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Chief, Lincoln

lo atter cL to the letter


n compliance withontaotedo aacartain hie progress to date. The letter rererred to inows had already baen prepared for delivery andartial progress report in generaldditional data regarding his activities to date is contained ia the following paragraph!,

5. l tatedopiea of tha Archbishop's latter had been

printed and distributed. smends that anouldat once, particularly for distribution in the provinces. We willthe money for tha printing of this additional quantity to Cm- on the basiser thousand copies),

4, Jadviaedl" bat the subject offill not deliver the speech* mentioned ia He believes that the speech would be an unwarranted attack on tha coraiunists without any apparent reason. If something develops in the near future toolitical context suitable

forpeech, he will deliver it. Subject said he would prefer to write his own speeches on the basis of suggestions s to topics of interest to the "group.1* Lincoln commute and guidance are requested oa this matter.oncluding comment on this aid that he is completely independent and there ia little or nothing be oan ao if ba refuses an assign* mant as he did la this instance.

5. Regarding tha coralttee mentioned in aid that he did not recall discussing such an arrangement In Mexico, aoad that in his opinionosoolttee would not ba an asset at this tine. He suggested, however, that informal liaison with the Papal Nuncio and other anti-cowmunist diplomats right prove valuable iramediataly before action is contemplated against the present regime. For our purposes, your recommendation that this activity b* minimized or eliminated has bean ocoasjplished.


-mrtiooad Lb0Bpsoer of reference. illpublished as reprints, citing tna source (El RebeId*). very three days. C eels that original article* night also be published through the subject outlet, and you can therefore startavailable articles to us for delivery through C- 3 For your guidance ^ JeatinaUa that ha Drobably cannet contrive publication sf iwre than one article per weak.

7, The two articleseligious nature sent to uf as enclosure* toalso delivered toAction taken will be included In the next

operational report. Tha enoiuBurti toill be delivered to t the next contact,eport on action taken will be mad* as soon <u> possible thereafter*

Encli aa noted



L. rranjer

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