Created: 4/16/1954

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Ifcterinl on Guetcmalan CoCTmnvTeB for -'

is the mono fromo WH re Holland's planned speechwhich requests* Uvt we furnish rawsiflx oaterial suitableby him.

hecked the dispatches and cables free Cu-tensla toany such Infomation as des'red could be gleaned for Holland's use, butapparent tb't the most of CIA information on the subject is contained

in the study on Cprtrunlsa In Custom In preper'd by RQM/OIS In conjunction with

nd the State DepartmentRA for use by the State Delegation to the

Ceraoss Conference. Incidently, thet report contained infemrtion from dispatches

gotten by HQfVoiS from RI which were hosed on rerorts by such Cuet sources

as ESCROW* and th- ESCOXSOM grovp. The bulk of CIA infomation on the subject


wMch wx may not hav boen contained in the OAS report in/in Slate's hnnds in the form of regvler CS end CSDB's rut out regularly by the desks.

believe thrt State alrerdy has what we can give, ande couldthis point that the following points, nost of then, wellches fronemla, bo considered:

expulsion of the two newspapermen from Gustenala rrior to Caracas

who was in contact with then

expulsion of the UNTL loaders fron Guntemala after Alexadder/left

Guatenala to report to the AFn lrbor conditions In Guatemala

obvious (but so fsr undocumented)between Gu"ter?lp anduprising in Nicaragua

travel of lending Gurt commun'sts behind the ironis recently node by State in Gurtemnla)

Jamming of nnii-Comr-un! st broadci-statr lion^'pretty wellhave been located'ct police headquarters in Gurterala city.

torture and continued iJitprisonioent (with out eny trial sothe persons allegede beer connected with the SeIsim uprising

ccCTun*st-led uprisings of peasant gdups to "expropriate"of its status under the agrarian law

raessare of condolence from the Guateralan Conrress on theStal'n's aeaih

existence of an obviously Coranunist pnrty in spite of articlethe Guatemalan Corsttution which nroMbit hnyrerties withfor words to thstelieve.)



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