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The debriefing of SEMANTIC and SECANT was very revealing and

satisfactory especially after both cleared the LCFLUTTER.

The first basic issue which had to be clarified was the degree

compromise caused by the January torture and interogation of

The interrogation by ONTRICHheck on the ICFLUTTER

o o


no compromise of any assets.

The nain topic the Guatemalan Police hampered on throughout cijhe Interrogation waslot against the government by SECANT

j <cf nd ESCDIC I, No mention was even made in the interrogation about

ALLIGERIS. Since there was absolutely no truth In thiswas on solid ground throughout the torture and interrogation,

this point uas clarified and CALLIGERIS, SECANT and

cleared theetailed debriefing commenced on

the Internal assets of the CALLIGERIS organization. SECANT and SEMANTIC provided facto, figures and mamas of leaders, potential leaders and followers inmportant areas. Although at tho time SECANT and SEMANTIC left Guatemala these people had not been assigned specifichey had been in touch with them and all were for tho cause and willing to receive instructions and do their part. It was very gratifying to note the confidence these Den have in their organization and their ability to get the Jobittle outside help especially arms and ammunition.

mentation, couriers, receiving points Cor pe:-ople coming out of Guatemala for training, finances, repsonsibilities for different tasks, etc.was discussed in detail with SEMANTIC, SECANT and CALLIGERIS. Although these people have not received any formal training in clandestine tradecraft it is remarkable what they know and how fast the- pick up new ideas.

The Military angle of the operation was discussed in detail with SECANT and CALLIGERIS. The internal Guatemala PM assets look fairly good.

The Political, propaganda and intelligence problems were discussed in detail with SEMANTIC and CALLIOERIS. The propaganda responsibility belongs to ESSENCE.

The political action program which is not tied together at the present time was mapped outorkable plan worked out.

This folloli the LINCOLN plan of bringing all thetogether under PDA andasisuture The formalising of this plan should not take long sincealready exists and the different antl-Coramunist groupswaiting for positive direction. eeting is scheduled infuture in Tegucigalpa between CALLIGERIS

ne of the strongest of the anti-Communist groups. The Intelligence picture has not changed exceptossible compromise of one of the CP penetrations by the compromise of one of

e couriers. The forming of intelligence nets inarget

areas is pushing ahead. This is not asob as it may seem since the people are already in the areas and working for the organisation. What is necessary at this time is to assign specific responsibilities to the different people.

The problem of infiltrating arms was discussed at length and thorough search for all possibilities made.

This isremendous task since the amount Is quitelans were discussed for internal reception details will be cowered by PH.

Provided ^ ollaborates With us the job will be made much easier since we have one route in southern Salvador which has already been checked over which arms.can be carried into Guatemala by jeep. The possibility also exists of using oil tankers which are sealed and not Inspected at the border. This possibility Is presently being checked. The routes over the mountains in Honduras are open and being checkdd constantly.

The possibility of black air drops was discussed and both SEMANTIC and SECANT feel they can be safely made ln certain areas under tho control of their people. CAIJJGERISittle apprehensiv of air drops and favored landing and unloading at certain isolated strips. This all claimed could be done with very little danger.

SEMANTIC and SECANTery good impression on ONTRICH, CADICK and LUGTON with their detailed knowledge of the internal Ouatemalan situation and their optimism on being able to carry out the job.

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