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Pros act i Ambassador Peurlfoy, Ambassador Wj Ue.uar, nr. Roosevelt, 'Jand J

Aceurlfoy recommended that both he and Ambassadorar ba adriaed aaay aad that thay ba Bounded oat appraxi-natelyays before. tha difficulty of auch change of views by cable and suggested that it eight be no re effective to accomplish ths Ambassador's objeotlvea by eending down at that time anconsult directly with the Ambassadors"". Jeiggested tbat Mr. Leddy waa best salted forask.

With regard to the problem of sabotaging Honduranian aircraft. Ambassadorarson qualified

and experienced for the assignment. Re suggested that fba ascertained uggested that

it waa onfortosate that Col. Aoosta himself was unebxe to do anything to atop tha sabotagelinos hauspect In view and that tola gave little basis for hopingone American ooold do batter. Mr. / jtised tho question aa to whether RUFUS ooold not supply an individual. Ambassador WiUauer observed that RUFOS la ln direct contact with Aooata through Flora-.

. 3. Both Aabasaadors ware questioned cerwtewvoC emergency aommunioa-tlon links available to tham in their respective countries.

Ii. Ambassador Peurlfoy proposed again leaflet drops and sabotage priory. Tha necessity was pointed oat that of decided security in such actions would be premature and precipitate oa opportunity for our readiness to exploit it. Mr-P Jadviead Ambassador Peurlfoy that railroad and Polwel targets had been pin-pointed by LINCOLNtha Ambassador's recommendation of last weak.

Ambassador WiUauer aakad what are the alternates

Ambassador Peurlfoy was briefed on the oral report received

with regard to tha reported entry by unknown personsetter addressed to him. lie was advised that thla oral report was not conducive and that the written report would be passed to him in due course. HrJ- roposed that we be permitted to consider for rec emendation to Ambassador reurlfoy the use of this channel for deception purposes which would have ss their primary objective the dlsinvolveaent of the embassy from revolutions rumored to be afoot.

7. Ambassador Villauer proposed that gasoline tank troolca/" Jaould transport the un to their points of dlsparsoaent.

the mio^

reet fro. the Ambassador' first secretary's residence. He asked whetherocation could

be changed

- .J* egucigalpa -re most ssrereVl" 0 omuabarTiflitlng Americans. Tourists' cover is not adequate for our people; in any case that

cow haa been used up by then and noreoTor that the/ are notas tourists.

o. s too young and Inexperienced and whilefine Job considering hie capabilities, another seniorservecontact to WUlauer.

while active and Imaginative is not appropriateor baokground to deal with the president. The presidentto WlUauor some objeotlon to dealing with Ontrich]boy."

need for the plana which bo had proposed to theago etiU exists. In addition to the crafta CAT pilot and orew chief. We oould supply theradio operator through his gaining excellent cover and anto have frequent contact with him.

. {' *arms forersons including hia four marines,0 for emergency use in connection with tho oafety. offloial persons.

Vlt^tho operation in his area. Ambassadortho

check on the atatus ofdditional peoplehia embassy.

and light weapons for his staff in addition to thealready dispatched.

into his hands for use in connection withAraorican lives.

nfricta, the Director

athlflson and Company and Manager of their Japanesemid-May. Ambassador Willauer said this

could probably not be put off. ay trip Is requested.

ornmrv rvr.0 QfflV

10. With regard to the possibility sever diplomatic relations over the Duarte affair, lt was Ambassador rourifoy's Tiow that it could not be undesirable at this time, ml though ha had acea montha ago recommended againstorer of relations. Hr.f_ Jpolntod out that suoh an action byfj "jwould increase oor own security bo cause subsequent disturbances would probably in many people's minds be credited to him.

U. aised again with Inhwnor Peurlfoy tha delicate and complex problems Involved In the post operational period, and repeated Mr. Wiener's statements to tho effect that dopartaant advice andis needed. The Ambassador stated ha would bars recommendations forwarded to us. Ha noted that tha main problem had to do with tha difficulty security wise of making an assessment of BaPHS* acceptability and viability in the area.

Zd. The above notes do not prstand to coTer tos entire discussion, the nature of which was not conducive to usual reporting.


Tuesday Staff Meeting.

