Created: 4/15/1954

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Visit to Hufus by ivoberto Ford

Presons presentsHunt,iC .3

I xuxk xnlraEanxbyjrfinri

The natter of how ttasxaa Q 3posiSnatlon could bostto Rufus was presented by Hunt. He said int0C 3and check on his health, then

go to Hufus and give him personally JresignationRufus that we aro sorry bout the whole thing andwas caused by natural events

which shapod up hy the fact that Rufus has now in effect been declarod as the principal leader, ould listen to Rufus's miaimifflaaxiaH comments or 3oriticisms of the Group and would be ready to make any adjustments possible for future activities.

Stress woold be plrced on the unfortunate fact of 3

health and that maybe sometime in tho future he could bo of help,

o Id in effect ter-inate ctivities with tho Grothat het in agreenent with this but

attempt to ^conciliated Jane then in a

visit with Rufus attempt to secure his aid In gettingJcoo;terf-tion at this critical tine.

Hunt stated xkxx he had not understood that it vat desiredin viewviews

he thought then hould go first to Rufus without stopping to Jand that armed with Rufuspersonal views ossibly could influence) he could then teturn to auch stronger position, since he would not only be voicing the Group's opinion but Rufus's as well.

greed toMho rea-eusted ommence

his plans to visit Rufus immediately and that he check with C 3 Robertson regarding method ny^xgjmir of contacting Rufus in Tegooc.

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