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^BJECTi Disadvantages and damage* rasultingaolelon ta diseontlnus or euestantlslly modify KPUrCfSS.

tha plug en Calllgaria and hiaattendant pcasibilltias ef open recrimination aaeaUasee ef iaternal and external Calligarta Difficulty, if not lapesaiblllty of rerXrlru; andng thia erfanlaatlon and thaae individual*.

possibility that there eight be aa attemptedcoup en the part of elements of tha Callleerietha results of aniaaeo both in terns of wipingofrealataaee acalnat the raataa andrecrladaetlone, are beUavad to ba sufficiently evidentthe ascaasityoller epelling-eut hare.

e. Sadden lettlng-dovn of Senoaa which, ccadnff on the heels of recent strong reassurances of eontinulng support andise of great preeanreacaa, might alee result in open racria-iBatioiui aad great dlffloultiaa la attaintMe futore "cooperation" alto any form ef eevart venture aaicb he might have raescs to believe vas etlmalated or backed by ua. If he ehoee to ba very tough about the natter ha baa wlthim hia direct or potentialot of peopleot or hardware which could baen" or used by him ta ear eaoaldarabla ambarraaaaent.

Ing the plug on the situation in "endures vblehaarafully built up to the point of our apparent abilitythe cooperationsees aadhich met need. to the local cat laa ta of the situation, tha keyGovernment are currently aot only coaUtted te thatha oparatlon bat are anxious to proceed vigorously. Adirection at tolaadgfat have the effect of erlTinga state ef neutralist funk and vould, in any ease, sakediffleult te obtain his cooperation In tha future.

axUiag-off of thia operation at the presentaot accompanied alao at eimultanaeualyubstantialef similar nature, vould seen be known to tharaglae sad would tend te raaaaure that reelsaita position. Doubtless the eallapse of thewould ba aaiiad upon by the Guatemalan regimeheralded within the eountryas wall as eutoldeof the -strength and rectitude" of Arcana and Co*


f. Both St*t* and thia Areaey would ba isjaadistslyith Um qneatloai "What ar* wa rotna te do about Ouatanela, end what een we ao that weald he we ere an netlee of the feet that In Um upper eettaleoe of tha Idadnlatratloo lt la aapacted that *ob*tblnc will bareatle natureto raaaiia tha nooaea of Ct unlOaataaala. Koreorar, there aecae toonaldarabla dacree of expectationela quarter* of tbe Coagrsas that aaaathlag le brewing, and la earhat eo-withincba odd*. Theae are real faster* In th* prablaa whicY aost b* taken aarlouslr lata account. That*lso tha Question ef publl* opinion, with noticeable lnaleatloB*ising feeling of eooean about Guatemala and Uier*eentthat thia vUl aryotalliee In tara*aaand for action. The *lgnlfl**no* of thia last point is sot that It is orartlaan politieal issue doaeetleally, bat rather that aa accumulation of preaaure* of th* kind referred to ceroid have the efxaot of forcing actionoo-haety basis and" pcealblr with fewer aaaata than ar* ballaawd to a* avsilabl* at presena. Amy action takenublic elamor would ba anchattrlbatabla te us than action taken prior to auoh publle dabata and daaand.

remain*lM*t* that theren sincreasing dalntegratlon In th* politieal alt cation laand ln surroundingnd that If th* present tr*nd1%entirely pcealbl* that awvanaaats In addition

t* that ofway fall are? to Coamlst infiltration,aad ultimata take-over.

thar* would b*ffect uponef our owe pareormel if th**ff. fot vital lnaawuch aa oarprofaialooala aad ar* *upp**ed to tak* their erdar* Is goodcarry them out Boeevar, thereatanfible let* of heart aad taat* for anraenaaptlon of an operation of this character, aadbe oadaratandabla.


Tha foregoing; point* ar* not aubadttad by wayr*aant our boat efforta to outline tha principaland dlffiooltlaa vh'.ab would raaultacia-lon tooparatloa at tbeat tin*, f not aoet, oflaa and detriments woald taod to ba tha greater a* waInto th* operation and bacon* aran nor* angared than w*

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