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Operational Kepltee to

The paragraphs below aro keyed to tba enclcaaree of reference dispatch.

Tha eohjoot of Eaoloauraaa arrived at LBKXJLH as you hare been advised by cable. Mm eawume that you have wnplled with the financial request aede inf Sncloaare Bo, 1. If net, plaaae do ao. ahall adriee you of farther arrangements, as to finanoea.

mm view Enclosures the product of aaad passing deprwe-sioo, which we, at tbla dletaaoe, oan do little to alleviate and which haa preeuawbly peeeed by tba tiaw the report of It reached at. the eneloaore ia, es you are certainly aware, shot through with loner oontradiotiona, such aaaaaartlon that tbe opposition cannot rally around anythingew linos later, Ua aeawrtioa that tba opposition anet te given aoamthlr.g around which to rally. While oar eaggeatlon way te entirely aarMrflnoas, ve dothat whan ESSSBXendency toward viewa each aa are expressed io tha encleeare, lt wight te useful to tell Mb that, aa maah aa wo value

hia reporting, ba moat alwaya conceive ofaa aa water aad not aerely as an oteorror. The ataoapbsre which aoahould tUr Ma to aero lateen* action end not to continued noddy raflacUoiu Bat that we would wish the objectivity of hia reporting to te in*WrwWU but Ma function laaction, and what ha objectively oheervwa oast earve Mapur to deeda. we. of course, ore firmly ootrrinced that the rallying point for all thaforeoa eon be found and will te found bat that too rallying platform will not be aa pale aa awreand that, whaa the platform, la stated, the aattJ^oaaunlato will unite aroond it. Thia feeling ofehould te eemaocdeated to BSSESQE. Hia gloomy obeervatioae ahould ba interpreted to damonatrate to hia how great the hangarenuinely positive platform actually la. It laoeetion of off ending people by positive etateaentej the value of positive atateamata ahould te to enlarge and lead all thoaa who bear thaw, ao atated before, wa ore notopularity contest



bat an uprising, and an aprlsing esanot thriverogram tbat, although perhspeaw, vlll mo mffeetiroiy coalesce tba majority that tba dlaaidanU baaaaa unimportant.


MX>lMt0trOrmlj ia aooord with all tba pOThaaee lannamanilH ia aealosure lo.previously Iwainatad, mm ar* la fever of tba aaauloltlon of tba

eensdder lt praotleahle. tba oaao tkLnc applies ta the abtoroyols, to the laad-apaakar, eta.

I*. Koaloaareuggerts tba possibility of operating vltb elogane likeload la temporaryr something aiailer. The sentiment tbat paroela of load reoeited froa tba preoont gueajiaawit oouldroof of gallt la tho future ahoeld be encouraged by all tha means at hand. If possible, raaoro ahould be apread well ln advance of the arrival of goraiiawnt ropreeenUUvea that tha aooeptanoa of land froa then will lnorlainete tha raeipieat| where action oon be organlaed to fill oat the arriving government reproeentatlvee, thia will ba all to ta goon. Za lt pocslbls, apropos of tha loaaoaeo of tba aaU-Osaannlst oarda to vhlch tba oncloaore rafaro, to daaand of the people requesting auoh cards ooa* tangible proof that thay bare actually worked against tha <WndetoT Za it poealhle to aot op the aoot rudiaantary aerit ays tea la anti-Cfcaaoniot oorkt Za It possible to aak applioanta that they do one ar tao aoti-Ciiaamlat doeda before they receive the oardT

5. The dittolonary politioal tactics raceaaanded la Eoeloeorere endorsed by LIKCOLN. UKCOLB haa ooaaanted in another dispatch on the idea of getting statements of enti>oawunlat theory into the public print. elievecobeloa. to tba extent poaalble,ear head tfiii effort, and that tba independent presa ahould reprintnbolde.oe or otherwise.

With rogard to tha JSSKKB operation in general, OSTRICH reports thatto have been coapollad to adTanoe coney to KSOgaCg beaauao ESSENCEehort of funds. UWCOLS beliswea that thia abortaga oouldbeen the caae beoause Station Onhas ample funds allotted to ltalive all BS3BCE activities and wore. Somewhere, bomavor, thotaken root in GALLIQSSI3 olrolea that SSSEBSK is financial ly starved. ahoold be thoroughly riisouaoad vlth hia, to Obviata tho poeoibllitr thatreceiving doable payment. KS3DCK ehould alao be0 ead for oil,one ia holding him to eoooont for the reoeiptytMoal C. held to eoooont for precisely the suss he recslvee from UDvO, ancTTorend these sums actually ahoold


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