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JOfchAN.XU f Chief, Air Support

Para-Cargo Dispatchers

The original plan for providing tho PBSUCCESS sir oporationa unit with cargo dispatchers was approvedpril. This plan envisaged training the cargo dispatchers at FJHOPSFUL during theayune.

Four foraer DTRABOLO guards were recruited by LUC Chief, PU and Chief, Air Support. The recrultoent of thaso oon was approved by Washington Headquarters. The following personnel were recruited:

L 1

four men were sscurity briofad byRobertson at tho tirao they were recruited. The operationalwhich they roc si rod was very United and they were only toldJob for which they were volunteering would consist ofover Cwoaunist-dooinated territory and that they were toas7 type aircraft. Tho men werereport Jon or aboutpril for further briefing priorof training.

A. These awn were lnforoed that they waald receive the following pay for their services:

continuation of their present contract salary froauntil the completion of tho project to whichassigned (completion date was est Looteduly).

successful completion of tho project, theya cash bonus in tho amount. Insdosions wero not completed as planned and only tho



phase aas completed, they wouldash bonua in tho amount Tu.8,

vc. In additionbove, they would bo grantedays' leave and their air transportation would be paid froa FJHOPKFUL to their residence in. and return air transportation to FJHOPEFUL. Upon completion of their contract, air transportation would be paid to theirresidence in.

d. They would receive, daring travel, standard rate per diem reimbursement.

Ho mention was made concerning underwriting of their insurance policies nor was any cash gratuity paymonta offered in event they were killed in action.

Since the date thoso men ware hired the following question has been brought up by the Finance Office. These four men have beenortion of tha pastayserminal leave status and therefore have been receiving pay from tho U. S. Oovernnent. Cur contract with them would mean that they would be receiving double pay during theleave period of time. The Finance Office considersaymont illegal.

It ia believed that these four men should be reapproacbedew offer to offset the lose of pay which would result by them not getting paid by LDCOLH during their teraunal leave period. The new offer recoeownded would be as follows:

A continuation of former contract with same pay and allowances.

they compTotea their training phase and were not used operationally.

d. tandard rate per diem allowance when undergoingand during operations. ayuly)

o. In addition to the above, thoy would be grantedays' leave and their air transportation would be paid from FJHOPEFUL to their residence in the. and return


transportation to FJHOPEFUL. Upon completion of their contract, air transportation would be paid to theirresidence in tha U. 8.


present insurance policies now in effectsame manner prescribed. pilots.ash gratuity settlementaidbeneficiaries in the event tbey were killedelieve we are morally obligated toconcerning insurance guarantees inmen are killed in action.)

their employment with LINC upon completion ofterminal leave.

8. It is requested that the Chief, PU and Chief, Support meet with Chief, Air Support to determine adequate remuneration to bo paid these cargo dispatchers.

9* It la recommendedrittensubstantially as above be drawn up by Chief, Support and that this written statement be read to each of those contract employees.

Chief, Air Support



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