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Locadencle del Conunlaao en Ouatsnala


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Guatemalaeculiar spectacle this week of Comunist theory and practice gone astrayi retrenchment on the foreign scene and frantic plans for exile and underground activity on the home scene.

At one time it was an axiom of national Integrity that foreign policy be formulated in the home office and then announcedt was your country's policy, to be accepted In the market place and the Congreso as of merit or barn to your own political and economic aims. But thisode of conduct which is out of place In the ana thie al policy of the Communist satelliterworld. Ooillermo TORIELLO, for example, suddondly found himself the Foreign Minister in Guatemala, not because he was able or learned in Guatemalan affairs but because ba had shown at the UN that he was thoroughly indoctrinatedoreign policy favorable to the USSR and as such was invaluable to the Russians who had to have aat the approaching Caracas Conference. TORIELLO went to the Conference and handled his tasks well. And Just recently TORIELLOactions were approved! thia case Indirectly in the formote from the Russian Embassy in Mexico because as yet it has not been thought opportune by the communist strategists to establish open relations with the USSR. The Russian Embassy In Mexico wrote ARBENZ praising TORIELLO and his assooiates for their "valient and courageous action" at the Caracas Conference. It was small comfort to the Arbenclatas who must realise that this action, while it benefitted Russia, only helped to isolate Guatemala still further from her neighbors in the western Hemisphere.

Even such actions as TORIELLO's are ephemeral for although the delegates listened end applauded, they voted with the United States. The Communists know, and none more seriously than ARBENZ and his top advisors that their days in Guatemala are numbered. The group which has benefitted most in money and In power from the heyday of communist rule have been the labor leaders, Carloe Manuel PELLECER, Victor Manuel GUTIERREZ and Alfonso SOLORZANO. Opportunists of the first order, they have also been the first to Sense the change in the course of events: they realize they must lay their plans now to..conserve what thoy can for Uieir personal use and to

prepare for an underground organization. The top echelon net onU, to aake these plane and to drawrocXaaation which said in effect that theys rending tholr activities; realising the possible psychological effects ifUtenant vers made public, the group agreed tc keep this pronuncismlento confidential at this time.

The most telling of the events whichrumbling regime in Guatemala ware tho brave plans for aggression in Nicaragua, oommunist-atyle, and the ridiculous fiasco of Manuel GOMEZ and his complistas. When the Arbencistas formulated their policy they presumedtable and long range regime! under the guidance of their communist taskmasters they set np sndolicy of sggresslon in the neighboring countries of Central Amsrics, the pattern for which had been set in the unfortunate countries of southeastern Europe. Thia policy built upon Oaatemala'Overy real den ires for power through expansion but it was dictated by ths KREMLIN as part of its desire to expand In the Western Bemlsphero. TORIELLO'8 spaech at Caracas was one phase! Guatemalan aggression, another phase.

The Immediate target was Nicaragua and their declaredresident SOMOZAi thoir agenta were professional Niearaguan and Costa Sloan revolutionaries, by which stratagem they avoided an open link with Guatemala. Guatemala's support was agreed uponersonal exchange between President Jacobo ARBENZ and Francisco IBARRAesident of Costa RiOBI ths funds and the plans were handed over to Lois BAE2 Bono in Guatemala City. Tha necessary condition for Guatemala's help was the assasinatlon of SOHOZA and as many other of the high civil snd military officials who were to gatheranquet in SOKOZA'o home onu. The liquidation of key figures would at least paralyse Nicaragua, at best create the chaos nccoBsary for an armed revolution. In support Ouatemala obligated herself to send machine guns, rifles, and the necessary ammunitionioken of good faith she had this equipment prepared end stored In Merida, Mexico, to awaitat the appropriate time.

Aa in the TORIELLO case Guatemala's diplomatic resources were utilisedolicy that was communist rather than daneetlC) this too is the familiar patternation in tho process ofatellite which finds its diplomats utilized for an. cocnunist, policy for control of the foreign ministry ie an early target for eoomranist strategists in Uklngountry.

But as clever and well thought-out as they are, the strategists In Kremlin are nofs oo thand could not foresee the changes which a

few months would bring toCentral America rapidlyto tba menace of communism. Guatemala, bat steadily receded from her original poaitlon of initiative on the Central American ecene aa she baa had to devote more and more of her energiesrantin attempt to retain powor In Guatemala itself, fins oould not seen hope to reooup harlose of prestige at bone through triumphs abroad for aggression, communist et,rla, ia underground and brings no open rewards. The Ifrealin Itself has been increasingly obliged toosta files as an operatin* bass, allowing President PIOOERES to take ths inl tie tire where they had originally planned on ARBENZ action, ESKS agreed toroops frost his scantyhese troops were to be sored to the licaragnan rrontlsr to cooperate In the Mloarsguan revolution once SOKDZA was dead.

But Guatemala, who had masterminded ths plan, could'not give the tlaa sod the arms necssesry for thissuecsssi ths rsrolaUonartse became wild and undirected, the plans had undsrsstiasted ths ability of Nicaragua's satlonal Ouard and ths unscrupulous ness of their Bicarapian agents who were willing to sail out one another if the price war* high or their own role in the plot not great enough, Guatemala watched helplessly while theiree red steadily towards the rocks. The plotters wore discoveredm, without hsringingle thing to

. ^LfTJ^mP* to rally public opinion in Nicaragua to President SOW0ZA and to dash tha last hopes of theonorete success.


The stubborn realsteac* of tha Guatemalan amy accounts in large part for ths ArbeQctstss retrenchment on the foreign scene. The hi story of th* army In the past yearsield, precise example of what happens to an institution which opposes the Communists and an equally vivid example of successful opposition.

Prom the beginning ths Amy had made lt plain that it would be at beet passive accomplices in the Arbena regime as partalt-and-ee* policy, thia has now given wayetermined opposition. Foreseeing thia, the Arbonoistaslr foreign taskmasters systematically set out te isolate the sray froa the people snd to destroy it Internally by setting officer against officer. They sounded out tin weakest of the officers sndigh price of favors and luxuries for their passlce cooperationi theyampaign of distrust so Intense that each officer feared the other officerovernment 'orejal and all officers, those who passively agree and those who are opposacT, realise that they are under constant surveillance. The communist politicos alsokillful and widespread campaign of infamies about the armyit the people and the army in the unusual position of being in opposed camps.

But skill and ruthlossneas have been met by sincerity andthereard core of officera who continue to reiterate their

leek of sympathy with the present government. They have said poblicly and prlvstely that the dignity and the honor of the srmy has been destroyed by those of their fellow or commanding officers who have allowed this mutual distrust to develop within tho srmy. But theirfiplrlt de corps is outmatched by their patriotism despite the increased stlffnesB of the penalties of the arbencLstas growing more fearful of their position, there sre still many officers who continue to reiterate their lack of sympathy vltb the government and their disgust with those of their fellow officers who hsve allowed the Constitution to beelaything of the ooanmists. These officers sre becoming more impatient for the call which will rally them to the serviceoble cause, the call of Lt. Col. Carlos CASTILLO Araas. Despite the urgency snd the necessity for removing the communists from control in Guatemala the finest fruit of CASTILLO'S cell to Guatemalans will be the rebirthiner snd stronger relationship between the army and the majority of people who share the same desiresetterelationship the Communists folly released when they set out upon their fntlle task of dividing the one from the other.

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