Mr. Reterline to prooaedindividual ha propoeaaj at sane tlaa ascertaining coror possibility.

Peurlfey advised 29 Tuesday Staff Mooting.

Las Mercedes, Nicaragua.


Tuesday Meeting.

a. Tuesday Meeting JcVrrises that RQyas was there first,. Tuesday Keating.



Requisition forwarded DD/p,pril.

for DD/P,pril.

Mr.ppropriate trace initiatedprU to Leddy for Tuesday Meeting.


ees tajgd up atf^ (reeuHin*rip taken byndr. tt*MU to UKCoiK onpril.)

Present at aaetlngt Mr. llmXm, Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Biaaell, Colonol " and

Reimbursement to tha MarineaAoticni

Approach to the Marinaa for courier uaa of planeaActloaT and General Ealaer, Ota.

Slot* and grade problem for UVGOtX stationobcrtsco In particular

h. equest for anl and an additional ^

$, Request made by LXBCOLH whan be waa there for the foil owingi

Operational Plan.

ion additional internal Militaryto be provides.

(Both of these nepers due fro* Mr. Sanaa not later thanay Aatloni Mr. fiarnea.

Security, cow and deception. ow considering aeaorandun written by Mr. Wiener while at LXKCJL* entitled "rfaya end Means of Improving Covar and Deception for uDCOKES Opera tic*.- Also, copies of thlo Mitorandu* have been furnished to rir. calms, Hr. Roosevelt, Mr. filseell. Colonel King,for their consideration and raceaixeaoatlons. UKCCUTim to odviae us Aetber or not they plan to use any of tha eust-eationa contained in this nenoroudu*.

loelUon of Ramon. Actionwart in touch "jViforo ba loaves on hie visit to oee

to stay

i the nextTHvJs to

with uo on this.

C. [nr. rlaaall'fi auggastlon) rief usnoianduc for the files oo tha aaount of tine that has been loet hereesult of the haealing around by Stat* on thm policy issue, ifraUon should fail, wo oould use thlo as avlrtanoe. actiontterllne, w. winter and ir. Uiseell. Mr. gsterllne to find tbe firot oable which we went to the field telling the* we wore having difficult* with State and eend it lo Mr. Vlsner who in turn willirot draft of thewith Hr. fclseell preparlnt the final draft.

gf* of j


King, King has talks* wc Jd* knowi the mi story on tbla,awad keepind ta* fast thatc jfcsj not t* Ctaateajal*l.c, AvWaar TsnrUoy la moat aoUuuOaatU abaat this.

Thathat tell th* story of hew tbs trapor th* police oalaf (vblafaot together andto fTjtf while ba was thara) ftteuld look good to Mr. Holland. Actioni Rr. Siesvll, (Kr. ou Mil tonan of operation* and asasstOlshaenta

la tha flald of political and leychulocloal warfare reoltlnr,

of tba aotaal* amU for

to it (bat tear*nah breeder external exploitation ofaatdgi

b. p alive and playif millM$ tea Oaateaalan atteapt on te* Ufa ofnd what Arsaoa aay bar* in alndis otherofter araaa each aa Mexico,ta Rica, ate.

Actloai Mr. jdOP.iite aenUon it to

Aattaa.ador Mfft

Kr. wiener asked nr. Eaterliae to prep are two map*. be fairly detailed end ehould include the readeoaaunleaUona, ate. of Guatemala, e*loeaUona of tea sine garrison town* should be on thisMoend aap abode baleesis and surroundingtake la ap to tee Mexican border and down to tee Pi ae AsUcni Mr. Jeterllne.

Mr. EiaaaU's polnU.

Is in teres ted inew ailltery personnel- volunteer aoloabian aorean war veterans. teat headquarters fivea Kr. Uaeelltheen thia ar be Initiate* it originally.> nr. Jam alee check to see what, If

an; thine,a. Sone en tTie.

Uu The Vcdo* of the arar. Mr. Wiener ia nov accriaead aftar talking with LHCOLfcl perecaneltral of Kr.objeatloaa to thia ar* without foundation,r. Wtwlii

a*of aendlrujlabor bub doun to OwttaaaU to talk with labor people down there, actioni Mr. SUaaU. Ba -ill talk ton thia.


Mr. Esterline

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