Created: 4/23/1954

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Something to Think About No. 3

In the headquarters LINCOLN project review meeting ofaised the point of what action PBSUCCESS plans to take, what assets it can ccendt if action is precipitated prioray. In thjs connection Infted Ambassador Peurlfoy's^ view that thp gitnoi.inn being such as it is within the country any of the build-up phases could precipitate revolution within the country. nderstood correctly the feeling was expressed that no planning had been done in this regard because it was felt that if tha project were allowed to go forwardeasonable pace, RUFUS and his people could be held in line.

While the foregoing confidence may be fullyelieve that LINCOLN shouldtudy of its capabilitiea even if the chances of RUPUS's bolting ere small. Moreover, the choice nay not be RUFUS'a alone. He or his people may be drawn into scattered skirmishes which will spreadeneral action. We must at least know what our possibilities are under such circumstances. If we failed- to plan now we shall in the event be forced to take less secure measures than we would want to take.

Ambassador Willauer's notes,ndf , in myus toecond look at the concept of PBSUCCESS. Ifthat these communications seem to presage coma towill have to be committedn an attempt rapidlytha WSBURNT Government,4nd if thla fails-to serve asin the WSBURNT rear with the objective of impedingof WSBURNT lines of communication into the country

of PBSUCCESS. The Director may wish to air these matters at CCB. '

In light of, the known armed shipment on route to Guatemala and the above communications along with Ambsssadorubmit they ma*_JrypothesIs which wa have all discussed be kept in mind. ecommend that in JJrflrS* talk with General Smith that these things be put forwardonsideration bearing on the,non-desirability

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