Created: 4/23/1954

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Acting Chief of Station, Guatemala City

i Chief, LIUCOUi

Alfrooo^sCATO oorra



attended theay fray reception

at the Kay flower Hotel inn onversation with CHXA'JO, after asking the informant what he thought of the apeeches made by John M, CABOT, Assistant 3eoretary of State,n Bobakn Washington, D. C, in which he aade statements pertaining to Guatemala, tated that ha had notified the Ouatemalan government that Mr. CABOT'e apeeches fell flat and got relatively little play In the American

3* atfcled that be had alsoonversation with his host at

the Army Day reception. Colonel EnriqaeVSiALTA, Military Attache of the Oustamalsn Bnbassy, who told him thatiALTA,b-jveuatemalanoldier sworn to defendountry end abstain from politics. FPJHALTA stated, however, that if the Cossu'ilsts, who now surround the Guatemalan government, were to attempt to take over,LTfi, would "flatten thaur no polities. r'EHALTA added that herland of tho United States and wants to remain that way, and that ho also wants to see Ouataaala respected by this oountry.

U. that in the oourse of his conversation with cvJtALTA he had

learned that PEiAlTA la on veryerms with the present /resident of Ouatomala in that he had seen raore or loss of an instructor to tha fmsident on military affairs. He stated that ha believed thet,ea>;lt of this, any ideas put over with r'StALfA in regard to the desired relations of the united States with Guatemala would ba proeentod to the I'resldentay favorable to the united States.

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