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Tbis report outlines the positive assets now possessed In the KUHOOK field end the present etate-of-readiness as well as outlining the considered necessary state-of-resdiness before overt RTJEOQK action.


A- Overall Leader and Staff j

1* Leader! CALLIGERIS, Considered by PBSUCCESS after assessment an exile leader with the necessary qualifications and Inner assets to fill the bill of figurehead whioh would attract tho imagination and respect of the revolutionary element in Guatemala. Ambitious, optimistic (almost overlyroven clean on box, and willing to receive KTJRARX direction.

Exec: Col. FLORES. Former candidate for President. Respected (for seniority and age) by CALLIGERIS but considered ineffectual by KUBARK personnel. Older man. Prooently contact to bond or an liaison man.

Steffi four ex-officer personnel. Trained at SARAH AC in staff work as in other leader training. Average mentality, hot outstanding by our standards. Acceptable to CALItfGERIS snd being utilized by Mm,

B. In Honduras:

1. Sixty-seven Trainees Graduates SARANAC:

29 considered fully qualified as sab team lead ore A considered as qualified staff

H considered as capable organizers (minimum of one

and maximum of vie more neededremaining graduates being assessed to bring to needed number)

23 unassignod.

2. Mine Trainees SCRAKTON (Saw Nicaragua, Soon Honduras)i

5 RRO's (Guatemalans) In advanced training, expected

graduateay U lO'a (Guatemalans) ia primary training, graduation

as RO'e uncertain but hose unqualified will be

used as cryptoO-s experiencedosta Mean)

reported enroute for TRO training.

3. Two hundred and twolre men of various degrees capabilities and fields. These men, though now some ere on standby status and some are on KUGOWH projects, will be drawn from to form the nucleus of the IO4 man chock force for Puerto Barrios, the IO4 man shook force for Jutiapa, and thean shock force for Zocapa.

k. In addition someen have just arrived froa Guatemala as sub-unit leaders, special task personnel, eto.

C. In Guatemala:

1* SECANfi

respected by KTJBARK peraonnel whowith him. Good amy background. Highlyrecent torture by Guatemalan authoritiesoperational secrota. Single contact withwe plan to use operationally. Proven clean on Very optimistic over prospects success by our method.

status: Living black In Guatemala. contacting those officers listed below asnets. His instructions at this time: "Wein action on full-scale operation. Pass the word toone but observe closely. Be figuring which sen erewould be loyal under adverse cixcumstaneee. Soon aapproach you with full instructions." Onwill pass torn cards to these leaders, theof which will be carried by the organiser1 May. Sou knows nannar intended to operate andfor defectable personnel, names of which willintoro gram where feasible.


motivated. Good epeakiiig knowledgeof ability to succeed by our method. Anxious to get underway on preparatoryarms ingress. Proven clean on box.

Status: Atthose civilian areaisted below. this time: in action. Observe only for loyal men.

ten will arrive with instructions." Ie setting up to receive arms.

3. GUATEMALA CITTj Divided into four separate organizationsSE, SU, HE, NW. The Guatemala City complex Is beingthis timeoordination staff of SEMANTIC and SECANTarmy duty of fleers i


-uneaaia uny complex Aeadere now being alerted by SEMANTIC and SECANT include:

NEen Military


HW Sectormen




SW Sector625


c_ 3

NOTE: In addition5 pledged above5 will have assigned jobs and sufficient arms ingress planned to supply0 poreons of lesser calibre and faith and solidity ore comnlttod to Join the fracas although aa yet wo are not counting on them.

4. ZACAFAi ann

"K" prograa is aimed at

(reported ripe for defection,y



C 3

In addition to the aboveen, tbe periphery contain*en believed willing to accept jobs once it la known tbe soveaant is on


c_ _3


C_ 3

In addition to tbe above pledged,ZABAL personnel are tentatively considered available and willing*

6. COBABi sduter periphery)

Military Civilian


Military Civilian

C 3

In addition to the abova pledged,0 in the SUCHITEPEQuEZ arearom small surrounding towns are expected and reported aa positive assets by organization leaders there.



In addition to tha pledged U5 men above. It Is expected0eZaXTBUKC- and surrounding snail towns will, due to political affiliation, Join the fracas.

9. JuTIAPA: n outer periphery) Military

"A- progran being alaoo at

eported ripenu.ng and conrimed byAMT, and SEMANTIC)



In addition to the shove pledged it is0 aen in the surrounding territory can be counted on bat most be planned without,

10. QUICHE: en




In addition toan pledged above0 in tho area should become positive assota at the outset of hostilities if initially successful.

U. SaH JOSGt en


c 3

ersons of nebulous devotion are located in the erea, possibly capable of being convinced.

RAVY. IV (across Pan American Highway, west of Guatemala City: en

r_ 3

In addition0 persons aro believed available from small groups In the vicinities.

13. GRAVT II and III (organisation in AMATITLAH, PIEDRA PARADA, SAN JOSE FINULA area): en



Inan in small groups oan be counted upon at the first show of strength.

