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Chief ofeTa'" fHpTj Chlof. rfiu

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i-olonversation with reported the

followinr Infomatlon on

tho course of the conversation subject atatedtine ago he had had an Interview witmeeting bad been arranged bjT Jet hia. subject's, atated th.it subletairy 'CL C Jae oalls). Subject said that he was -Jfcut has sons reservations concerning him sincestrandsa nan on ths outside should be on thelike that." ith regard toQ_ Jsiibjrrot stated he belloves

Jhe honest, sincerepropagandist duo

to hie ballaf ne day oocup> too fVeaidenay

whloh would putC ory favorablo position. with KSQfi.IE's expressed opinion J

had becometedy are neighborshat CZ confide* ' CL Jnollevin^olitioal neutral.

thant he woild like to speakfiTJfl and SaHiBIRK atated he ooulday to introduce them. t wat ho wished tori waa tiie CL .situation alnae he understood that C Jisas Interested or Involvedubversive movement. Mowever, since he hadthis with he said there was no longered for him to contaot Jll^UVCi Q fools that subject Inferred tf at ESQIIRS would repeat the conversationXP leo opinion timt subject wiaheo to keep under covor and hasto contact JMDLVG asatter ls being kept

feltfreasonse apparent lac< uf organization and spirit on the partho opposition Is Uat loo* of effective leadsrshlp inand In this connection he added tr-.it the only two ncn orin tho country wererellanoaid thatware not thehe is, bea divulged everything while


being tortured. Subjectaryopinion

Subjeot also mentioned that CA1LI0KRI3 haa oompleted hiala only waiting for the North Americans to give him the

6. ^ubjeot stated ba waa ready to help in any way and that he knew money was no longer nseded. ESQPIRB told him there was much that both could do and subject askod him to pay him another visit solan of aotlon could be discussed,

6. believes subject toery shrewd Individual. Subjeot spoke frooly with him and warned against repeating anything which had been asld, BSQOIRE also believes that he enjoys subject's trust and oonfldsnce. psqi'IHE commented that subject feels that ths way to get ahsad In this country Is to be "In* with theand he hes slvays actsd Inanner.

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