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1. Tolephona-nuitonboard deadly.

E. AmbasBador's office. Speaker olive, booked to monitoring unit in projection room. Facility for photographing from projection room.

3. Affibassador'B livingarbonine leading into adjoiningov dlaconnected.

k. Military Attache'aelephone line for out aide callellicould be heard nfLlit

terminal box.


1. Forcer office of Military Attache hot-miked. Condenser uaed sindlar to Russian.

S. Svitchboard maintained by Guatemala Telephone and Tolegroph Co. Guatemalan Oovernment haaape recordera.

3. Counselor of Embassy Krieg's residential telephone line being monitoredeighboring house.

k. Air Attache Martin's residential telephone being monitored from bouse serosa the street.

Equlpaent need In check vaa improvised locally because of failure of the technician's modern kit, vbioh had been sent by diplomatic pouch, to arrive in tiro. laprovised equipment was unsatisfactory for checking cavity resonators.

Tegucigalpa -

Embassy and residence ore combined. Residence Is on second floor. with PresldenT'GdTvei ls his living room. Residence has previouslyfor another axBbossador, but batteries are all dead. There is aprojector in room directly back of Ambasaador's office endaccess to lt fron tho street. Thereig speaker directlyoffice nonitorlng froa the projection booth. The notionle alive. "TT^^fKJCTTeador Is well aware" ofTnotlongblockedthe thing disconnected.

The Military Attache's office had an open nick telephone, he couldn't trace the line which goes outerminal box.

New switchboard Is being put In by Hondurano. avy iwui be sent to clean lt up.

One Marine Guardoooon-law Honduran wife. Anotherlonghim listening outside en office where the Arab was talking.

This Marine knows everyone incaught hira asleep atK" while

on duty. Cuateaala -

Check outside phon*inhich was formerly occupied by Col. McConnigh.

(UfaI'ofav be UJut uum. iut was hot andit completely apart und rebuilt it. The part6 are being

shipped back to hqa. He asked Col. K's secy what the office had been used for

and she was she and the Col. had proof read top secret docuaents there.

The Guot Embassy owitchboard should be cleaned up by Bevy nen.

ffice is clean.


All other offices in the Bab wereresidence is clean.

Checfccd Hr. Krieg's house. It has an incoming telephone line which comesa terminal pole into the street then into the house, upstairs thegoes out of house end into house next door. Neighbors are Middleneighbors wanted to cut down the treepvjaXKHH^paBTaBS between thethe wjjjyjnj lr"ieg refused.the line

from Krieg's house into neighbor,'s house.

Col. Martin, Air Attache,hone has one incoming line end oneit out into street and out across street into another


ff Jstated ho was under surveillance constantly.

Us stated the Guate Eabossy would tough to crack if all precautions he recommended to taken.

The iles are now within grillhe Cornmo equipment is nowompletely vaulted room

Indigenous mesflagere in the Bob know everything that is going on.

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