11. GRAVT li enno assigned or designated leader as


15* Breakdown. (BOTE: We can almost put our finger onf we accept the fact that those who have announced tbey are disgruntled over present government would fight it lo over-


City Go ban




Puerto Barrios



San Jose

TOTAL target garrison vicinity




GRAVT TV Total Tactical

outer org.



16. ill military leaders lletod above are active duty except at COHAN. Hbne of tbe personnel figuree repreaent military garrison As planned, the military leaders will be expected to organize within tho garrison to the point of taklm- oyer. CALLIGERIS feels this oan be done in all garrisons with the exception of QUICHE, MAZHWANGO, and SAN JOSB. SECANT Is cognitant of the problem and ournd is Writing toward solutions there. If ell goes ea planned tbe organization within the garrison can take orer withouthot either through (a) selling. end others on futility resisting and good of Joining, or (b) denying weapons and ammo and facilities to non-Joiners. If not successful above tbe organization and correct disposition of members should quell any opposition. If necessary, the ciTillan outer organization at each garrison will act to provide the overwhelming force.

In addition to the target area group leaders listed

above, LINCOLN is in possession of the Identities ofmall group leaders, from whom the 2nd column,a pledged.

18. The asterisks denote the key leaders pledged to CALLIGERIS but whom 8ALLIGERIS doaireB be primed by program.


A. General

Total j ons

Condition: IX pons waterproofed snd packagedan load, movement to interior. 3J) tons boxed as originally destineday movement. ons to precede shocks into operational area. ons prepared for drop.

Contents: ^all arms,Sab equipment, survival gear.

A. Present location: 7Honduras. y

B. Plans for disposition

Onpril one ton (principally small arms and demo) moved to Guatemala City SE organizationays for movement).

pril one ton (principally small arms) to be moved to Entre Rios organization for further distributionays for movement) fw ruaaics .

3* ay one ton to be moved to Ountemala City SU organisationays for movement).

ay one ton to be moved to Cuatanala City ME organization.aye for movement.)

ay one ton to be moved to Guatemala City KW organizationaye for movement).

ay one ton to be noved to Entre Rios organizationdlatrlbutlon to Puerto Barrioaaye for aovenent).

Aepresentative la departingpril for neetlng with JTJBATEfeasibility flying gear fron o strip at

Honduras, transporting by truck to Cutuoo. at Tuouton,loads tank cars destined for Guatemala Cityia hoped from the above neetlng to oome outethodrunning of arms inside gasoline tank care, as SEMANTICinstructions and can produce in target area laborers forJUBATE contacts, cover for delivery of gasoline, nen to unloadsiding, or nearly any plan deemed feasible by JUBATE. Itin Guatemala City and

lnity win oo utilised to hire

CALLIG&Ufe men or spot their inooaing tanks in convenient spot aooessible to CALLIGERIS men. Resultant directions will be pouched to SEMANTIC on KUHOOE representativereturn.

de0 rds Txr>

Por tha Zacapa, and (if El Salv support gained) Jutiapa areas. Chogl teams traveling back and forth to reception parties are being arranged.

Co ban organizer will set up to receiverop consisting of CAT III gear,lts. TRO who makesour will call the drop. Total gear to be dropped:




sbrag grenades

Also at junction near San Augustin7 it larop will bo eadao the union of Co ban, GRAVT I, and Zacapa forces.

9. rop in the Aoatitlan area is plannedonsisting of approximatelytons small eras, sad anno. eport ls being gathered to prove topographical and organizational security ofrop along with ground conditions to sell to those necessary the security ofrop. In the event authorization la not received it is planned to run this drop immediately following the Co ban drop*

epresentative is to contactIn Salvador to determine the moat reaalble spot

(longost stop, and moat Isolated with least security] on the Salvador and Guatemalan sides of the border in tho vlointy of Metapennd Oilquimalaespectlvely. Kits will be slang and un slung at these points by special teams. The team will be based at Salvador IT finoaither permanently under y upport or on short term runs from the Honduras area of Ccolopeque 7 If no support forthcoming, "ire hooks will be wrapped ea the kite for the purpose of tying in the undercarriage of the ears. arker will be designated for Guatemalan side Identification of "loaded" cars.

I will be equippedAH, GRAVT II andbe equipped via above air drop and fromquipment will cone from the Que tal tenango gear . Hsrsatenango gear is expected to come fronand the asTBATE system above.

IV. K tactical plan is complete except for filling in the holes and prettying up. CADICKarrying the plan in detail and will fill in details if his presence la desiredBAR.

It fits with our discussions. Ln Ouatemala City the inner organization can oontrol tactically with or without complete defection garrison.

In Puerto Barrios the shocks will cut off and leave to die provided garrison fails and inner civilians fail. Ho strain.

In futiapa and Zaoepa tho shocks sre considered excess but are planned as if no Inner organisation existed.

Go ben bo comas taotloal as shock force on drop. On completion "taking over" Job Quezaltenangoontroling force and moves up with remainder toward Guatemala City.

Quiohe and Kazatenengo are blocked by sab teams in eventsufficient toJose blocked. GRAVT I, II,

III, IV picked up be respective outer shocks as pass through. We are counting on Guatemala City to be self sufficientother movements suppliment psychologically but aimed to support physically If nedessary.

Attached are sample arms Ingress plan and first rough sab pi*p.

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