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I. amucuxioi

Pi liwit rtWPgth of CoaaBnlatO. On whose aide le tteiT

Current etre^tha end attitude* of Kofieea-M, aicarafina end aalvader, end affect* upon them of continued aarch of Cnawjnlaa; In

Outdo* the country

C. Aeeete

Inside the Country end whet are our eepehllitiea In th* field* of Intelligence and Cfc, pevtiiOoEical warfare and politioal action, EW, endnd oafootioo*

Hew veil can we hold together what we now have, and develop additional aaeets.


. ontinue |il*istrewing pM and working for earliest

poaalhle action.

b. Continue and accelerate InteliUexce, propacanda, pnlltlaal and

- ilinwlr actionectioa,ction wntU Ooteber or

There eouldigorous aad coordinated prograa of overt and covert action with enphaala, ia tba latter field, plaoed uponi peiwtration

golden bullet*

barraeannte HaMmtlng aabetac* and ctroae era stuff. Intensified propaganda to keep the refacees, if no one else, happy and bua?.

euf ficient aore-vtnt of arae tosaeta In beineon edge*

0. Slack err an covert action of aore vigorous (aad attributable or tmUtmUmt) ntAmi aoandon Rufbn at al, rely an overt aotlan -speeches, OAS, Rio pact, foreign Ministerso do the job. D. ^oongfrtta tha OoataniUnH aa agrarianaad datch tbem publicly to oarnother the* vith care, kill them with kindness.



Present atreofth of CoanmUta. On *om aide ta Use?

Current etrengtha and etUtodea of Uonduraa. ldearagw and Salvador, aad effecta upon then of oroTtlnaad amh of Ceajamlan In


What hare ee now

Outelde tha country Inatda the Country and what are our oapabllltlea In the flalda of intelligence and CE. paycbsloftical warfare and political action. Eh,nd defection.

How wall oan ve hold together what ve now have, and develop

D. Security

Penetrations Poeay Intentions ZZ. POSSIBLE COieSES OF ACTXOH

A. -Continue planetresalng PS andearliest

possible action.

S. Continue and accelerate intelligence, propaganda, political and econoalc action and defection, postponing PM action until October or

there oouldigorous and coordinated program of overt and covert action with esffcaala* in the latter field, placed uponi penetration golden bullets

"Basil" barTaasjaanta including sabotage and strong era stuff, intensified propaganda to keep the refugees, if no one else, happy and busy.

sufficient moveaent of arms to keep PM asaeta in beingeneary on edge.

i- 0. Slack off on covert action of core vigoroua (and attributable or

corproaioed) nature, anandon fiufua at al, rely on overt action -


OAS, Rio pact, foreign aOntatarso do the Job.

^cognjie the ^tenuOana aa agrarian rtfora^ and clutch tbea

publicly to our boaoaJ| enother then withill thai with klndraafl.

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