and exploit the contradictions and difficulties inherent in the Soviet regime and its policies)

defections, both psychological and physicali

the fundamental inconsistencies, obsolescence,and failures of the harxist, lanlniatideology underlying the Soviet systea andapplication;

1. Encourage reliance on traditional Indigenous spiritual conoeptsj

J. Stimulate independent thinkingpirit of free Inquiry;

k. Present specific democratic polltioal, economic, and social processes as an attainablo and attractive alternative to tha corxaunlst dictatorship!

1. Develop basic concepts of justice and human rights for the protection of the individual against the power of the State!

m. Present realistic and practical alternatives to passiveto the Soviet system*

3. To utilize to tbe maximal extent possible the intellectual resources of the emigration byi

the preparation by qualified emigre specialistscurrent and long-term critical analyses of tbeand its policies, Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism,structure of Soviet power;

from tho emigration useful informationSoviat Onion and its peoples!

o. Aiding endgra scholars to explore the perspectives of the poet-Soviet period and the means of attaining an orderly transition from Bolshevismemocratic order;

l. iating esigre scholars from tb* Soviet Onion to engage in continued activity ln their specialized fields to keep alive in tho emigration theforces being suppressed ia their honelaaij

4* To assist the emigration to keep allvo within its own ranks the spirit of resistance to Bolshevism byi

it to stage protests against thesnd Its representatives;

it to win the moral support andof the peoples of the non-Sovietthe anti-Bolshevik struggle.

improve the quality of emigre leadership and thothalr activities byi

Providing means for emigres to gain experience by taxing responsibility for individual and group worki

b. Developing qualities of leadership in promising individual emigres;

e. Helping the emigration to understand and utilize those elements of Western thought and methodology in which they lack experience.

deprive the Soviat regime- of possibilities of exploitingconfusion in tha emigration byi

in tha emigration an appreciation ofof common anti-Bolshevik activitiesissues;

opportunities for diverse elements ofto work together in order toof harmonious cooperation;

o. Falsing the prevailing standards ofigher level of ethical responsibility;

d. Facilitating contact and communication between the jrarious elements of tbe emigrationiew to furthering mutual underetandlng and integration.

accumulate information on, understanding of, and experienceita structure, leadership, capabilities, attitudes.

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