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of Arbenz drinking end morphine escapee. Should be in form of bookletat.satxiaxxxsa Vould be strictly character killing including fake photon. Got following Ideas on how to develop material from two characters here.

1. Send cable Jfehave fiiuvnak(apT) anCEUAGE,an Individual who does some redlo aorlpto

forget froa him fullest details on past activities

re: norphlne parties, exact names, datea, places. Also if Arbens still active* in thie type of life, then beat info aa to how and whoro aaxlt daals now taking plaoe. 8DOUrco> e

are in on the

parries. Also nnveC- Jj1- include.the materiel he has already

written on this business together with additional info he can drain fron/^ J

2. Diepatch to Guathen the idea of whateneral way le. concerted effort to get details on Abbens hesvyand girl orriea. Suggest that contact be race with

Eetaneia eda et Arbenz, once gave him norphine in JKucself is heavy drinker and la auggeated ouret JaVcooea mellow, should be able to get info fromf^ if willing to risk fact he might blab later whon atewea. Also can bet on Arbenz dope parties frocC. mx) who has blood

Jjn Guat City andCity.

Those lost two ere conaidered relisDie anti tovt oeople by our friends bo used to got info

J. OthcK leade to Quat in some diepetch. Check fact that Arbonz uacd to go to lula Iztapafmay still pp) with chooen friende, Krencleco Mornzan, Carloo Brsnoaonte end Gregorio Pros last* Beteta. These roplete with booza, dope and goils mado tho lola really jump on thoao long week ondo.

A. Also another lead is that the boys above have gono lo an Bstencle Ssnta Clare, either owned or operated by Arbenz cn one of the ltde in Para for tho hopped up outings.

5. ter Guat checka these leads ends up material.

Line can put together bookletix free phoney flection showing shots taken on these dope parties. Friends sey that anythingon these parties. They clsim that to start things off tho boysano, which Is that they drive out to Santa Clara in their enrs, wlnduwe roiled up tight, snd with morphine xremk burniag in small cig treyn. They arrive otof action in wonderfully preconditioned ahi'pe. No one has any special;'girl ofter thoy once getto Conmio trodltion--and the ohow goes on until all ere exhausted.

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