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memorandum for the Record



of Francis T. MTXKE3


Paragraph 1

on his visit to Mexico:

opinion is that Ihe Congress witi not cone off in Me""manner .ui which it is planned, that the Junta should not send money to it, and that all of the aid and finances could be useduch more effective form in combatting Comaiunism in the actual movement in Guatemala and against the Communists there.

HTLKI-S1 comments: As of this date no specific information has been given Regarding the namingelegation nor has be been told much places those individuals will visit who are preparing the way for the Congress. Re has been advised that CALLIGERIS is already preparing towo-man team throughout Latin America to arouse interest in the Congress.


MTLKES'me personally that ho

was extremely dubiouspurported personal contactsof Kexico and that he felt the sum of money which he wasentirely too high. (See Memorandum (unsigned) (from

t- attachment tond HULA li93)

Paragraph It

(For the meorandums referred to herein, see: HULA-hS?)

Paragraph $

WnJCES' comments: Fran the very beginning^ ]hasIntense dislike and distrust of any doalings with

and on various occasions he has pointed out to hTLKES the dangersin any dealingsview of his previousaiagivinga about the Group's approachinghe is nowout the results by the reaction ln Mexico and tbe false senseto tlx oup. He advised ee that it would beto continue further dealings or activitieswould then proceed ln accordance with what/" iis, "to write encouraging and not entirely iwircct lettersthe support of the Group to * nd others in Mexico.

The cident in Mexico unfortunately appears to_bo that broke Uie easel's back, given the factnot

in good physical health when he arrived in Mexico and was prouaBly not too lenient in his opinions. This is evidenced by his statement to ne that upon arriving in Mexico he fully intended totinging letter of criticisai to CALLIGERIS and to Include with this his flat intention to resign froa further activities with the Junta.

feels that his prerogative of Baking on-the-spot

decisions ln propaganda tasks is negligible and hla visit to Mexicohis opinion. Furthermore Uie foot that theaction which ln his opinion was anti-Juntahim that tho Group as well a3 CALLIOERIS was conducting anho was not in favor nor vhlch ho could prevent. Inthis, he saw at first hand the results of the Group's

Therefore it ia easy to usum that having been in the field and having seen there the results of policies vlth which be was not in agreement and over which be had no control, ho should be left with an extremely frustrated feeling and would provide himery logical reason for wishing to relive himself of the responsibility for such activities.

Paragraph 6

HTLKES' comments* MTLKES noted the amount sent

brother in chtrckinf; over his accounts. Since he had not beenabout this brother's activity in the Junta he

in order to explain the expenditure of these funds,

tin at that time that it had been an emergency situation ancflhat upon





arrival in Mexico in full to the Group, upon hie integrity, tion

would arrange for the repayment of thesethat thiseflection

.KES^nan noThtention ofersonal accusa-ut was interested In knowing the position of Junta in as much as he haa received an amount


Gpsnentss The person who spread these reports is reported fc JL _fcdviscd me that' he consideredree spooning to be true.

Paragraph 9

Jof the C rrangement

and sUted-lhat CALLIGERIS hade taken out of Se Tegucigalpa area and put some place where he could serve the Junta but at the same time couldpot cause confusion among the other exiledin that area, f* ^expressed the same opinions about the U Jtrip to no as Tfe aooa fff this letter to CALLIGERIS. hen asked nira Tor his recommendation as to what we should do with L e gaveery vague answer and said we could "possibly send him to Mexico" or "Don't worry about him. He won't

cause any trouble."

but she has says here that the

J to come


yet been advised when she shouldroup has changed its mind and he is placedTnLapxe"eaole position.

Is nowINCOLN safehouse.

Paragraph 10

HTLKES' Comments! It is difficult for me to understand the complete finality of his decision at this time. During my recent trip to nis9 April) he made no mentionossible resignation from the activities of the Junta and the Group. The only indicationad was that he did state that while in Mexico he had become soo 3strong and bitter letter to CALLIGHUS telling him that ho was finished with the entire cause.


. -ft-

Id reviewing the reasons uhich^_ goffers as causeseparation frc* the movement, it seens Important to note thatcondition has brought withonsiderable amount ofwhich has coincided with hia descending position ofin comparisonDuring the past weeks itobvious to an Intelligent nanhia positionis now illusory for all practxuoi. purposes. It musthowever, that he has been constantly asked to voice hispropaganda articles and on methods of improving propagandahe has been absent from LINCOLN for more than one monththat time the events have moved in swift fashion,the formation of political themes and the developmenttaff

Activities in Kexico haveoved very fast andorder so that at the tire Jo-rived there he wasa scene of wild disorder. The date for the Congress hadset yet the sponsors of the Congress had not yet considerednor the delegates to be invited. Undoubtedly thiswith the fact that he was in contactan whom hean inept and amateurish caso officer atdidhis enthusiasm for the Congress nor hisongress. The further realisation that the Group wasU ho was villi fying not only CALLIGERIS but otherwith the Junta thoroughly soured him on the entire affair.

Without having discussed the matter t issay that the state of his health has caused him serioui*addition his wife appeared extremely concerned and morose aboutfor the success of the movement, in sharp contract withspirits of The influence of his wife cannotknown to be an extremely faithful family


It seems clear thatC, ov QMite convinced that the operation has becomeilSlary affair and that an individual in his position is not as necessary as it had been originally supposed. Therefore it is hard to imagine that he willuccessor to himself.

Additional Comrents

approximatelyh. It is deemed highly necessary to reachdecision regarding the possibilitiesew proposal to


It is also believed necessary to advise CALLIGERIS bythe situation prior to his His reaction

wouldecessary preliminary to any representative of the Group's meeting Rafter his discharge from the hospital. .

His actual physical condition determined, it isa more careful andore favorable review be madeposition. His mental outlook may be very much imprved by

tbvoriblc- results of his medical examination. In any .event it isadvisable to force him to return to his former positionthe present arrangement it would be impossible to accord himof command which he feels is necessary. This demandreconciled under the present arrangements which now existJunta and the Group. ominant position is all Jat this point;

The best that can be ho pea is to

an advisory capacityJ



FTH/ sgw


Muy oatimado don Bobortoi

On fUorta aprotdn deuorVabrazo ofoctuosoparft W. Quo tonga buenas notlcias do su auy os-tlmadal oscrlbirle envlarte con nl afectuoco salu-do mis votes sinceros por su bionestex. No olvidarfi las flno-xu, dol lead asonsideraclones quo Uds. tuvlcron Ua5leue tonlendonteresarso por ol

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X1 la rormftlo hago. Le ruopo mlquo me

Estoymuyuoatros eoiros. on-

e sea Poslbloorlo para aa-

su afoctlclmo amigo ^

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