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Chief of Station, Guatemala LIKOLH


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la time (actually lone past tlaa) tbat UK OUTSflEKB and ths many subordinates of KS3DCK for the rigorous,profitable naanar In whloh they have been and are ooodootlng theiris no lank of understanding at LI8GGLH for the dlffloultlssstrosaos and "trains on aorale, the Inevltahly constant apprehension and

the often dlBCouraglng atmosphere vhlch neceaaarlly dog and bedevil anJ'operation snoh as this one. Ail that notwithstanding, results appear to have been achieved whloh exceed any expectations that could reasonably have been entertained several snaths ago. HHCI oonplax and Its wcrka are of aolualva variety, so that toe officers oonoerned with It probably' do not hove the Immediate, tangible satisfactions that go with the pursuitor* highly structured operation. But tho atmosphere In the country and ths spirit of tbe people that have plainly been created fay the ESSX8CE operation, elusive though ltbe, la an lndlepanjable stapping-atona to the ooooees to whloh we ell aspire. LIICCLJ recognises tbe primary role of the ES3EKE operation in the psychological conditioning of the Guatemalan people and there ls not now nor will there be any Inclination to forget that. Again, our thanksob which Is being wall-handled and which has even greater prcadae in the future.

Tour reocmaaodatlon that daily operational reports subetitete for the weekly procedure la accepted. The weekly recapitulation, when lt lsormal matter, will net be necessary. Bbwevar, at any tlae that yon feel It inportont to write an evaluation or Interpretation beyond the day-to-day reporting, this will ha most useful to LlfCGLS.

Lire CRN ls pleased to note the re-appearance of EJ, ftebeldo. and wishes to remind yon of Its previous guidance to tba effect tbat it ls more important to keep JU Rebalde in circulation than to publish particularly hard-hitting



notarial Id it, at leant for tba present Una. Tola le particularly trea la Tint of tba feet that dlffioulUee aro being one oun tar ad in getting CTujQI and fl, Cogbate into the country. Th* aalataaano* of at leant one overt organ la *as*ntlsl. Ia tola connection, yea are requested to prooure froa Ke3tai.il bl* detailed reocemeualaUons for aor* eff*otlT* Infiltration of fVXsCX and ffpmbataGuatemala. W* not*OCI ban, lathe pent, taken exception to aon* of tha methods of lnf* ltreUon aa being insecure and as Jeoperdlslng other operations, has he any reoonaendatlons for nor* secure entry andof these publication*?

view of th* feet tbet there ere now two State Dspartaant couriersCentral iaarlcan run, it any b* possible tc transport the shor*Goaf anils City by official poach, hewer, LIEee oourier does not hare to accept packages weighing acrepounds. This, of course, would greatly Inpede th* sending ofpouch.ia being queried to see whethertrlctlon oan

bs nodlflsd* eu wad percale weighing perhaps fifteen to twenty poaads oanby Tuesday courier^ to Ouatenala City. lour oonaants

are requested ss toaalbiiity or receiniag such percale at yourtranaaittlng thenecure nanner via RiZHARA to ES3BBCX for his Would XSSEBCB wish or ba willing to undertake CatUGS aad Coabat*This proposal tc send propaganda through the pouch will not beit has bean carefully reviewed both with you snd

is very nuch Lnpressed by th* *uco*s* andofthat have been epraad la the Tiquieate and other areas, to theanyone who la pro-governra being placedlackwill be punished la tha future. We can only urge too obvious, naaaly,type of ruaour (particularly that the government wants tha canpesioosfodder) be given th* widest possible distribution throughout Tbe sane thing applies to tbs issuing of oards, certifyingbear ere are antl-Conannlst. Wetha following amplificationtheae tc your consideration t

a. Placeard, certifying that th* bearernU-Communist, la sn lean* ofla the fern ef en advertissnsnt or ia the formeparate card stapled to the newspaper. The advertltenant of th* card shouldlace, not only for th* signature of tha profeaaed antl-Ceeirnnlot, feat also for tha signatures of twoho will teatlfy that he ba* Indeed been antl-Communist. The reader could then bo urged to send the thrice-signed card late CSUA orPebelde for counter-elgnlng. It la real!aad that few poraons will be willing to take the risks inherent in this procedure, but the effect will be substantial without anyone actually signing tha cards. In any event. Ifabeldo embarks on thia scheme, subsequent issues of tha paper should reportotional number of card* have bean turned in aad duly


/ ES3

b. If feaaible, ta* CZDA people might taka ads In tb* Independent papers and reprint, la the spaa* Of ta* ad, auoh an eaU-Ocaennlat cerUflcate, with laatractions aa proposed for fil Rebeld*.

Ij-ifforMtloa, LDCOLX laumber of stickers and hand-taiis on tha abore then*. Son* of than will simply aarllTeand are dealgnad to te pasted on houses. Others will bear tha lagaod The BlankFortoay, Thar* will also bo white-listeaded byArmae*,ds Tal antt-Conmuniat- and also carrying tha question Tojfr- These stlokars will not b* ready for none tine) any advaac* action that bsBESCE wlahea to take on thanad suckers of Uda typ* is left to your discration.

7. would it te possible for you to rscapltulat* the runours and event a, farorable to our cause, oocurlng In th* TlqulaaU area andan'.fee to fron Tlquiaat* snd give it wide distribution?

Our congratulaUona on tha "Carta Abler ta." Documente of this typ* fit wall with th* typ* of nor* local propaganda that BSSSCB has long beenot teeans* thay ar* of -pacific local origin, but because they appeal to the

8 that Yarloua fUioles. If subsidised tmrough raiBEE, can produos numerous documents of this typ*.

information contained In Enclosure fix* ofas cabled to

regard tc Enclosuresragraah A. tct might te

that, if they will pat out

andew artlclo or leaflet, ES5EHCA will then help then to finance the previous one. Aa regards the eta tenants that Francisco MORAZIN naderivate dinnerpril, theae are ideal for dissemination by

For tha periodpril toay, UNC0L5 again will sake available toor ESSOCg activities. Aa pravioualy stated, this sun la set so that aSSEXCK activities will not suffer at all for want of money.

dvise at yourat convenience whether tb* Jeep and motorcycle referred tc in prevloua communications aa desired by KSSBCK have in fact teas purehaaed.

Please te adviaedreat deal of the material contained la your ruaaing reports will be extremely uaafal to tba SKRVOOD operation.


- Itaaalagton


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