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Chief of Station, Guatemala


OUN Replies to

LIKCOLH greatly appreciates the careful aad roallaUc assessment of ESSHCE operotionaa It* general ococOueionB doretall precisely with LIJCCLR tfcinkingi you will note that LLKuLH haa for eoae tlae ceased sending original articlee for overt use byRebelde and haa begunintensive guidance and aealetaDce on clandestine activities. Mot only aaiat ve enrlaage ccnoentreUoa on clandestine acUTltlee In the forthcoolng period becauae police conditions leave us no other alternative, bat clandestine acUTltlee are alao the aore effective and the aore desirable for the ends vhlch ve vlsh to attain In the forthocning period.

We hare advieed by eable of the possibilities of using photodeveloper to nark numerals and slogans In rial hie places. By separate dispatch ve are sending you the formula for an allegedly highly effective Intent paint. Ve alao reocenend the use of simple stencils with ordinary paint, for slogans as einple aaEltc. Chalk, orayou, pencil,ll here their usee. Simple, virtually hf swede rubber or wooden stamps oan be used on many Teriettee ofezatople, paper bags oould uaefully be stamped with an anU-Ccesniniat slogan before tbeyrocery store or the like.

undoubtedly, you did not moan the list of planes vhare materials would olandestlnoly appear to be exhaustivej the places listed on page tvelve of theattachment toere oertalaly meant to be only samples. We would like to suggeet, If it Is feasible, that you also pay attention to mobile means of distribution. For instance, froa the LlaCCUl rentage point, basses, trucks, snd especially the Cadillacs of high government officials would seen to be excellent vehicles for the circulation of slogans Imposed on those ocoreyances with photodeveloper or latent paint or any other suitable device. uggestion has boon made here (and le forwarded Co you for what it may be worth) that.

s DvKkt/rxbat/ ffisxc es^

here aadoat night be turned loose bearing aooa ouch placard as "Io Soy Cabra pero Coninlata os Should yea havo available theof acne friendly neve vendors, It will be useful to Inn art your leaflets into copies of the pro-government pepers.

l. Asftftjjjii ve are for the present Interested In keeping it going, even if reduced In format and with acre baraleas (to the enemy) content, "tovarer, since ve share your estinate of the United value off.ebaldo, ve do not recommaud that en effort to put it oat end Improve it, of each proparUons thet It detracts froa the clandestine work, be made.

regards the use of Espectador, ve ara forwarding you toa memorandum of the agreements reachedQ

In Hoxlco. Point four of this aamoranaum points cu* IwiH contactIn order to obtain the cooperation

El Kspectsdfor^ This channol ney prove

advantageous lor your purposes snd may serve to lighten scaevhat theresting on ES3HCE, Since youhannel established withany wish to use that exclusively for the direction and subsidy ofor yon may wish to useBSSKaCK. To as, using

onlywould sees preferable, but ve request your concents

In the llgnt of local operatlooal practicability. A" regards the alternatives of handling SspectedoT through sobeidy or spot payments, it would also be our reaction tbat spot paymsnte vould be acre effective, but if, on furtheryon renonmand subsidy, LlKQLlf willavorable view of that proposal. In view of the tine factor involved, if the spot payment method lo used, it would seem impracticable for LINCOU to evaluate the Importanceroposed plant or propaganda line prior to publication. Tbe aost effectiTe planted items would precunably be thoee which depended at least partly for their effect on rapid action and clever timing, things which must be left to the Judgment of personnel In the field. The only stipulation that LIHCOLM wishes to soke is that the Station adhere to the general BECUN themes proposed by LINCOLN. Within the framework of these specific themes, LlfCOLH believes It more Inportant forEopectador, to ooacentrftte on the needling, irritating, deTislvu kind of items and propaganda, rather than on polemic broadsides against Communism and CommunietB. Exaggerated and fabricated stories of personalamong the ruling hierarchy, rumours of dismissals and new appointments, Ssocinl oolnmna reports of gossip and the like will probably be sore effective then progrssatlo an tl-Communist attacks.

ton ay,ubricant but notanacea, is to be used within the general concept you outlined. LLfiCOLN has repeatedly emphasised that noactivity mnat suffer for lack of quick support and adequate funding.

At the risk of prolonging the debate over theoretical articles, ve wish to emphasise our concurrence In your views that propaganda must lnclto poople to antt-Comn-anisn and create fear and disarray in the ranks of the enemy. Wa also consider it essential, however, even within the abort Urns limitsto us, to giro soma positive substance to our This does not nean

thet we wleh to be complicated or scholastic, bat simply ve wleh to tell people Jo--positive torso whet ve erewhich tbe two preceding objectives of propaganda, aa outlined fay jou, neglect. We do not vlah thereby to 'appeal* onlyiscredited claaai on the contrary, ve vlah to give tbo opponents of that discredited clans same of tbe weapons which the present ruling "eggheads" here at their disposal. Furthernore, while the people whoa you identify as likely to be on our side do not fall within the -egghead" category, they also have Bindseed for positive onto lions. What ve have described, perhaps mistakenly, aapropaganda is designed to attempt to satisfy that side of our followers. In this connection. Enclosureoeems to us to point out the very great need for positive substance underlying our noromentj discipline oan be rallied around ideas. We note, with eome relief. Enclosureohloh states that "another prose campaign which would be off oo tireoould be attempted Is that of trying totrong organ of the Independent press tohooretloalgainst Communism. exists almost no work to counteract the constant and well-directed Injection ofn other words, ve interpret thie to mean tbat ESSENCE Is beginning to share our point of view. We also interpret his recent decision to run some of the articles we have supplied In this light. Please be assured that ve do not wish overly to belabor the point, but that ve do believe in the utility of positive as vail as anti-Communist ideas, and tbat ve have stressed that brand of propaganda so much pecan ae it is usually the one most neglected. Somewhat at variance with ESSENCE, we would prefer Rabalde to print material of thla type first and than, to have the independent press reprint it. Since thie neterlal let would be more desirable to have lt appear first In "our" paper, than be buriedominally neutral independent newspaper.

8. In aueasry, we agree fully on the concentration of effort in the clandestine field but encourage the maintenance of what overt assets can be retained. Please alert us by cable to any operational aids we oan supply you for your increased clandestine-work and we will make our beat efforts to procure than as fast as possible.


C 3



- Washington



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