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Chief, Western Hemisphere


Transmittal of Operational Notes from OSTRICH

for headquarters* information are copies of handwritten notes received from ONTRICH.

Two of the memoranda are undated but "are believed to have beon written in earlyU.

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Memorandum to DUJ1UAR


Miscellaneous Operational Reports of OKTRICH

of the United States Kobassy

in Gustenala^Mbo is now engaged in business lo uusteoiala, recently caneand on behalfwhat part they

could take, in any plan agalnsv ^uvernmentrof ^Joald that he knew no opposition elements outside his Embassy contacts.

2. CALLIGERIS is doing everything possible to get Guatemalans inside the country to contribute to tha campaign against the present re rime. Thus far ESCOBILLA has given aboutC J)

^frave alsobe a

The present system of sending funds into Guatemala ls somewhat cumbersome and the exchange of dollars into quetzales is daily becoming more difficult. ong discussion with SEMANTIC and SECANT it was agreed that it wouldood solution to deposit dollars in one of ESCOBILLA's accounts in the States and then draw drafts in quetzales thereon. ESCOBILLA has agreed to this plan. If we go along, SEMANTIC upon return can get full information from ESCOBILLA as to what account and bank in tbe States he wants money deposited.

Jt. Other possibilities include the exchange of dollars for quetzalesSalvador, the deposit of dollars in ESCOBILLA's account in El Salvador,deposit of dollar*he accounts of other individuals in theas thatNew Orleans. Of the budget off" Vor

0 is needeo in0 in0 in dollars,balance in quetzales, Thu"variousave beenDurooses.

ESCOBILLA could and will serve as the cut-out between RAZMARA and SEMANTIC in Guatemala. This will corapartjnentize ESSENCE and provide SEMANTICecure means by which to pass all original reports, etc. to us. SEMANTIC is taking instructions in photography and in the future he will send all of his information to Pancho via their couriers on unexposed film. If the courier is TOught, all he has to do ls expose the film.

Since, it will take at least ttwo weeks under our present courier system to get originals through us and back to Pancho, it is highly desirable to check and see whether our present courier system cannot be altered tobetween Tegucigalpa and Guatemala City. Up until the time ofwe had had no reoent courier compromise, but lt doesn't take too many flaps like that to really hurt us. ad Andres write up the story on this fellow, vhi have beenS' April pouch. esult of the abovelj 5 arrested anone of our CP penetrations, was probably burned. ^SEMANTIC willtliis upon his return.


SEMANTICittle concerned about the fact that as of tbe ties he left RAZMARA had not passed ESSENCE any PP funds. Several debts were outstandingi ln fact SEMANTIC paid tbe prebo bill before he left. Please check this and make sure RAZMARA is passing tho necessary funds.

There have not been many changes re lntolllgenc natters. As soon as SEMANTIC returns he will brief snd ccotpsrtaentlse certain of our people in the nine areas and give then specifically the responsibility for Plans aro underway for the RRO's snd every effort will be made to get an RRO into Guatemala City soonest in order to giveeoure means of radio communication. Make arrangements wlthfj Jto have somo radios ready Id case ve have to send some in direct to Gusto mala City through our channel. This wouldot safer than lugging then all the way from here. It ls also essential for the RO in Guatemala City to have

least two sots so that ho-osn moKSveeeaamand send from different locations. Inelieve it would be advisable to here this equipment sent to Guatemala soonest in order to have lt ready when needed. Transmission from different locations is necessary since Guatemala doesystem of mobile DFlng (patrolupposedly these are not too effective.


2 ,

ISCOVICH are being separated from tha work aroundline and are being kept busy working on tbe

Cos oka are being made on both people. PANCHO says thatas only done work on the paper and ia not in the know on othern his case it looksase of psycologlosl instability, end what bothers hla most are-pareenal problems.

PAHCHO says be thinks bean once and nay be thebothering him. He will be kept oonpartamntfld and workingarticles. Checks will be run on him and if any thingho will be disposed

In SIERRA oass, PAHCHO feels SIERRA has been very loyal to hla in the past two or three years he has worked for him and finds it very

tlA hard to hellers tbe aen la working against him. SIERRA is very In *be know of ell tliAaji godng on cad does present aif he is bad and sine* there is no means of disposal PANCHO has agreed to sever bis oontaot with ssnsltive material snd im odd jobs with tbe paper, also to take him to Hla vhen the Boxend submit him to thorough Interrogation and re-box hla. PAHCHO

Jbo there when this takes place end will do or help in the inter-

Therefore if ve do find out he ls bad be can be turned over

to El Angel for safe keeping. To get him to Hie, SIERRA will be told that be is in charge ofare men from here to be boxed and since he has already taken the teats he will probably be used to demonstrate the procedure to the other aen. Thla will givehanoe to save face with the other men in ease after tbs Interrogations he turns out to

Tho other two boysILLADORES will be keptatchful eye. It is believed that tbe cause for tholr disloyalty to PAHCHO Is loyalty to themselves. Tbey are ft sill be kept oompartmonted from sensitive work and checks kept on them.

How Subjl

It Is tentatively plannedreturn during la Semana

Santa so that they will be. onTEaaterhen the traffic will be heavy of people returningthe city.Z2n tin ae to stay in hiding after he returns and 3will go into hiding as soon as he gets there. It is also planned to pullt again as soon as all is organised anday.

It ic >mrnrtnaate that eo many people around PANCiiO here in Togathehereound out about lt too late to do any Rood.

ay lt may ba alright since it will be lot on that they are not returning. and if thereoak about them being hero lt may help to relieve the pressure on them.

true oinr


VWbrlef Jug In process. Already have Hat of names snd spprcodaote nunfcors of people controlled ln each location. Will try to get all this to you in next pouch. Sorry Its all ln Spanish bat believe Alice canriority translation on it*

Both claia they have access to suoh oars detailed info inside snd oan get lt for as as soon as they return.

true ccpi



his bid has amda attempts

before to contact raBCau. CQD thinks hs is 10 Ea has boon tied up in other nveaenta aad try* to associate himself with all move -

ts, believed to be plantof Oust govt.

or relay stations for Sooth very Important.

been working for as In Oast, ilitary contacts which he was to make. Ha3 that several people had left Oust bat these people never at one Urns or another gave him0 dollars.

C 3very suspicious about o are oeveralof the others.

Hill debrief bin soonest. Did not have opportunity to box himis in San Pedroaby.

Identity of new CP

Method byeceives moneyi

1. Money goes tcf oourier froa PAHCHO in

then turnsyer*3Big problem is gettingla presently axoharyliv monevarienta

' Mlu dl8CUB3 possibility of passlog money directly

Jjthlnks this Is good idea br*itt'-about thepassed by oar oontaots.L not or had not

when he left received the ueoeaaary propaganda money, and severaloutstanding at the printers shop. Please query ref thiscoming on thla


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